Friday, September 05, 2008

Mrs. Obama - suburban mom or 'radicalized diva'?

To listen to the audio broadcast of the national news story from One News Now on James Hartline's interview about Michelle Obama go to:

One News Now, one of the leading pro-family internet news sources, has written an interesting article based on an interview between AFA's Jim Brown and James Hartline entitled:
Mrs. Obama - suburban mom or 'radicalized diva'?

And now..... what about those silly conclusions and faulty assumptions?

You want to know how ridiculous are the conclusions of certain gay and lesbian activists?
On a number of occasions -- those who do not deal with the reality of the real world outside of the self-imposed gutteral experiences of the gay ghetto make extremely faulty conclusions about the number of citizens who are involved with the James Hartline Report.
The James Hartline Report is emailed to the largest email list in San Diego County, San Diego, California. The James Hartline Report is sent via email -- and the James Hartline Report has over 40,000 readers in its various databases. The email recepients are the powerbase of the James Hartline Report and are the reason that so much success has come to the various activities of James Hartline and the Christian Community of San Diego, California.
Articles from the James Hartline Report email service are occasionally published on the James Hartline Report Blog.
In conclusion, many homosexual and lesbian activists truly demonstrate that they cannot think outside of their small boxes. They assume that the referred number of readers to the James Hartline is a reference to blog traffic. We do not depend on blog readership for our successes or readership reliability. That is a faulty assumption on the part of the limited perspective of homosexual and lesbian activist minds. For example, note this little treasure from the twisted blog of the twisted lesbian sister Pam's House Blend:

"I'm wondering about the "Now Read Daily By Over 21,000 Concerned Citizens of Conviction!" bit. Is that accurate? And how many are Concerned Citizens of Conviction are agreeing with him, or against him. I have a feeling that if you removed the number of people that only go there as a link from blogs against him, or go there to pull articles and quotes to show how insane he is, then the number of people left who actually buy his drivel is rather small."

Really? Insanity is the result of a faulty mind that makes faulty conclusions.

On another, more profound note:

The James Hartline Report will soon expand into a far more comprehensive series of internet websites.
We are about to release The Prophet's Lounge website and a brand new, much more expansive James Hartline Report Blog.
Keep your eyes open for the fireworks! You ain't seen nothing yet!


Anonymous said...

You're sounding mighty defensive and pretty negative, James. Is Pam getting under your skin?

Why no words of praise for Sarah Palin or (beer distributor and First Lady nominee) Cindy McCain?

Lighten up.

James Hartline said...

The critical comments of homosexual activists don't even remotely get under my skin. After successfully fighting a long term battle with AIDS, overcoming 30 years of homosexuality to become free from that sin, leaving behind a deadly drug addiction ten years ago and gaining liberty a decade ago from nineteen years of imprisonment, the comments of a few embittered lesbians is hardly a gnat on my radar of life's difficulties.

Anonymous said...

"After successfully fighting a long term battle with AIDS"

Which opportunistic infections have you had James? AIDS has a very specific definition. Being HIV+ is not having AIDS.

James Hartline said...
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James Hartline said...
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James Hartline said...

I finally went on the AIDS medications in 2003 after my t-cells dropped to 76 with a 5% production of new cells, my viral load had risen to over 750,000 and I came down with a terrible case of shingles that covered my mid-torso. Is that opportunistic enough for you. Or should I tell you about the co-infection with Hepatitus C that I have also had to battle? And, also...........

Anonymous said...

James Hartline said...
"overcoming 30 years of homosexuality to become free from that sin."

I don't know which God you worship but my God does not consider homosexuality a sin. To my knowledge Jesus Christ did not consider homosexuality a sin. It sounds like some of those fundamentalist types have brain washed you and destroyed your soul.

Anonymous said...

Having gone through two bouts with Shingles, I sympathize with what you went through it, but Herpes Zoster is not classified as an OI by the CDC. Hep C is also not an indicator of AIDS.

My viral load skyrocketed off the chart as well, and, at one point, the doctors told me I had minus 7 T-cells. I'm back on the meds now and my viral load is undetectable.

Take care of yourself, James.

Anonymous said...

You are in my prayers. Shingles are no fun and those other things don't sound good either. Put some LOVE into your life. LOVE conquers all. Bitterness and hate will become like a cancer and will kill you faster than AIDS and all other diseases combined. Let others live there life as they wish. Let GOD deal with the sin in this world. You should wash all bitterness and hate from your life and fill it with LOVE. God will bless you when you replace the bitterness and hate with LOVE.

James Hartline said...

"I don't know which God you worship but my God does not consider homosexuality a sin"

Of course you don't know what God I worship. I study the Bible and you don't. Duh.

Of course your "god" does not consider homosexuality a sin.

The God of this world, as the Bible refers to the devil, doesn't consider anything sin, much less homosexuality. And you are of this world.

The Bible says that the wages of sin is death.
If you want to continue in the sin of homosexuality and suffer the consequences of eternal death, that is your choice, not mine.
The Bible clearly teaches that homosexuality is a sin that will lead to eternal death.
You simply have chosen the temporary pleasures of this life over being obedient to the eternal commandments of God.
Cheap, Cheap, Cheap, said the bird, Cheap way out. That is the way you have chosen.

Anonymous said...

James, a few comments on various statements. So to begin..

Firstly, Insanity is a legal concept. Generally a standard called the McNaughten Standard is used to determine insanity in English-speaking nations. Insanity is not a medical concept and is not defined i the fashion that you used.

Secondly, neither Ms. Spaulding nor myself exist in any kind of LGBT "ghetto." We both are rooted in and participate in a larger world. I am at a loss as to what it is that you are describing from either Ms Spaulding's or my life when you are talking about "gutteral experiences."

Thirdly, your attacks upon Ms. Obama are a bit over the top.

Fourthly, in your statemnt that the Bible teaches that "homosexuality is a sin that will lead to eternal death," you neglect to mention that amongst the other things that the Bible teaches that carry such a consequence are eating scallops, wearing blended fabrics, planting differing crops side by side, breaking the sabbath and toching the skin of a pig. The Bible also teaches that upon one occasion the sun went backwards in the sky and that not one stone upon another would remain of the Temple in Jerusalem, though there are ruins with many stones upon another...

The Bible also requires that a man whose brother dies without issue must impregnate the brother's wife

Please do not insult my intelligence by attempting to negate the Old Testament Laws and touse Romans I as a basis to condemn homosexuality when it is clear that Paul was describing nd condemning apostate Christians in Romans I and describing the practices of one of the Roman State Cults, the worship of the Magna Mater.

Anonymous said...

The Christian bible is the product of the Catholic church and is a man made document. There is not a sliver of evidence that a Christian will receive eternal life. The bible that the Christians use is filled with violence, threats of eternal punishment if you do not follow the Catholic doctrine, false statements, and obscenity. The protestant church adopted 98 percent of the Catholic bible and added their own interpretations. There is no evidence whatsoever that the Christian bible was written by or had any connection to a deity. There is considerable scientific evidence that deities do not exist and that the “bible” is mythology.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ was a community organizer.

Pontius Pilate was a governor.

James Hartline said...

I know Jesus Christ and you Mr. Obama are no Jesus Christ.

Eva said...

Dear James,

I love you!!! You have described the feeling and emotions I have felt deep in the night. I write to affirm you that you are correct in your positions.

Dear Annonymous,

1)why not reveal your name?

2) James is truly loving you by telling you the TRUTH. What does he owe you to make himself the target of your attack? Nothing. He writes the truth to set people free, and he takes the attacks because he loves God and he loves God's people. I plead the precious blood of Jesus over James.

3) From Epheisians 5: 31. "That is why a man will leave his father and mother and be united with his wife, and the two will become one flesh."