Friday, August 08, 2008

National Outrage Over Lesbian March in San Diego

Comments have come flooding in on the report of lesbians marching through a San Diego neighborhood with profanity-filled signs and public displays of immorality.
Here is one of many Comments regarding the Lesbian March Through A San Diego Suburb that has terrified many families with children:

"Some gays shoot themselves in the foot once again. In trying to be accepted like regular people wanting to live regular lives, they parade their freaks for all to see...proudly even. These freaks are an embarrassment to those in the homosexual community who just want to live and not bring down anything in order to bring themselves up. So, these freaks will never have my sympathy. They got their attention, now they can kiss the respect that they want goodbye."


Anonymous said...

Both of them? And you only used one to make your case?

I've overwhelmed by this display of outrage,

Anonymous said...

James, while you are busy trashing the lesbians in San Diego, lesbians at the Olympics are bringing pride to the gay community. This is from the morning news:

"08.24.2008 4:44am EDT

Six of the 13 out lesbian and bisexual women competing at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing ended up winning gold, silver, or bronze medals."

Also, "In a shocking upset, openly gay Australian diver Matthew Mitcham, 20, has won the Olympic gold medal in the men’s 10m platform at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing."

God does not care about your sexual orientation. In this life and the life hereafter the gold medals go to those who prepare and play by the rules and follow the instructions of Jesus. Jesus never once said you can't win medals in this world or his world just because you are gay. Jesus said if you put your faith in Him you will pass the finish line victoriously and claim your gold medal.

I have made my stand for Jesus, have you?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jesus did say that as long as you believe in Him, you will spend eternity with him. But, He also said to the adulteress to "Go and sin no more." The Bible states that homosexuality is a sin, just as immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, etc are sins. We will all stand before God and give an account of our life.

I applaud the gays and lesbians for accomplishing such a feat at the Olympics, but why can't we support them as men and women? Instead they seem to demand recognition by their sexual orientation, as if they were different than any other man or woman. All of us are forced to accept this alternative lifestyle and if we don't accept it, we are called bigots and haters. Just as I cannot support murder, adultery, or other sin, I cannot support homosexuality - this based on what the Bible states.

I've made my stand for Jesus AND chosen to follow his instructions.

James - may the Lord bless you, keep you and protect you as you continue to stand for Him.