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California Teachers Association Declares War On Marriage

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August 19, 2008

California Teachers Association Declares War On Marriage.

An Uneducated War By An Uneducated Teachers Union:
California Teachers Association Demands That Voters
Give More Money To A Broken Education System
At The Same Time that This Teachers Union is Funding
the Homosexual Campaign to Defeat
Prop. 8, the Marriage Protection Act.

On July 17, 2008, California Teachers Association Gives $250,000 To
Homosexual Campaign To Defeat Prop. 8, the Marriage Protection Act.

(JHReport Action Alert) Recent history has not been kind to families in the state of California. The past three decades have been filled with the tears of California mothers who have lost their sons to illegal drugs, AIDS, prisons and gang violence. Over the same time period, many fathers in California have been confronted with the dark reality of their young daughters being raped by repeat sex offenders. And with an insidious regularity, the media continues to report the horrific accounts of California's sons and daughters who have been victimized and murdered by child molesters. Now, added to all of the miseries that these parents have had to endure, is the shocking news that the California Teachers Association has decided to add to the woes of California families by declaring an all out war against traditional marriage values during this 2008 election season.

On July 17, 2008, the California Teachers Association Issues PAC contributed $250,000 to an effort by homosexual activists to defeat Prop. 8, the Marriage Protection Act. Prop. 8 is the state initiative that would amend California's constitution by declaring: "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California." In contributing such a large sum of money to defeat Prop. 8, the California Teachers Association joins some of America's most radicalized homosexual groups in their efforts to stop the Marriage Protection Act.

Some of the homosexual groups supporting the No on Prop. 8 campaign have extensive financial ties to the gay pornography industry. For example, the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, a major opponent of Prop. 8, lists Frontiers Newsmagazine as one of its major financial donors. Frontiers Newsmagazine is one of the biggest promoters of male prostitution and gay pornography in the Los Angeles area. These are the kinds of groups and people who are determined to permanently enshrine same-sex marriage into law in California by stopping Prop. 8, the Marriage Protection Act. And these are the kinds of groups that the California Teachers Association is siding with in their war against traditional marriage values in California.

What makes the California Teachers Association one of the most suspicious of the contributors to the homosexual campaign to stop Prop. 8, is the fact that this particular teachers union is also engaged in a massive and expensive media campaign to manipulate California voters into putting pressure on Republican state legislators to pass the unresolved state budget. (You can watch the televised advertisement that is paid for by the California Teachers Association here where they are demanding that voters help end the budget impasse so that the tax dollars just keep on flowing into California's broken state-run school system.)

While the California Teachers Association is throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars down the drain to help dismantle the institution of marriage, it still wants billions of tax dollars to flow into California's dysfunctional education system: an educational system that will be sure to indoctrinate all of its students into embracing the destructiveness of homosexuality as a way of life. In reality, all that stands in the way of a homosexual takeover of California's educational system is the firewall of Prop. 8.

The financial attack on traditional marriage values by the California Teachers Association is a disturbing assault on California families who have a constitutional right to determine when, where and how they teach their children about homosexuality. While the California Teachers Association is demanding that voters help them resolve the budget crisis in Sacramento, they don't seem to have a problem finding huge amounts of money to spend on a vicious war to dismantle the definition of marriage in the state.

Why is the California Teachers Association siding with radical homosexual activists rather than helping to strengthen the institution of marriage? Two different teachers who are members of the teacher's union have confidentially informed the James Hartline Report that they do not know who makes the decisions to spend the union's money on supporting the No on Prop. 8 campaign. Why is this important? Because both of these teachers state that a majority of the members of the union do not support spending union dues on such attacks against marriage.

Whatever misguided ideology is motivating the California Teachers Association in their diabolical attack on marriage, one thing is clear: such an attack at the same time that the teachers union is demanding that married couples help them resolve union fears about the state budget crisis personifies institutional greed and governmental hypocrisy at its worst.

History will record that the California Teachers Association is no friend to the millions of churchgoers who place their young children into the daily custody of the 304,000 members of this massive and politically-motivated teachers union. The California Teachers Association could have spent the $250,000 on lunches for poor children or summer camps for disadvantaged youth. Instead, the priorities of the teachers union in 2008 is greed and the promotion of homosexuality and lesbianism. The California Teachers Association is now demonstrating that they are as uneducated as many of the students they are turning out in their broken educational system.

On 07/18/2008, the California Teacher's Association Issues PAC also contributed $100,000 to stopping Prop. 4. Prop. 4 authorizes parents or the minor's legal guardian to be informed when their young daughters are getting abortions 48 hours prior to the actual abortion being performed. Why is a teachers union, that is continuously complaining about the need for more money for teacher's salaries, giving such a tremendous sum of money to stopping parents from having the right to know when their young daughters are getting abortions?

The kind of greed and hypocrisy that the California Teachers Association is now demonstrating via their attacks against marriage and parental rights have no place in California's educational system. The teachers union cannot have it both ways: they cannot ask millions of Christian voters in the state to help them resolve their budgetary concerns at the same time that they are attacking the very values of Christian voters when it comes to marriage and abortion. It is time that the California Teachers Association spends more of their energy finding their souls instead of polluting the state with their radicalized anti-family agenda.

Until the California Teachers Association renounces its involvement with their financing of the destructiveness of the radical homosexual agenda than there is no reason for them to have a state budget to keep their teachers in the classroom. Voters can no longer afford to sacrifice their children on such an altar of catastrophic attacks by the California Teachers Association.

The strongest message that California voters can send to the California Teachers Association is for voters to pass both Prop. 8 and Prop. 4 in the upcoming November, 2008 election. It is time that the California Teachers Association get their priorities in order and leave marriage and parental rights alone.

You can read the official ballot positions of the California Teachers Association on the state initiatives here.

Take Action!
Contact the Leaders of the California Teachers Association:
Tell Them That You Will Not Support Their Budget Demands
As long as they are funding and supporting the radical
homosexual and abortion agendas.

California Teachers Association Leadership:
President - David A. Sanchez - email: dsanchez@cta.org
Vice President - Dean E. Vogel - email: dvogel@cta.org
Secretary-Treasurer - Daniel R. Vaughn - email: dvaughn@cta.org
Executive Director - Carolyn Doggett - email: cdoggett@cta.org
CTA/NEA Coordination - Jim Rogers - email: jrogers@cta.org

Vote Yes on Prop. 8 and Prop. 4

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Chino Blanco said...

LDS (Mormon) 'Yes on 8' Game Plan

I've posted a letter sent from Boyd K. Packer on July 28th to the California LDS stake presidents:

BKP July 28

Apparently, there is a plan in place to put up one million 'Yes on 8' yard signs at 7:00 am on September 22nd.

MuaraHennessey said...

For the sake of fairness, let's be accurate. The Calfornia Constitution permits Same sex marriage.

Proposition Eight is not about protecting marriage, it is about removing the Constitutional Right of a class of people to marry.

It is a reckless undertaking as it sets a precedent for a later age to pass a proposition lmiting other rights, James. Perhaps yours.

Anonymous said...

And ... ???

Are you traditionally married, James ?

As for that LDS sign campaign, they're just another "cult denomination" (as you phrase it) notorious for its promotion of polygamy, incest and womanizing. Those pro-8 signs will be kicked to the ground as fast as those tidy little missionaries can put them up.

James Hartline said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James Hartline said...

"For the sake of fairness, let's be accurate. The Calfornia Constitution permits Same sex marriage"

You certainly don't know constitutional law. The California Constitution has never authorized or permitted members of the same sex to marry in the state. There is no law in California authorizing same-sex marriages. No law has been passed or signed by the governor to authorize such marriages. A state supreme court cannot legislate or order a governmental body to pass any laws. That is a violation of the separations of powers and you will find that that will be the determining factor when the appeal process is played out in the ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court. Emotional investments should not override common sense understanding of the law.

And the primary focus of this article is the hypocrisy of the teachers union demanding more budgetary increases at the same time that they are spending huge amounts of money on political issues that they have no busy being involved in. They are the reason that our state schools are in complete and utter disarray.

Anonymous said...

James said:
“And the primary focus of this article is the hypocrisy of the teachers union demanding more budgetary increases at the same time that they are spending huge amounts of money on political issues that they have no busy being involved in.”

Many teachers are gay and they deserve the right to marry. This is a personnel issue and the unions would be negligent if they did NOT become involved. That is what unions are for. And yes, like other workers, teachers deserve increases to compensate for inflation. James, where do you find these nonsense ideas?

James Hartline said...

Therein you demonstrate the weakness of the entire homosexual movement. They cannot stand on their own feet because they do not have the private backing of the American people. They have to steal from taxpayers by using taxpayer money to facilitate what they cannot accomplish through private means. Taxpayer money pays for the salaries of school teachers. In turn the unions take that money and spend it on non-education political issues that cater to a vocal political group that has nothing to do with meeting the needs of students. The homosexual movement creates anarchy in society and then they use our government to come in and hold together the chaos they create. And homosexuals already have the right to marry. Men can marry women and women can marry men. They have the same rights as every other American. You just want to create a new rule and then demand that all of society change to accomodate YOUR new rule. True freedom demands that people have the right and liberty to not be forced to bow to your new rule.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see proof of the CTA's contribution to fight prosition 8. I am a former member of NEA and have recently withdrawn my membership. I am happily married a second time to a man. I am female. I suppot Prop. 8 and am thrilled that this prop. passed by 52% to 48%. I am appalled that the CTA gave money for this immoral cause. Also, can you confirm that a teacher's class in CA attended her gay wedding? I am appalled!