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JHReport Voter Guide Recommendations - Pt. 4 - State & Local Propositions - Reclaiming California, One Voter At A Time!

A Special James Hartline Report
October 23, 2006
Christian Voter Guide
- Part 4 -

The 2006 Election Ballot Propositions:
Reclaiming California - One Voter At A Time!

"Much wealth is in the house of the righteous,
But trouble is in the income of the wicked."
Proverbs 15:6

As we continue our series on Christian Vote 2006, we now look at the multitude of propositions that have been placed on the ballot for the November 7, 2006 election. Generally speaking, many of these propositions are merely the schemes of wealthy corporations, activist organizations or greedy business owners who are never satisfied with the great wealth that they already have: they want more money and they want you, the hard working taxpayers, to give it to them! On the other hand, there are meritorious and honorable initiatives which seek to save lives and protect Californians from bigger governmental intrusions. We must certainly support such ballot propositions.

The greedy and immoral will never be satisfied until they have taken everything that can be taken from the common man or woman. Now is the time to say NO to anymore of their ill-conceived ballot propositions. For the propositions which seek to prosper the good citizenry of California, we say vote YES. We now will help you, the voter to decide.

The Sample Ballot For Your San Diego County District

The California Secretary of State Description of State Propositions

The James Hartline Report Voter Recommendations

Yes Votes On The Following:

State Prop. 1A - Vote Yes
Transportation Funding Protection
This proposition prevents the greedy Democrat-controlled California State
Legislature from taking taxpayer funded highway construction monies and
redirecting them to other wasteful bureaucratic programs.

Prop. 83 - Vote Yes
Jessica's Law
Implements much needed legal restraints on sexual predators to protect
children. The radical Democrat-controlled California State Legislature has
refused to protect the vulnerable children of California, thus Prop. 83 is a
way for the voters to take the needed action to protect California's kids.

Prop. 85 - Vote Yes
Parental Notifcation Law
The radical Democrat-controlled California State Legislature refuses to
sustain healthy parent-child relationships. They have deemed that the state
knows better than parents how to raise their children. Thus, many young girls
are raped and molested, and the state, in their devious drive to promote
abortions for all girls, refuses to notify parents when these horrific crimes
have occurred against their young daughters. Prop. 85 is a common sense
remedy for this terrible injustice. Prop. 85 simply notifies parents when
their young daughters are in trouble as the result of rape, molestation or
unprotected illegal sex, and the daughter is seeking an immediate abortion.
Prop. 85 does not limit abortion in California, it merely provides a 48-hour
parental notification before such abortions are provided to their minor daughters.

Prop. 90 - Vote Yes
Regulating Governmental Confiscation of Private Property
This is an incredibly important proposition which prevents the government
from confiscating the private properties of hard working taxpayers and giving
such properties to greedy wealthy private business owners. Millions of
homeowners, churches and small businesses are vulnerable to politicians
who have been bought by rich redevelopers. This has been most evidenced
by corrupt politicians who have condemned, via eminent domain claims,
many private properties to give them to their wealthy private redeveloper friends.
Prop. 90 prevents such injustices from occurring in the future. This proposition
protects homeowners, small businesses and churches from being victimized
by having their private properties taken and given to other larger private
businesses that have no bearing on "common good' enterprises such as
schools or highways.

We recommened voting No on all other state propostions, particularly
where new burdensome bonds are to be issued to pay for said

Prop. 1B - Vote NO!
Highway Safety Bond Act of 2006
A horrendous big government proposition that will burden the taxpayers
with over $38 billion in repayments debt over the next 30 years. It is time
for the bureaucrats in Sacramento to use the money they already have to
take care of the highways of California.

Prop. 1C - Vote NO!
Emergency Housing Trust Fund Act of 2006
Another big government housing program which will burden the taxpayers
with another $6.1 billion in debt over 30 years. Hundreds of millions of dollars
of this bond will go to bureaucrats for "administrative" costs, in other words
more expensive state supervisor jobs. If the corrupt politicians would quit
allowing affordable apartments to be converted to expensive condos there
would be more accessible housing for low-income citizens. Until the political
machinery in Sacramento fixes its dysfunctional budgetary deficiencies, it does
no good to have voters give them more money to flush down the money toliet.

Prop. 1D - Vote NO!
Public Education Facitilies Bond Act of 2006
The educational system in California is already glutted with billions of dollars.
This wasteful bond will add $20 billion in new bond debts over 30 years to the
taxpayers' bond debt in California which now stands at over $100 billion dollars.
It is insane for the taxpayers to continue funding an endless demand by the
educational system for more billion dollars bonds until the Sacramento liberal
bureaucracy mends its misuse of the finances it already has.

Prop. 1E - Vote NO!
The Flood Prevention Bond Act of 2006
Another big government rip off of the taxpayers that will saddle the taxpayers with
$8 billion in new bond debts over 30 years.
Thomas Hudson of the California Taxpayer Protection Committee,
in arguing against Prop. 1E stated:
"It won't surprise you to learn that the legislature adopted it after 3 a.m. when
they got tired of arguing. They couldn't agree on a list of projects or even a list of
priorities. What is worse, with politicians in charge of selecting the projects
(not hydrologists, scientists, and engineers), funding will be based on political
influence rather than critical need."
The monies gained from this big government bureaucratic debacle can be spent
on unnecessary water projects for Indian gaming industry friends of corrupt
politicians or it can be spent on the water infrastructure desires of those associated
with the big money biotech industry.
Needless to say, the common taxpayer who will be footing this enormous bill will
get nothing out of this debt.

Prop. 84 - Vote NO!
Water Safety & Natural Resources Protection and Park Improvements Bond
Another monstrous big goverment waste that will burden the taxpayers with another
$10 billion in new bond debt over thirty years. Millions of dollars of the money
gained from these bonds will go to wasteful administrative jobs, thus adding to
the bloated Sacramento bureaucracy.

Prop. 86 - Vote NO!
Tobacco Tax
This $2.1 billion tax added to the cost of tobacco purchaces in California will mean more money added to the pockets of the liberal Sacramento bureaucracy. California politicians already have billions of dollars in revenue from settlements from tobacco lawsuits and they spend that money on many programs outside of the intended terms of the settlements. For example, the San Diego City Council just borrowed money from their tobacco settlement payments to fund other government programs. Prop. 86 will be no different. It is like putting perfume on a pig. This pig will still get dirty.

Prop. 87 - Vote NO!
Alternative Energy Incentive - Oil Revenue Tax Initiative
Another big government $4 billion tax on oil companies that will surely
be passed down to the consumers in higher energy costs.
This tax will just create another big government
bureaucratic department that will ultimately add further costs
to a debilitating state budget.

Prop. 88 - Vote NO!
Parcel Property Tax For Education Funding
An outrageous big government tax that further intrudes on the comman man and
hardworking taxpayers of California. Would force homeowners to pay an
additional $50 in taxes per parcel owned to fund more big government
education programs. The parasitic architects of Prop. 88 can never get enough
of someone else's hard earned money.

Prop. 89 - Vote NO!
Political Campaigns. Public Financing & Corporate Tax Increase
Another big government $200 million tax that will finance public campaigns.
This will allow corrupt politicians and their negative campaigns to have said
campaigns paid for by the taxpayers. Make no mistake about it, any tax
levied on corporate America will be passed onto the consumer at some
point. Candidates would be forced to collect $5.00 for every signature they
collect in the process to be certified as a publicly financed candidate,
a truly burdensome defect in the American political system.
This proposition will give an unfair advantage to liberal
union causes while burdening more conservative business interests.

San Diego Local Propostions

PROP A - San Diego County Airport Authority - Vote NO!
Violates federal law which states that civilian airports cannot be mixed with
military airbases. This proposition seeks to move forward the greedy
business interests of San Diego who want to turn Lindbergh Field into a monstrous
redevelopment project by moving the airport out to the military base at
MCAS Miramar by 2020.

PROP B - Amends City Charter On City Employees' Retirement Benefits.
Vote NO!
Proposed by Mayor Jerry Sanders, this proposition does nothing to address the
gross immorality that permeates San Diego City Government. While Mayor Sanders
continues to rabidly promote the radical homosexual agenda in the city of San Diego
in defiance of the will of the majority of this city's citizens, he is now asking those
same citizens to approve of his business plans. Sanders just rode in his
eighth gay pride parade, has hired numerous homosexual activists to run his
administration and continues to take taxpayer money to
fund the Gay and Lesbian Center,
and he now wants the Christians of San Diego to approve his business plans.
It is time to say NO to Sanders and his radical agenda. Vote NO on Prop. B!

PROP C- Allows Outsourcing Contracts of City Employees.
Vote NO!
Another business plan proposed by Mayor Jerry Sanders that does nothing
to guarantee public safety. Again, while Mayor Sanders continues to promote
the most radical elements of the gay agenda, including promoting the pornographic
2006 Gay Pride parade and festival that he also rode in, he is now asking offended
Christian voters to go along with his business plans. Until Sanders decides to
respect Christianity, then we must not support any of his business plans.
Additionally, Councilman Kevin Faulconer is joining Mayor Sanders in promoting
Prop. C. Faulconer joined Sanders in defying the will of the voters and voted for the
issuance of needles to drug addicts earlier this year, as well as voting to celebrate
the gay pride parade and festival. Now these two liberal politicans want Christians
to approve of their business deals. It is time to tell these politicians that they
cannot disrespect us on serious moral issues and then ask us to go along
blindly to approve of their business deals. Vote NO on Prop. C!

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