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Priscilla Schreiber: California's Most Courageous Politician

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September 30, 2008

A 2008 Campaign Profile In Courage:
How one woman went from being a suburban mom
to becoming a warrior for Christian values in
San Diego County's Educational System.

Priscilla Schreiber:
California's Most Courageous Politician

(JHReport) It was 1999 and Americans were finally closing up the tawdry episode of President Bill Clinton's immoral affair with Monica Lewinsky and beginning preparation for the somewhat confusing, yet historical, Y2K computer crisis. As the door to the 21st century began to swing open, voters across America's political landscape were finally starting to recognize the negative fallout that their communities were experiencing as a result of America's thirty year experiment with the sexual revolution of the 1960's.

In the closing days of the 1990's, parents and politicians alike were waking up to a reality that they had never envisioned prior to the 1960's and 1970's. With homosexuality and abortion on demand being forced upon high school teenagers in virtually every corner of the nation, oftentimes without parental consent or knowledge, a growing community consensus was emerging in preparation for the new millennium. From California to Florida, from Arizona to New Hampshire, concerned community leaders were concluding that something had to be done to swing the social pendulum back to a place of rationality and sanity.

As the tumultuous 20th century was finally coming to an end, one community in southern California was about to make a revolutionary stand against the Clinton-era sexualization of America's high schools. This community's revolutionary stand would pit the forces of San Diego County pro-gay radicals against one Lakeside, California mother who believed that the school children in her community deserved a better standard of morality than the one that was being forced upon them in the local school district.

The Lakeside, California woman who would eventually cast aside her private life to make a courageous public stand against the powerful advocates for spreading homosexual indoctrination in East San Diego County schools was Priscilla Schreiber. In 1998, Priscilla Schreiber was living the American dream. As a wife, mother and successful businesswoman, she had it all. Yet, when Priscilla Schreiber learned that pro-homosexual forces had invaded her community and targeted the local school district's children, she cast aside the comfortability of her suburban lifestyle to become California's bravest politician. This is the story of how one woman can make a difference. This is the Priscilla Schreiber story.

As a teenager, Priscilla Schreiber was always engaged in church and school activities. Priscilla, along with her sisters Pam and Patti, were never at a loss for attention in their hometown of San Diego, California. All three were born as a set of triplets. The increased attention that came with her being a triplet, helped Priscilla form an outgoing and friendly personality. As a thoughtful sophomore at San Diego's Crawford High School during the turbulent 1960's, Priscilla Schreiber was becoming concerned that cultural changes in society would have a great impact and effect on her fellow students.

Having become a born again Christian at fourteen, Priscilla's concern for the other teenagers at school was an important part of her faith. Her faith would also help guide many of the decisions that she would make in the ensuing years. Since meeting and marrying Charley Schreiber 25 years ago, both Priscilla and her husband have contributed large sums of money -- money earned from their construction company -- to charities that help orphans, abused children, and those suffering with AIDS. It was her great love for children that made the introduction of radical gay activism in her local school district during the 1990's so personal and so problematic for Priscilla.

What does a wife and mother do when she sees her community invaded by forces that would consequently destroy the traditional family and indoctrinate the children in that community's schools with anti-family propaganda? Born and raised in San Diego, California, Priscilla Schreiber chose to make a life-changing decision in the 1990's when see saw advocates for the homosexual movement sweep into her beloved East San Diego County community.

As a concerned parent, Priscilla had never been involved in political activism outside of her membership during the 1990's with the organization called Concerned Women for America (CWA). She would write letters in response to citizen alerts sent out by CWA, but for the most part, Priscilla was content to work behind the scenes. All that would change as word began to spread among the quiet rural streets of East San Diego County that radical elements of the homosexual agenda were introducing anti-family propaganda in the area's public schools.

During the mid-1990's, the governing board of the Grossmont Union High School District had become a political battleground where the differing ideological world views of the board's trustees generated enormous controversy in the surrounding communities. Shortly after his election to the board of the school district, pro-homosexual advocate Ted Crooks angered parents by supporting Camp Minitown, a controversial off-campus "tolerance" workshop for students conducted by the National Conference for Community and Justice. Camp Minitown, as well as Camp Anytown, is used to indoctrinate students into accepting homosexuality and then getting these same students to promote tolerance for the gay lifestyle once they return to school after completing Camp Minitown's indoctrination courses.

According to Concerned Women for America, conversations at Camp Minitown's "tolerance" camp were to be kept confidential from parents, which many saw as a violation of parental rights. Then Crooks and two school board allies got in more hot water when they backed a homosexuality-inclusive school non-discrimination and harassment code.

In a series of contentious board meetings, hundreds of parents, pastors and other citizens pleaded with Crooks and his fellow liberal board members not to implement the homosexual-inclusive language. The community, looking out for the best interests of their own children, argued that the district already possessed a comprehensive anti-discrimination policy, and that there were no recorded incidents of harassment in the district based on homosexuality. Disregarding the will of the people, Ted Crooks and his liberal partners on the Grossmont Union High School board voted in the homosexual-inclusive language. Crooks, who served as school board president at the time, created so much conflict on the board, that a community-wide recall effort was started.

While listening to local radio talk show host Roger Hedgecock describe the controversial agenda of Ted Crooks and the attempt to recall him, Priscilla Schreiber decided that she had to get involved for the sake of the kids in her community. Having never been involved in any type of political activism before, Priscilla and her husband Charley gave $14,000 to the recall effort, a huge sum by any standard. She also helped collect a portion of the 19,000 signatures for the recall effort.

Unfortunately, the recall effort fell short of the 22,568 signatures needed to recall Crooks. However, Priscilla Schreiber was not finished with her newly found involvement in politics. In fact, she was just getting started. The following year, Schreiber ran for the board and beat Michael Harrelson, one of the liberal incumbents who had voted for the pro-homosexual policy change. According to a 2002 edition of San Diego NewsNotes, Ted Crooks appeared at a meeting held at the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center where he belittled Priscilla Schreiber for her Christianity and deemed her conservative values as "extreme." During that same meeting, which included some of the current proponents of same-sex marriage in California, Crooks praised fellow Grossmont school board member Tom Page as one of the "hidden heroes" of the local homosexual community.

Mrs. Schreiber tells the James Hartline Report that in 2000 she was considered to be a very appealing candidate by those who had worked with her on the Ted Crooks recall campaign. In addition to the $14,000 that Priscilla and her husband Charley had contributed to the recall effort, East San Diego County church leaders, pro-family advocates and parents in the school district had also noted the time and energy that Mrs.Schreiber had invested in the effort to oust Crooks. This mother-turned-political activist had taken a courageous stand on behalf of the kids in the Grossmont school district and East San Diego County Republican leaders now considered Mrs. Priscilla Schreiber to be a perfect candidate for the district's school board.

"I was scared to death," Schreiber says of the idea when she was first approached to run for the Grossmont Union High School District in early 2000. "I never had any ambitions to run for public office when I was considered by East County Republican Party leaders to run for the school board."

Mrs. Schreiber's hard work, commitment and community support paid off in her first attempt ever at public office. Earning 59,903 votes in the 2000 general election, Priscilla destroyed her competition and knocked off Michael Harrelson, one of the liberal board members who, along with Ted Crooks, had backed the homosexuality-inclusive school non-discrimination and harassment code. To put Schreiber's landslide victory into perspective, Ted Crooks had received 39,273 votes two years earlier when he was elected to the Grossmont school board. Schreiber, in her first campaign ever, beat Crooks' vote total by over 20,000 votes. Despite her overwhelming victory, Mrs. Schreiber says that it wasn't long before realizing why she was asked to run for the school board by local political leaders.

Soon after assuming the duties as an elected school board member, Schreiber says that she began to get very disturbing counsel from those who had enlisted her to run for the board. In conflict with her outgoing disposition, Priscilla was told she shouldn't meet with teachers or students, nor should she go on campus to interact with personnel.

Furthermore, Schreiber was advised not to take the California School Board Association's Masters in Governance program, a program designed to help support new school board members in their roles. For all general purposes, Mrs. Priscilla Schrieber was being put in her place, nothing more than a yes vote for the agenda of a group of men in East San Diego County that quickly resembled what is commonly known as "A Good Old Boys Network." According to Schreiber, these directives were given by those she thought were her friends and mentors. Instead, she says they only wanted her on the board to do their bidding.

Priscilla Schreiber did not sacrifice so much of her own time, money and privacy just to become someone else's yes vote. In the years since she was first elected to the school board, Schreiber has gone on to earn her Masters in Governance, spent time visiting school campuses, had meetings with parents, teachers and students, and served on various district committees. One of the district committees that Priscilla is especially proud to serve on is the Wellness Committee which seeks to educate students, as well as faculty, about fitness and nutrition.

Schreiber's involvement in so many different aspects of her district's educational system has been well received by the voters who first elected her to office. However, her streak of ethical independence infuriated the East San Diego County Old Boy's Network. These Good Ole' Boys simply wanted a nice, popular housewife on the school board to meet their gender equality quota. Mrs. Schreiber was having none of that.

Despite the continuous hostility now being directed at Schreiber due to the ethical standards she had established for herself on the school board, community leaders, parents and many powerful politicians were appreciative of the leadership that this first-term board member was bringing to the school district. In 2004, Priscilla Schreiber was reelected to the Grossmont Union High School District with 80,985 votes, the biggest vote total for any school board candidate in the history of district elections.

In an era when California's intrusive state government is being controlled by radical lesbian politicians like state senators Sheila Kuehl and Christine Kehoe, Priscilla Schreiber has considered it an honor to uphold the very family values that are so important and sacred to America. When so many women in politics are pushing faith to the back of the bus, Priscilla Schreiber has continued to embrace her Christian faith. She also says that her faith will continue to play a fundamental role in the way that she governs one of the largest school districts in southern California.

It has not been easy for a woman of faith to stand strong for eight years in a political arena dominated by men -- particularly men who often think that women should not be in elected positions that give the woman dominance over the man. There have been many days in the last eight years, when Priscilla Schreiber has had to draw extremely close to her beloved women's prayer circle at Skyline Church. Although Schreiber now attends another church with her extended family, it is the praying women at Skyline Church who have prayerfully interceded for her during the many difficult times that she has faced on the school board and in her personal life.

When asked if there have been any personal issues that have caused her to want to quit in the face of so many political battles, Priscilla, not one to talk about her personal health and family issues, reveals the extent of the health problems she has endured over the years. Although it is manageable for the most part, Schreiber says that she contracted thyroid disease after giving birth to her daughter 29 years ago. She also deals with the residual effects of Fibromyalgia and immense inflammation throughout her body. Auto-immune diseases are some of the most painful diseases that women can face in their entire lives. For her part, Schreiber presses on through the physical pain she endures everyday because the goal of helping students to have a better way of life is not something she is willing to give up on.

Schreiber was also asked if the shocking actions by those who once thought so highly of her had given her any thoughts of quitting the school board. She replied, "My thoughts are about the students and the community I serve. My faith is too strong to quit. I refuse to allow myself to be influenced by the bad acts of men who are so desperate to hold onto power merely for the sake of having power on this school board."

Schreiber says that the most humiliating thing that she has had to endure in her political career is when people just listen to one side and then participate in helping members of the Old Boy's Network smear her character, integrity and record of service, all in an effort to stay loyal to those who have forgotten how to serve.

Mrs. Priscilla Schreiber is one of the most loved and respected women in San Diego, California. In 2004, California State Assemblyman Jay LaSuer named Schreiber "Woman of the Year," an annual award each state legislator bestows on a woman in their respective district who has exemplified outstanding dedication to community service.

As she enters her third campaign for the Grossmont Union High School District, Schreiber is already getting a powerful lineup of Republican Party leaders to endorse her candidacy. 2008 Republican Presidential candidate Duncan Hunter, San Diego County Supervisor Dianne Jacob and California State Senator Dennis Hollingsworth are listed on Schreiber's campaign website endorsement list. Senator Hollingsworth is one of the chief co-sponsors of Prop. 8, the ballot initiative that seeks to restore the traditional definition of marriage in California via a constitutional amendment.

Despite the fact that Mrs. Schreiber has never wavered in her faith in God or compromised her values, either politically or personally, it astonishes many within her community when they learn about the dirty deeds that are being done to her by East San Diego County's Old Boy's Network. In 2006, the disturbing actions of one former school board member revealed just how low the Old Boy's Network was willing to stoop to destroy Priscilla Schreiber's reputation.

Gary Cass, the former Grossmont school board member and minister who abandoned San Diego to take a job in Florida, circulated a letter among San Diego Republicans in an attempt to undermine Schreiber's efforts to clean up the school board. In that letter, Cass falsely accused Schreiber of being involved with liberals in an attempt to take control of the school board. When the James Hartline Report exposed the corruptive actions of Gary Cass in 2006, Cass responded by sending out a second letter to Republicans to undermine Hartline's investigations of the school board. In the second letter, Cass wrote:

"James Hartline, a former homosexual, is generally sound on his opposition to homosexuality, but has entered into league with the liberal, pro-homosexual teacher’s union in the Grossmont Union High School District."

In 2008, Gary Cass and other members of the East San Diego County Old Boy's Network are up to their dirty tricks again in an attempt to regain control of the Grossmont school board.

In a desperate attempt to divide the district's Christian vote and defeat Priscilla Schreiber in the upcoming general election, some in the Republican Party have recruited two apparently naive Christian candidates to run against her and Larry Urdahl, another Christian member on the Grossmont School board who supports Schreiber's efforts to stand up to the Old Boy's Network in East San Diego County. Because Larry Urdahl has consistently supported Mrs. Schreiber's efforts to stand up to the Old Boy's Network, he has also been targeted for removal from the board.

To demonstrate the kind of dark hypocrisy which has marked the actions of Gary Cass and his political brethren, Cass has endorsed Meg Jedynak, Schreiber's opponent. Cass' endorsement follows on the heels of his starting an organization called the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission. Rubbing their eyes in humorous disbelief, many in the Grossmont school district are watching Cass' actions and wondering if they are seeing a movie on the Comedy Channel rather than the actions of a man who was once a member of the Grossmont Union High School District board.

In one of the most disrespectful political acts done to Mrs. Schreiber and Larry Urdahl after their twelve years of combined experience on the Grossmont School Board, the San Diego County Republican Party endorsed the two rookie candidates who were recruited as part of a plan to divide up the Christian vote and knock off Schreiber and Urdahl. One of those candidates, Meg Jedynak, just recently moved back to California after a nine year absence. Yet, despite the fact that Jedynak had not lived in the school district for nine years, the San Diego Republican Party endorsed her over Mrs. Schreiber.

The other Christian candidate recruited as part of an attempt to knock off Schreiber and Larry Urdahl, is Gary Woods, a member of Shadow Mountain Community Church -- the same church Priscilla Schreiber attends. As a committed Christian, Woods must have a very difficult time explaining how he could be running against two of San Diego's most respected Christian leaders, if his goal all along has been supporting elected Christian officials like Urdahl and Schreiber. The fingerprints of the Old Boy's Network are all over Jedynak's and Wood's campaign endorsement lists. Cass and his cronies are also on Gary Wood's endorsement list.

The Old Boy's Network has tried to control East San Diego County politics for nearly a generation. They are rabid in their desperation to see that Priscilla Schreiber's independent voice is silenced and the board is returned to the entrenched political powerbrokers who care more about party politics than about using this opportunity to be leaders for the sake of a new generation of students. What many are coming to understand in this battle against an entrenched Old Boy's Network is the realization that Priscilla Schreiber is San Diego's version of Sarah Palin.

Christians in California are constantly demanding that their elected officials stand up for the values of the faith community, and to serve with honesty, integrity and trust. Voters in East San Diego County have once again been given an opportunity to reelect an honorable woman -- a woman who decided nearly a decade ago to sacrifice her comfortable suburban lifestyle -- so that she could help save the kids of an entire community.

As stated many times by Mrs. Schreiber, “There is more to being a school board member than running on traditional family values; one must learn the role of a school board member and the many facets to their responsibilities. A school board member must be involved with the community and the district and learn all they can in making sound judgments for the betterment and success for all students and the community they serve.”

You can visit Priscilla Schreiber's campaign website by going to www.priscillaschreiber.com. Mrs. Schreiber would gratefully appreciate your much needed financial contributions to her campaign by going to the contribution page of her website. You can also contact Priscilla to encourage her, endorse her reelection, or to volunteer for her campaign by going to her contact page here. Or take a look at her campaign website photo album to visually learn about all of the lives Priscilla has impacted as California's most courageous woman and politician.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but if you look at an x-ray, gay people are no different then straight people on the inside. And they don't deserve to be bullied because of who they like to sleep with. This woman is a shame to America, and the freedom from persecution this country represents. Stop painting her as a hero because she is no such thing. Children need to be taught not to discriminate, for God loves everyone. Her determination is admirable, however her values are wrong.

Anonymous said...

@ other commenter

Homosexual people deserve equal treatment but homosexual behavior does not. Homosexual BEHAVIOR is a violation of the natural function of the human body and as such deserves to be discriminated against and shown for what it is.

Anonymous said...

Choosing to follow your faith is not discrimination any more than choosing one party over another. An x-ray does not see a difference between an atheist, anarchist or communist either. That's why we don't look at people with blinders on. Freedom dies quickly when voters see no difference between liberty and tyranny.