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Plot To Legalize Gay Marriage in California Uncovered - Gay Republican Leader Working With Governor's Office & Key Gay Democrats

A James Hartline Report Exclusive
On The Frontlines of The Culture War
January 22, 2007

Plot To Legalize Gay Marriage In California
Uncovered By The James Hartline Report
(Log Cabin Republican Leader Working With Governor's Office
And Key Gay Democrats To Establish Same-Sex Nuptials)

(JHReport Exclusive) Stunning and disturbing, are just two of the many terms being used to describe the contents of an email newsletter being distributed to members of the homosexual GOP group, the Log Cabin Republicans, by the organization's leaders. James Vaughn is the new California State Director for the Log Cabin Republicans. Vaughn's occasional column "Director's Cut" is included in that newsletter. It is that column which is creating outrage among conservative Republicans who have read it. Vaughn's recent column revealed how he is working with some California Republican Party officials, Governor Schwarznegger's office, and key gay Democrats to plot a strategy for legalizing gay marriage in the state.

Who Is James Vaughn and Why Is He In The GOP?

James Vaughn (right)

The Bay Are Reporter, a San Francisco area homosexual newspaper, wrote about the true ideology of James Vaughn in a recent front page article. The article reveals the agenda and goals of Vaughn as the new state director of the Log Cabin Republicans and it should serve as an emergency wake-up call for all conservative Republicans in California. Author Matthew S. Bajko wrote of Vaughn:

"He (Vaughn) said he also plans to work closely with the legislature's LGBT caucus, made up of five Democrats, on issues such as marriage. He met this week with caucus consultant Eric Astacaan as well as Daniel Zingale, a Democrat and the openly gay chief of staff to the state's first lady Maria Shriver. As for Shriver's husband, Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and his chief of staff Susan Kennedy , a lesbian and Democrat, Vaughn had no meetings planned as of yet. He did meet with other members of the governor's staff.
A main priority for Vaughn will be getting more LGBT Republicans elected to public office. He identified the central coast area as a prime spot where an openly gay or lesbian member of the GOP has a chance of winning an election"

Bajko's article also details some appalling statements from Vaughn on marriage, family and Vaughn's relationship with his gay sex partner Kevin Broadwater:

"Vaughn and his partner of four years, Kevin Broadwater, also a Republican, left the D.C. area for California over a year ago after Broadwater took a new job. Vaughn, who joked he was the "trailing spouse," grew up in Corona, California in Riverside County. He laughed when asked, as a Republican, if he feared incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's "San Francisco values."
"Not at all. I am a centrist on many things," he said. "The problem with the Republican Party is their definition of family. And I think both sides can look and find commonalities. The gay community is running on a conservative platform, talking about stable marriages, raising children, and defending their country. Those are as conservative Republican values as you can get."

As to the twisted political mindset of James Vaughn, his recent comments to IN LA, a homosexual magazine, reveals he is far more in line with the radical left of the Democratic Party, then he is with any level of the GOP:

"The far right has secured a philosophical gerrymander on the Republican legislative districts for now, so a better strategy is for us to focus on the most important aspect of the gay marriage fight, securing the governor's signature."

"Inclusion Wins," the title for the Log Cabin Republicans' bi-weekly newsletter, is distributed to subscribing members who support the group's agenda of promoting homosexuality, lesbianism and transsexualism within the Republican Party. Despite the radical concepts that are a part of Log Cabin Republicans, nothing could prepare many GOP veteran's for the outrageous contents of Vaughn's January 18, 2007 column. One senior member of the California Republican Assembly, who prefers to remain anonymous, told the James Hartline Report that the contents of the column were far worse then even he could have imagined.

Presenting an entirely new manifestaton of just how low politics can go in betraying voters, Vaughn's January 18th column details Republican Party leaders who met with him during the recent Log Cabin Republican's disturbing party to celebrate the inauguration of Governor Schwarzenegger's second term.

As if he is writing in his personal diary, Vaughn states in his column:

"What a week! I am up in Sacramento recovering from a whirlwind of events surrounding the inauguration of Log Cabin friend Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Log Cabin sponsored an Inauguration Celebration Reception at Vallejo's Mexican Restaurant, with over 70 attending. There were many key players from the Horseshoe (what they call the governor's executive suite of offices) including newly appointed Legislative Secretary Chris Kahn. Once word got out he was expected many lobbyists and others asked to come.... He was joined by Director of External Affairs John Kabateck, health policy advisor Herb Schultz and his partner and many others including Jimmy Orr, who I knew from my DC days when he managed all of the online media activities in the White House. He created the Barney cam. He is currently handling online media for the Governor..."

Then Vaughn reveals the beginning of the nightmare scenario for the millions of families in California who are fighting back the insidious war declared against them by radical gay activists within the Democratic Party:

"Assemblymember Bonnie Garcia's chief of staff Richard Harmon and 3-4 of his staff attended as well. (Good luck with the house offer, Richard!)"

The hypocrisy of Assemblywoman Garcia and her staffmembers could not be more clear. In her various bids for public office, Garcia has marketed herself as a Republican conservative who seeks to protect children from sexual predators, as well as other issues relating to their physical and mental well being ( In the past several months, one of the Log Cabin Republicans' biggest scandals unfolded when Congressman Foley, a long-term friend of the Log Cabin Republicans, was exposed for his predatory behavior with young male Congressional pages ( The Log Cabin Republicans are on an insidious quest to legalize gay marriage and homosexual sodomy in the United States military.

The fact that Garica's chief of staff, along with several other Garcia staffers, was participating in a party with the Log Cabin Repbublicans, reveals the extent of betrayal to the familiess that voted for her based upon her claims of protecting their family values. In fact, last year when the James Hartline Report revealed that Garcia was compromising on a key homosexual bill, SB1437, her chief of staff went into high damage control. Here is what Richard Harmon wrote to refute Garcia's role in that controversy:

"There is a serious discrepancy in James Hartline’s article today regarding SB 1437. The vote he cited in the article regarding the bill was a vote on a set of amendments to strike most of the offensive parts of the bill. It was not a vote to pass the bill out. The bill most likely will be voted on today in the Assembly, and you will see a dramatic difference between that vote and the one Monday to gut the bill. My boss would appreciate a correction run immediately". Call me if you have any questions. Richard A. HarmonChief of StaffOffice of Assemblywoman Bonnie GarciaState Capitol, Room 2002Sacramento, CA 95814

This is the same Richard Harmon that James Vaughn states was at the Log Cabin Republican's gay celebration party for the governor's second term inauguration.

Vaughn continues: In the "Post Partisanship" spirit we were joined by several Democrat supporters including Assemblyman John Laird. I nearly forgot to introduce him in my remarks and noted I was in a GOP state of mind. He replied "I'm the one over here on the left..." Also joining were Richard Stapler from Speaker Nunez' office and Alan Lafoso from the BOE. ..

James Vaughn (far left) with gay Democratic
State Assemblyman John Laird (second from right)

Assemblyman John Laird

As one of the most vocal advocates of promoting homosexuality in the California State leglislature, Democratic Assemblyman John Laird has authored a multitude of gay rights bills during his tenure in the assembly. Laird's bio reveals that he lives with his homosexual lover John Flores in Santa Cruz, California ( The fact that the Log Cabin Republicans joyously met with Laird during the Log Cabin Republican governor's inaugural party says more about the group's liberal agenda, then it does about Laird. It verifies that the Log Cabin Republicans are really the GOP's trojan horse: liberals who are working inside of the Republican Party to dismantle its conservative core and replace it with a radicalized gay-friendly foundation.

The Shocking Gay Marriage Plot of The Log Cabin Republicans

At one point in time, the Log Cabin Republicans used to feign some sort of conservative family values as a ploy to gain entrance into the Republican Party heirarchy. Those days are over. The true agenda of the Log Cabin Republicans is now revealed in the following statments made by Vaughn in his column. Vaughn continues:

"There were many key players from the governor's campaign staff and the CRP such as Sheryl Main, Ann Whitley (party membership director) and Jalene Forbis who is running for CRP Vice Chair.

"Key political advisor to Maria Shriver, Steven Rivers and handsome escort also attended and grilled me on our marriage strategy and praised our efforts and developing farm team of candidates for political office... "

To demonstrate just how badly the GOP leadership is selling out the conservatives and families within the Republican Party, Vaughn writes this account of his encounter with the California State Senate minority leader's wife:

"From there it was off to the Sponsor's Reception where word of our event had already spread. David Rappel, LCR board member and all around CRP go-to-guy helped me connect with key party figures. Linda Ackerman, wife to Sen. Minority Leader Dick Ackerman was a charming delight and the first thing she said to me was "Why weren't we invited to your party! We wanted to come." Turns out they hadn't checked their personal e-mail for the late invite I sent..... She was a delight and very sweet and I told her she and her husband had a standing invite to any of our events... "

Senator Ackerman, who was chosen by the Senate Republican Caucus in a unanimous vote, to be the state senate minority leader in 2004, was recently one of the main supporters of liberal pro-abortion State Assemblywoman Lynn Daucher in her bid for the 34th Senate District seat. A blog with the Orange County Register described Daucher as being an extremist on the abortion issue for supporting a resolution to honor Roe v. Wade:

"But her values are left wing, as we see from her near-attendance at the
Planned Parenthood Roe v. Wade Wade celebration that was a who's who
of lefties in the area. Being on the confirmed attendance list was a way
of rubbing the conservative grassroots' faces in her pro-abortion viewpoints.
Ackerman (in supporting Daucher) argues that the party needs
a moderate in central county."

Demonstrating that James Vaughn is not real competent when remembering names, he then goes on to detail his relationship with one of the new San Diego County Republican men being promoted to run for State Assemblyman George Plescia's seat in 2008:

"Mindy and David Fletcher apologized for having to back out of our event at the last minute. Mindy is Deputy External Affairs and her globe-trotting military husband and I bonded over intel stories. He is in intel and I was a contestant on the reality TV series Spymaster. (That counts, right...) He is also running for George Plescia's Assembly
seat... "

Fletcher's real name is Nathan, not David. Here is what California Republican Assembly President Mike Spence recently wrote about Nathan Fletcher:

12-15-2006 10:58 am
Jon has posted a letter to the editor in the Washington Times from Nathan Fletcher. Fletcher served two years overseas in Iraq and Africa fighting for our country. He is also a top-notch political operative. I first met him when he was working for the CRP. He was the speaker along with his wife (Mindy Fletcher, Deputy Campaign Maager for the Gov.) at the San Gabriel Valley Lincoln Club and will also be the speaker at the South Bay chapter.Nathan lives in San Diego. Why would he travel up her to LA? 2008 George Plescia is termed out and guess who is running for that seat?Fletcher almost ran in '06 when it looked like Plescia might run for Congress or State Senate. He raised around a 100K in that limited time. He will be one candidate that will have to be beat."

The idea that conservatives within the Republican Party are already promoting a Fletcher candidacy reveals much about the recycled politics that are rapidly eroding public confidence in the GOP. Capitol Weekly reminded voters in 2005, that Fletcher was the former chief of staff for convicted Congressman Duke Cunningham. Cunningham was a rabid supporter of Planned Parenthood and embryonic stem cell research. Fletcher was chief of staff during the days of Cunningham's insistent demands for increased funding for Planned Parenthood. Thus, the idea that conservatives are promoting Fletcher is made all the more damnable in light of the James Vaughn column where he acknowledges a relationship with Fletcher.

"Among the losers after Wyland's decision are Assemblyman George Plescia, who would have run for the Senate if Wyland had run for Congress. Cunningham's former chief of staff, Nathan Fletcher, husband of Schwarzenegger Deputy Chief of Staff Mindy Fletcher, would have run for Plescia's Assembly seat, but now Plescia will run for reelection."

Vaughn proceeds to take a very dark turn in his column when he discusses his encounter with lesbian Democrat Susan Kennedy, Governor Schwarzenegger's Chief of Staff:

"Chief of Staff Susan Kennedy and I spoke briefly about the marriage bill and we'll get together to talk about how Log Cabin can help."

In an almost diabolical, matter-of-fact manner, Vaughn actually reveals that he is getting together with the Democratic chief of staff of the governor to plot out a strategy for passing gay marriage in the state! And if that wasn't enough to make the 62% of Californians who voted for the Defense of Marriage Act angry, then look at the statement that Vaughn makes after his Susan Kennedy comments:

"The next day was glorious for the Inauguration Ceremony. My partner Kevin Broadwater nearly didn't make it after Southwest Airlines misplaced his luggage. He might have been a hit at the Ball with no trousers, but not the impact we wanted to make... "

These are the people that want to run the state of California. These are the people who are demanding access to the minds of the children of California. These are the people that are are insistent that all Christian values be eradicated from public policy in exchange for a dark immorality that borders on sexual arnarchy.

The urgency for Christians and other traditional Californians to counter the deviousness of gay marriage advocates could not be more urgent. The betrayal by some Republican leaders who were elected based on their public claims of being Christian, or at least conservative in their social beliefs, could not be more devastating.

As the smoke clears, Christians need to realize that while they have been sleeping, Log Cabin Republicans have been strategically placed in leadership positions on many Republican Central Committees within most major counties in California. These central committees will be sending delegates to the state GOP Convention in February of 2007 where they will be establishing the party's direction and core principles for the next several years ( There will be no doubt as to what these radical Log Cabin Republicans will be advocating for placement in the party's new mission statement.

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