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The Political Schizophrenia of Michelle Obama: Michelle Obama Tells Gay Dems To Overturn Defense of Marriage Law

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September 2, 2008

The Political Schizophrenia of Michelle Obama:

Michelle Obama Tells Gay Delegates at
the Democratic National Convention
To Repeal the Defense of Marriage Act

Just 24 hours after Mrs. Obama Gives Primetime Speech About Herself
Being A Great Mom and Housewife, She Meets with Gay Democrats to
Urge Them to Fight for Acceptance of Homosexuality in the U.S. Military
As Well as Repealing the Federal Law Designed to Strengthen Marriages.

(JHReport) There she was, all prim and proper, a real political showstopper. Of course, this is a reference to Princeton University graduate Michelle Obama as she took the stage to give her historic speech on the first night of the Democratic National Convention. Taking a page out of the Stepford Wives' electoral playbook, Mrs. Barak Obama's professionally-scripted and nationally televised presentation was an attempt to convince America that she had turned the page on six months of media-driven accusations that she is an Afrocentric extremist. With the verbal skills of a well-trained corporate attorney, Michelle Obama's speech definitely curtailed her usual tendency to blame America first for all of the ills which plague her worldview of society at large.

America could elect Barak Obama as its first African-American president in November. Michelle Obama certainly doesn't want to be the reason that her husband fails to achieve such an unprecedented accomplishment. Mrs. Obama's previous campaign speeches have been laced with bitter allegations of an American society that she believes is still engaged in a racist war against the vast majority of her comrades. During a controversial February 18, 2008 speech in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Mrs. Obama stated, ""For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback."

This type of anti-American verbage on the part of the wife of presidential candidate Barak Obama has contributed to serious concerns among Democratic Party operatives that any speech by Mrs. Obama during the Democratic National Convention must not lead to the kind of political carnage that has doomed previous candidates like John Kerry and Al Gore.

Michelle Obama's polished and photogenic primetime DNC speech did not disappoint the well-orchestrated and unusually conservative family planners of the 2008 Democratic National Convention. She spoke of being a mom who focuses morning, noon and night on her two small daughters. She described her girls, Malia Ann and Sasha, as the "heart of my heart and the center of my world." She also reminisced about playing basketball with her six-foot-six brother Craig Robinson who has also served as Michelle's lifelong mentor and protector.

44 year-old Michelle Obama also spoke of the employment sacrifices that she has made in her life as an example of giving back to a country that has given her so much. Obama declared during her Monday night DNC speech: "And in my own life, in my own small way, I've tried to give back to this country that has given me so much. That's why I left a job at a law firm for a career in public service, working to empower young people to volunteer in their communities."

Curiously, Mrs. Obama left out of her speech on self-sacrifice the fact that she made much more money in 2006 than her husband made as a first term United States senator. According to the couple’s 2006 income tax return, Michelle's salary was $273,618 from the University of Chicago Hospitals, while Barak had a salary of $157,082 from the United States Senate.

With a multitude of warnings from top Democratic operatives that her speech could destroy any chance of her husband winning over bible-reading, gun-carrying Reagan Democrats, Mrs. Obama was forced to forsake her usual feminist professionalism during her August 25th primetime DNC speech. Presenting a pragmatic, Brady Bunch-style journey through small town America, Michelle Obama's speech seemed to be a mixture of suburban mystic and superficial, but soulful, Mary Poppins. Only time will tell if her quaint speech succeeded in appeasing any fears about her twenty-year membership in radicalized pastor Jeremiah Wright's church.

Now, fast forward to Tuesday, August 26, 2008: Less then 24 hours after she gleefully paraded her two small daughters onto the DNC stage to convince America of her conservative family credentials, Michelle Obama cast aside the garb of suburban mom and reverted back to the radicalized diva that leftist Democrats have come to idolize. Mrs. Obama rapidly departed from the role of wife and mother which she displayed the night before during her primetime DNC speech to tell a gathering of nearly 300 homosexual delegates to the Democratic National Convention, “We know what the world should look like.”

The gay-friendly Mrs. Obama told the enthralled gathering of Democrat homosexual activists that they must work to repeal the Federal Defense of Marriage Act. She also emphasized the need to legalize homosexuality and lesbianism in the United States military.

Was Michelle Obama attempting to rekindle the fires of heartburn among the professional visionaries of the Democratic National Convention as she appeared before a homosexual group that she did not even acknowledge in her national speech on Monday night?

Which Michelle Obama showed up when she spoke before a nationally televised audience during the DNC on August 25, 2008? She did not mention homosexual rights or repealing the Defense of Marriage Act during that speech. Had she become so embarrassed about her obsession with gay rights as she prepared for her primetime DNC speech that she quietly went back into her closet on Monday night?

Her push to repeal, both the Defense of Marriage Act and the ban on homosexuality and lesbianism in the military, indicates that Michelle Obama is suffering from some type of political schizophrenia. One night she's talking about faith and motherhood and basketball. The next day she's instructing gay extremists to dismantle the institution of marriage. One thing that Michelle Obama is consistently demonstrating by her melodramatic and distasteful flip-flopping on family values is the fact that she will not be settling down to play house anytime soon.

Unfortunately, it appears that Mrs.Obama's pro-homosexual ideas would be accomplished by sacrificing the rights of those who believe in the traditional and historical definition of marriage. Michelle Obama's attacks on the existing federal law which is intended to strengthen the institution of marriage is a reiteration of a previous speech that she gave to homosexual activists on June 26, 2008. During that speech she stated that both her and her husband support repealing the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). This would put both of the Obamas at odds with President Bill Clinton who signed DOMA into law.

During the June 26th speech, Michelle told the Gay & Lesbian Leadership Council of the Democratic National Committee that Barak Obama supports a complete repeal of the Federal Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, which only recognizes marriages between men and women and upholds states’ rights not to honor same-sex marriages performed elsewhere.

Repealing DOMA is not the only radical item on Michelle Obama's political menu. She has also told the homosexual delegates to the Democratic National Convention that the military needs to accept men who practice homosexuality and women who engage in lesbianism. Again, reiterating what she told gay activists at the June 26th meeting, Obama told the homosexual delegates to the DNC that "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" must be repealed.

Mrs. Obama's disconcerting statements before the gathering of homosexual elites -- just hours after she gave a speech on the need for helping families in America -- is sure to fuel the distrust that most traditional families have for her and her socialistic agenda. The idea that a potential First Lady is giving a speech to homosexual activists about the need to repeal the Federal Defense of Marriage Act during a national convention to nominate her husband for the presidency is a new and disturbing trend in American politics.

What other kinds of radical policies will Michelle Obama be pursuing should she gain access to the White House as the First Lady? If she is already seeking to weaken the institution of marriage in America, one can only imagine the kind of philosophical war Michelle and Barak Obama will be waging against family values should they set up housekeeping at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

As a married couple, the Obamas are talking out two sides of their mouths. While Barak Obama is telling moderate, traditional Democrats that he believes marriage is between a man and a woman, Michelle Obama is telling homosexual activists at the Democratic National Convention that they need to work to repeal the Federal Defense of Marriage Act. Indeed, this is political and moral schizophrenia coming from Mr. and Mrs. Barak Obama -- a married couple whom Democratic operatives hope to keep verbally subdued all the way to the White House -- a White House that the Barak and Michelle Obama hope to paint all of the many colors of the gay rainbow flag.

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Anonymous said...

At least her children are legitimate and hers.

Anonymous said...

so what do have to say about Palin's teenage daughter who is having a baby as a teen. I can hear America now "well mom/dad the VP daughter did so what is good for her is good for the country to me" Palin will loose on 11/4. and all you JESUS FREAKS will have to deal with a OMG "A BLACK MAN as PRESIDENT) I hope that he apppoitns a gay or lesiban to his staff. you JESUS FREAKS mostly you JIMMIE BOY need to back of the Gay thing and clean your houses. So LONG LIVE THE NEW CHANGE THAT OBAMA WILL BRING AND TAKING OUT ALL THE JESUS FREAKS AND LET AMERICA BE WHAT IS IS 'THE HOME OF THE FREE AND BRAVE' NOT CONTROLLED BY JESUS FREAKS.


Anonymous said...

Both McCain and Obama are against gay marriage. However McCain is very supportive of the gay lifestyle. McCain believes that the Federal government should not be involved and let the states decide on all matters regarding sexuality.
That will be good for California because gay people will begin moving to the more progressive states.

The Log Cabin Republicans feel that more gay people should support McCain and they are probably right because McCain has been quietly helping the gay agenda to advance.

Anonymous said...

James said, She has also told the homosexual delegates to the Democratic National Convention that the military needs to accept men who practice homosexuality and women who engage in lesbianism."

I spent 3 years in the Army and was never discriminated against for being gay. It really depends on which unit you are in. Some units have large percentage of gays and some have none. The Army is short of personnel and they are becoming more accommodating to different lifestyles. You see this especially in the Navy here in San Diego. Even the Marines, despite their "macho" image, have many openly gay soldiers and no one really cares. Times are changing. Don't Ask, Don't Tell is like the old sodomy laws, they are used only selectively.

Anonymous said...

I read your article on Michelle Obama, but did you know together they really make over $991,000?

See this link: