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The Great Rainbow Robbery: Gay Activists Costing America Billions Of Dollars In Medical Expenses To Pay For Unsafe Sex Practices

The James Hartline Report
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January 29, 2007

The Great Rainbow Robbery:
Gay Activists Costing America Billions Of Dollars
In Medical Expenses To Pay For Unsafe Sex Practices

(JHReport) James Hartline, Publisher of the James Hartline Report, is known throughout the United States as one of America's most vocal Christian activists. However, ten years ago Hartline was anything but a committed Christian. With a history of drug abuse and stealing to support his crippling addiction to methamphetamines, Hartline's life was fast heading towards a destructive end. In the winter of 1997, the final blow was struck against James Hartline. His long record of poor choices and the dark results they brought, paled in comparison to one bleak event in the first week of December, 1997. During one of his many visits to the gay bathhouse called the Mustang Spa, James Hartline was infected with the AIDS virus.

California law bans bathhouses like the Mustang Spa where sexual activities, deemed by the Center for Disease Control to cause HIV transmission, are occurring. Despite the existence of such state laws, numerous California cities still allow dozens of gay bathhouses to stay open. Prior to 2006, San Diego, California had never enforced the state law. The results have been catastrophic, both morally and financially, for San Diego. Currently, there are at least four bathhouses open in San Diego. Recently, San Diego City Attorney Mike Aguirre became the first prosecutor to actually enforce the state law by prosecuting the 2200 Club, the business formerly known as the Mustang Spa where James Hartline was infected in 1997.

It is possible that Aguirre's actions will not only prevent many new HIV infections, but will also save the taxpayers millions of dollars in publicly-funded medical expenses for men who will have acquired the AIDS virus inside of this one gay bathhouse.

-- The High Cost of AIDS --

There is a high probability that if the gay bathhouses which operate in San Diego were closed, there would be hundreds, perhaps thousands, of fewer AIDS cases. Take the example of James Hartline. Hartline was infected with the AIDS virus during a three-day drug binge in 1997 at the Mustang Spa. Hartline's encounter with death at the Mustang Spa was made possible by the methamphetamines he was able to purchase from the drug dealers who sold him the drugs and hypodermic needles inside of the club. Hartline, who has since become a born-again Christian and nationally recognized writer, describes in many of his articles how he used to purchase drugs during stays in all of San Diego's gay bathhouses.

Eventually becoming ill from his HIV symptoms, Hartline's disease quickly qualified him for an AIDS diagnosis. As his body began to succumb to the disease, Hartline was forced to begin taking medications for AIDS in 2003. Today, Hartline must take over a dozen different medications to stay alive. Being infected with the AIDS virus and taking handfulls of medications everyday to stay alive is a direct result of the City of San Diego allowing the death chambers of the gay bathhouses to remain open in their jurisdiction.

Prior to being infected with HIV, James Hartline did not take any of the medications he now must consume every 24 hours. The following medications that Hartline must take everyday and their monthly costs are listed below:
Viracept - $728 per month
Celebrex - $204 per month
Zetia - $93 per month
Hydrocortisone - $12 per month
Viread - $610 per month
Ambien - $134 per month
Emtriva - $384 per month
Aldara - $239 per month
Nystatin - $39 per month
Oxandrolone - $1,112 per month
Androgel - $248 per month
Acyclovir - $44 per month
Pain Med - $186 per month
Mucomyst - $156 per month
*Average cost of medications (source Walgreens Pharmacy)
Total cost of Hartline's medications:
Monthly: $4,189 / Yearly: $50,268

Coupled with the costs of blood tests, doctor's appointments and other procedures related to fighting the AIDS virus, Hartline's medical treatments costs taxpayers approximately $60,000 per year. For the average American taxpayer, they would be shocked to find out that Hartline's medical costs are near the average for other patients who are fighting AIDS. Shock at the high costs for caring for AIDS patients would turn to outrage if those same taxpayers were to learn that many gay activists are doing everything possible to keep open the gay bathhouses and other similar businesses that are breeding grounds for thousands of new HIV transmissions each year. Simply put, the taxpayers are paying for an inexcusable agenda of sexual anarchy and "sex at any cost" which permeates liberal gay communities throughout America.

Factoid from the Center for Disease Control
HIV/AIDS among Men Who Have Sex with Men:
In the United States, HIV infection and AIDS have had a tremendous effect on men who have sex with men (MSM). MSM accounted for 70% of all estimated HIV infections among male adults and adolescents in 2004 (based on data from 35 areas with long-term, confidential name-based HIV reporting), even though only about 5% to 7% of male adults and adolescents in the United States identify themselves as MSM.

Transmission categories of male adultsand adolescents living with AIDS, 2004

Factoid: California's Department of Health Services / AIDS Statistics
Year End, Dec. 2006: HIV/AIDS California Surveillance Report:
Men Who Have Sex With Other Men - Cumulative Total of AIDS Cases:
96,694 or 68% of all AIDS Cases in California Epidemic History.
Homosexual Males, Also IV Drug Users - Cumulative Total of AIDS Cases:
13,445 or 9% of all AIDS Cases in California Epidemic History.
Since AIDS began, Homosexual Males and Homosexual Males who are IV Drug Users
Total 110,139 or 77% of all AIDS cases in California.

Factoid: San Diego County Department of Health & Human Services
HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report
Year End, Dec. 2006: HIV/AIDS San Diego County AIDS Cases:
Men Who Have Sex With Other Men - Cumulative Total of AIDS Cases:
9,506 or 73% of all AIDS Cases In San Diego County Epidemic History.
Homosexual Males, Also IV Drug Users - Cumulative Total of AIDS Cases:
1,302 or 10% of all AIDS Cases in San Diego County Epidemic History.

San Diego County had 319 new, fully diagnosed AIDS Cases in 2006.

The cost to taxpayers for added new medical expenses for these 319 cases
is approximately $13 million dollars per year. This means county and city officials
must find an additional $13 million in their 2007 budget to cover this expense.

AIDS in Men who have sex with other men, County of San Diego, 2004
Time Frames: Homosexual Males - AIDS in San Diego County
1985-1989 1990-1994 1995-1999 2000-2004 Cumulative
83.5% 81.5% 76.9% 74.1% 79.4%
Gay Males/IV Drug Users
1985-1989 1990-1994 1995-1999 2000-2004 Cumulative
9.9% 10.0% 12.7% 9.9% 10.7%

Age at AIDS Diagnosis in Gay Males AIDS Cases
in the County of San Diego:
recent cumulative
39.5 37.7
According to the San Diego County Dept. of Health & Human Services:
Men who have Sex with Men (MSM)
is the most common mode of transmission
reported and there have been 10,209 AIDS
cases reported in MSM in the County of
San Diego since 1981.

Years 2001 -2005 Cases of HIV Transmission in San Diego County:
Men who have sex with men (MSM) = 1,338 / 66%
MSM/IV Drug User = 177 / 9%
Heterosexual = 250 / 12%
IV Drug User = 232 / 12%
MSM & MSM IV Drug User = 1515 / 75% of all HIV/AIDS cases
in San Diego County between 2001-2005.

During this period, the three San Diego gay bathhouses known to
be rabid source locations for HIV transmission have remained open
for business.
These three gay bathhouses are:

Club San Diego
Located at 3995 Fifth Ave. - Hillcrest
(Less than 1,000 feet from Florence Elementary School
in violation of municipal codes)

2200 Club (Formerly the Mustang Spa)
Located at 2200 University Ave.
The San Diego City Attorney has successfully
forced this bathhouse to close in April, 2007.

Vulcan Steam & Sauna
Located at 805 W. Cedar St. (Downtown San Diego)
(Located directly across the street from Monarch Elementary School)

In a June 16, 2004 edition of San Diego City Beat (, Daniel Strumpf reveals the disturbing details from a study conducted by the Center for Disease Control on the sexual behaviors of homosexual males inside of gay bathhouses. In his article, Strumpf writes:

"Los Angeles public health officials are currently working to come up with new ways to regulate bathhouses and sex clubs after a recent study funded by the Centers for Diseases Control showed that HIV infection rates among gay men who sought testing in bathhouses were double those of gay men tested elsewhere, and seven times higher than HIV rates among the county’s general population. The findings come at a time when the CDC says HIV infection rates among gay men in America are on the rise after years of decline.
The same study also showed that 71 percent of patrons visited a bathhouse specifically to have anonymous sex, 16 percent said they had group sex and 10 percent said they had unprotected anal sex.
Additionally, more than one third of participants said they used drugs before visiting the clubs, most commonly a combination of methamphetamine and Viagra, and more than a third indicated that they had riskier sex in the baths than in other locations."

Even more disturbing then Strumpf's article, is a recent expose on "Bug Chasers" provided by Peter LaBarbera, President of Americans For Truth, on his website ( Bug Chasers are homosexual men who intentionally seek to get infected with the AIDS virus. In LaBarbera's article, he quotes from Gregory A. Freeman's 2003 Rolling Stones' newspaper investigation on Bug Chasers, where Freeman describes Carlos, a Bug Chaser, stating:

"The men who want the (AIDS) virus are called “bug chasers,” and the men who freely give the virus to them are called “gift givers.” While the rest of the world fights the AIDS epidemic and most people fear HIV infection, this (gay) subculture celebrates the virus and eroticizes it.... In this world, the men with HIV are the most desired, and the bug chasers will do anything to get the virus — to “get knocked up,” to be “bred” or “initiated into the brotherhood.”

"Though he’s older, Carlos lives a life that has a lot in common with Hitzel’s in San Francisco. Carlos estimates that he has had several hundred sex partners throughout his life, and he routinely hooks up with three or four guys a week, all of them HIV-positive or at least uncertain about their status.
That’s a common trait among bug chasers, says Dr. Bob Cabaj…"

"Furthering the epidemic doesn’t bother Carlos. Bug chasing requires a great deal of self-delusion, and he easily acknowledges the contradictions in what he’s doing. He notes that while he seeks HIV, he doesn’t eat junk food or smoke, and that he drinks only socially. “I take care of myself,” he says proudly. He also notes the hypocrisy in his doing volunteer work at (Gay Men's Health Clinic) GMHC, in which he tells other men to use condoms and practice safe sex, while he’s hunting for partners for his secret hobby. The conflict doesn’t bother him in the least…"

-- California: On The Brink Of Statewide Insanity --

California laws requires the state of California to pay for the medical care of patients diagnosed with AIDS. California laws in this arena are based upon a compassionate perspective where patients would die without medical treatment. There is no cure for AIDS and without available medical care, the death rate for HIV-positive patients would skyrocket in a matter of months. Seizing upon the awareness that the government will pay for all consequences for their sexual behaviors, gay activists have turned such governmental mercy into a diabolical opportunity where they are fighting to keep open the death chambers of dozens of California bathhouses. Clearly, common sense has been replaced by these sexual anarchists, with a mindset that proclaims their sexual liberties must never be interfered with.

These advocates of gay sexual anarchy continue to show an utter disregard for the heavy burden they are placing upon the backs of America's hard working taxpayers. The idea that individuals are vociferously fighting to keep open these bathhouses so they can continue to have venues for disgusting public sex acts in the midst of a growing and always fatal AIDS epidemic is both disturbing and cruel. While these gay activists are howling with laughter over the government bowing to their cruelty, the taxpayers are paying the price for this AIDS holocaust.

--The Great Rainbow Robbery--

Who should be held most responsible for this great taxpayer rip-off, this rainbow robbery? The blame should really be shared by a number of entities. The County of San Diego reports that the average age of a gay male who is diagnosed with AIDS in San Diego in recent times was 39.5 years. All of the government-funded education programs, costing taxpayers billions of dollars, are clearly worthless if they cannot convince a grown male adult over the age of thirty to respect the deadly consequences of certain sexual acts. These men know that they will eventually acquire HIV if they engage in unprotected homosexual sex.

The Gay and Lesbian Center in San Diego ( has received millions of dollars in public funds to provide HIV education. An example of one of the poorest investments by the government for HIV programs, the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center continues to mock taxpayers by promoting the very sexual behaviors that cause AIDS. In one of many immoral displays of hypocrisy at this gay center, condoms are distributed to clients while plaques honoring the owners of the gay bathhouses can be found on the inside of this agency's walls. Millions of taxpayer dollars have been granted to the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center to obtain their multi-million dollar property, remodel its facility and fund its programs. On the property of this center, magazines full of pornographic advertisements are stacked in the lobby, an office is used to promote gay marriage and its auditorium is used for drag queen contests.

Perhaps, the most culpable party in this bathhouse/taxpayer scandal are the members of the San Diego City Council. With ample opportunities to address the growing AIDS epidemic and the role that the city's gay bathhouses have played in the epidemic, the city council has continued to side with gay activists rather than the taxpayers who must continue to fund the skyrocketing medical costs for these unnecessary HIV infections. State law has given the San Diego City Council all of the ammunition that they need to shut down the city's bathhouses. Yet, the San Diego City Council refuses to follow state law in dealing with this issue. It is a clear case of elected officials who are more concerned with the opinions of vocal gay activists rather than the taxpayers who have elected them.

Here is what California State Law mandates regarding bathhouses in California that allow sexual activities to occur on their premises:

(b) Every building or place used as a bathhouse which as a primaryactivity encourages or permits conduct that according to theguidelines of the federal Centers for Disease Control can transmitAIDS, including, but not limited to, anal intercourse, oralcopulation, or vaginal intercourse, is a nuisance which shall beenjoined, abated, and prevented, and for which damages may berecovered, whether it is a public or private nuisance. For purposes of this subdivision, a "bathhouse" means a businesswhich, as its primary purpose, provides facilities for a spa,whirlpool, communal bath, sauna, steam bath, mineral bath, mud bath,or facilities for swimming

To Express Public Concerns Regarding The City Council Refusing To Enforce
State Laws Regarding Bathhouse Violations:
Contact Your Local City Councilmember via the city council website:

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aaronjasonsilver said...

If anyone wishes to know more about this crazy phenomenon of bare backing and bug chasing parties, I wrote a pretty extensive chapter on it in my book; "why gay men do what they do, an inside look at gay culture. Many of these men have a fatalistic view of life. Many assuming that they will get it sooner or later. I also write about the Russian Roulette parties that are growing at astounding rates that we people with healthy sense of self cannot possibly understand why anyone would put themselve purposely in these positions. There is also some dangerous information that many men with HIV have. It's that men already infected with HIV believe that since they are already infected it doesn't matter if they bareback with others that are also infected. Nothing could be further from the truth. What happens is that the HIV positive men may be on some very effective drugs that are working very well for them and keeping their HIV at undetectable levels which has become quite common. However if two men with HIV bareback they are infecting each other with different strains. There are now many diffferent strain of the disease now. What happens then is that they now have another strain that the drugs that have been working so well for them stop working. They then become much more difficult to treat. Their virus now is now a more virulent strain and they can then develop full blown AIDs very quicky and very difficult to find any drugs that will then help. This issue that many gay people have of self-hatred is an issue that I cover extensively in my book. Very few people talk about this and it needs to be discussed. Look around at what gay men are now into for fun. It's sad and very self-destructive. thanks Aaron Fennville, Mi. 49408

Anonymous said...

You have some good points, but, as always, you pick and choose your facts to make your case. You speak of phenomenon that are tragic and need addressing, but they exist on only a tiny (TINY!) fraction of the homosexual community. And please remember, for most members of this community, being gay is only a small portion of their being. You preach more hate than love, and you are missing the point.

Why don't you start to tackle the real problems that are causing the death of the human spirit? Problems like choosing desire over duty which has led to the massive overconsumption problem?

Look at yourself - how do you live? Do you have more than you need? Do you give all your excess to others less fortunate that you? Is your Rainbow Robbery post motivated by selfishness as I suspect, if you look deep, it is?

Remember the golden rule. You've obviously forgotten.

I don't expect to see this comment approved. I understant that criticism has no place in your sacred view of the world.