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San Diego's Gay Community Fast Becoming America's Most Dangerous Place For Teenagers

The James Hartline Report
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January 13, 2007

San Diego's Gay Community Fast Becoming
America's Most Dangerous Place For Teenagers:
Concentration of Registered Sex Offenders and Recruitment of Youth
By Extremist Gay Organizations Seen As Dangerous Combination in
San Diego's Gay Neighborhood of Hillcrest

(JHReport) Inside of San Diego's gay community, all of the signs are clearly pointing to the inevitability that a young male teenager will be sexually assaulted and murdered in the near future. It is really not a matter of "if it happens," but rather a matter of ,"when it happens." As these crimson red warning flags snap in the morally polluted winds blowing throughout this San Diego homosexual bastion called Hillcrest, many will one day point accusatory fingers, but who will really be held responsible for this teenager's impending demise?

Thousands of homosexual activists call Hillcrest home. Hillcrest has become the fourth largest gay community in the United States ( With such large numbers of professionals, teachers, and counselors living in Hillcrest, one would think that some wisdom could be found lurking among the many gay porn stores, sex clubs and drug dealers which populate this southern California gay mecca. Sadly, for the youth in San Diego, common sense in Hillcrest has been replaced with an institutionalized communal philosophy of sexual gratification at all costs. A community so obsessed with sexual gratification, that such demented obsession will eventually lead to the costing of some wayward teenager's life.

Hillcrest has a disturbing record of producing some of the most heinous homosexual crimes in American history. Take the case of Andrew Cunanan who terrorized America during a 1997 killing spree. It was in Hillcrest that Cunanan was known to engage in prostitution as well as illegal drug use. His serial killing crime wave culminated in the murders of five men before he committed suicide on a boat docked in a Miami harbor. Eyewitness reports indicate that Cunanan was known to engage in the darker aspects of Hillcrest's sexual fetish community ( It was only a few, short years prior to the full manifestation of Cunanan's relationship with the darker sexual spirits of Hillcrest, that he was a young student at the Episcopalian Bishop School in La Jolla, California.

Hillcrest Gay Serial Killer
Andrew Cunanan

Rather than learning from the tragedy of the Cunanan sex and murder spree, homosexual activists in Hillcrest have really only changed one thing since Cunanan's 1997 holocaust: the form and fashion with which they recruit teenagers into their destructive sexual anarchy. The average adult in the United States will go the extra mile to keep young minors away from pornography, as well as predators. In Hillcrest, the opposite is true. The Gay and Lesbian Times, which contains an enormous amount of degrading and sexually explicit advertisements, is distributed free throughout the Hillcrest area in sidewalk newsracks. Any child walking home from school can reach in and pull one of these free pornographic newspapers out and ingest its immoral contents.

Brenda Watson, born a man, now lives as
a transsexual artificial female and demands that
the San Diego Boy Scouts located in Hillcrest,
allow him and other transsexuals and homosexuals
to be openly active in the Boy Scouts.
San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center Promotes War Against Boy Scouts
Demanding That Young Boys Be Exposed To Transsexual Scout Leaders
Gay and Lesbian Center Advertising Rally Against Boy Scouts
The Boy Scouts Facility is located in the Hillcrest area.

Despite the fact that there are over 200 dangerous registered sex offenders living within the Hillcrest community area (, the Gay and Lesbian Center opened up their youth center in an area where a concentration of these pedophiles live ( Called the Hillcrest Youth Center, the agency has already earned a notorious reputation for mixing young minors with adults in the same support group programs.

(c) David Brooks photo/Union Tribune
Lesbian Deputy Mayor Toni Atkins riding in the 2005 Gay Parade despite the pedophile
scandal inside of the San Diego Gay Pride organization.
Other participants ranged from drag queens to scantily-clad dancers,
to religious groups. The parade is a mainstay in the three-day
San Diego Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Festival.

To Watch The Explosive NBC News Video On
Child Molesters Involved in the 2005 San Diego Gay Pride:
View Video:

In 2005, the James Hartline Report conducted an extensive investigation into the internal philosophies and activities of the San Diego Gay Pride organization. That investigation resulted in the discovery that San Diego Gay Pride was allowing a network of pedophiles to operate inside of their organization ( Initially, even after the pedophile scandal broke into an international story, the San Diego Gay Pride organization refused to remove the sex offenders from its organization ( In fact, the protection of the rights of the pedophiles was so institutionalized within the organization, that the group only agreed to terminate the pedophiles when they learned that their parade was in jeopardy of being disrupted (

To further fuel the controversy, it was also learned that the Gay Pride organization had been employing for years, Marty the Clown, to perform in the Gay Pride children's garden. Marty the Clown (Martin Ramirez) has a criminal record of being convicted for having sex with a minor under 14 years of age (;bp=t).

One can only assume that if the James Hartline Report had not reported on the pedophile infestation inside of the San Diego Gay Pride organization, that the sex offender network would still be operational. Although San Diego Gay Pride was forced to remove the pedophiles against their will, it did not stop members of the Hillcrest gay community from expressing their anger and outrage towards JHReport Publisher James Hartline for interfering with the pedophile network within San Diego Gay Pride. Hartline has become the target of many death threats for his work in protecting kids in the Hillcrest area, including one public threat that became an international story told around the world in 2005 (

In 2006, San Diegans began to get a clearer picture of just how driven is the sexualized agenda of San Diego Gay Pride. Agape Press author James L. Lambert detailed in an explosive September, 2006 news report that San Diego City Councilman Scott Peters ( censored James Hartline and his team of fellow Christian activists to prevent them from showing pictures of children and teenagers who were being exposed to sexually explicit materials and activities during the 2006 Gay Pride parade and festival ( According to Lambert's article, when Hartline was preparing to show the photographic evidence duing the Sept.12, 2006 hearing, Councilman Peters blocked him, stating, "I can't allow you to put these pictures on television."

To Review Photos of the 2006 San Diego Gay Pride Parade On
The San Diego Union Tribune Photo Album:

The city council hearing where Councilman Peters censored the photographs showing minors being exposed to sexually explicit activities in the San Diego Gay Pride parade can be viewed by going to:

Click View Video on September 12, 2006
Click Non-Agenda Comment and slide time ruler to 01:11:40

Councilman Peters' efforts to block public information on just how dangerous the Gay Pride events have become for minors in the city of San Diego was preceded by a volatile July 25, 2006 city council hearing where Peters led the charge with fellow lesbian Councilwoman Toni Atkins to proclaim San Diego Gay Pride Week in honor of the gay parade and festival. During that hearing Hartline and other witnesses presented overwhelming evidence of the extreme amount of sexual activities occurring around children at the events.

Click View Video on July 25, 2006
Slide Time Ruler to 2:00

San Diego Gay Pride Hits A New Low:
Using Kids To Recruit Kids For Porn Parade

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Bringing Children Into the 2006 San Diego Gay Pride Parade
to watch pornographers, prostitutes and male strippers.
Photo Courtesy of Hillquest Photo Album
Following on the heels of the San Diego City Council approving of San Diego Gay Pride's sex parade and festival, gay activists have now become even more emboldened in their efforts to make sure that the army of pornographers, who are a mainstay of the annual pornographic event, will now have a steady flow of young minors at their disposal.

In one of the most disturbing and blatant acts in recent memory, the San Diego Gay Pride organization has just issued a press release that announces the group's new initiative for recruiting minors to participate in the gay pride events. This dangerous attempt to lure young kids into the world of gay sexual anarchy is made all the more terrible by the organization's directive that it will being using youth to recruit other youths for the gay pride events:

- The Darkest Press Release in San Diego History -
Here is a copy of San Diego Gay Pride's Youth Recruitment Announcement:

San Diego Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride has established a first-ever, paid internship position for a high school senior as part of its resolution to further involve LGBT youth into the long-term planning of Pride's annual celebrations. The position, which partly involves direct outreach into the youth community, sponsorship involvement and volunteer training, begins in January and runs until the end of August with the possibility of an extension.
Qualified candidates must be in their senior year in high school and able to work through the Pride office for up to 30 hours per week in late spring and early summer, and 5 to 10 hours per week in winter and fall.
Pride's board of directors recently passed a resolution that reaffirms its commitment to take on additional youth representation within the organization to increase wider youth involvement.
"The voice of teenage youth is an integral part of the everyday planning process for our annual events," said Ron deHarte, executive director of San Diego LGBT Pride. "The internship program is yet another growth step of the organization."
The selected candidate for 2007 will enjoy frontline exposure in the LGBT community and related events while gaining a professional understanding of the daily operations inside the Pride organization. Course credit for the internship will depend on the policies of the particular academic institution the student is attending. Applicants are required to complete a parental consent form and sign a confidentiality agreement.
Applications and a detailed outline about the position are available on the Pride web site at:

- A Rotten Tree Produces Rotten Fruit -
(To view the horrific photographs of inside programs at the Hillcrest Youth Center
where homosexuality, lesbianism and tranvestitism are being promoted to minors):

The Hillcrest Youth Center

The HYC is a drop-in center serving all of San Diego County for
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning "youth"
between the ages of 14 and 20.

On November 29, 2005, community activist James Hartline brought a large team of concerned citizens to the San Diego City Council where they provided documentation during a council hearing on the sexually dangerous activities occurring at the Hillcrest Youth Center. That presentation can be viewed by going to:

Click View Video on November 29, 2005
Click Non-Agenda Comment and slide time ruler to time of 1:08:35

During the presentation, photographs were provided by Hartline proving that sexually explicit magazines were being distributed at the Hillcrest Youth Center. This particular center is operated by the adult gay and lesbian center ( It should be noted that this taxpayer-funded youth center mixes children as young as 14 years of age with grown adults over 18 as one classified group that the adult gay and lesbian center classifies as "youth." According to the Hillcrest Youth Center's resource page, numerous groups are recommended to these young kids, but these groups are really nothing more then homosexual indoctrination organizations (

There is a disturbing trend among social service agencies operating inside of the Hillcrest area, where organizations specializing in working with minors, are mixing adults with young minors and then classifying the entire client group as "youth". For example, one of the group activities operating at the Hillcrest Youth Center is called "Multi-Cultural Awareness." The group profile reads like this on the youth center website:

"Presents a unique opportunity for youth to interact
with leaders from various community groups and to
learn about the rich diversity of experience that
makes our community."

In 2006, there was no better example of just how terrible conditions are in Hillcrest for minors who are being forced by liberal parents to participate in the gay community. During the 2006 Gay Pride Parade it was discovered by the James Hartline Report that an alternative charter school actually marched young children in the parade along with xxx gay porn companies, males strippers and gay marriage activists. That incident resulted in national condemnation of the school and its radicalized principal (

According to sources close to the school, the San Diego Cooperative Charter School fully intends to continue its involvement with the pornographic gay pride parade. This seems to be in line with an article in the school's newsletter from June of 2006 which reads:
"The Gay Pride Parade is July 29th at 11a.m. We are the only public school
that marches in this parade every year as part of our community outreach program and to demonstrate our support of diversity. The kids hand out pencils along the
route which read "SDCCS - A Diverse Public School" and includes our web address."

Community Leaders and Politicians Are AWOL
When It Comes To Protecting Kids in Hillcrest

While teachers, parents, churches and law enforcement agencies are attempting to stay one step ahead of pedophiles and pornographers, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to protect minors from their sex offender foes. The embracement of homosexuality by liberal elected officials and politicians is not making the task of protecting these kids any easier. San Diego may be the worse case scenario in this battle.

Republican millionaire Phil Thalheimer proudly supporting
San Diego Gay Pride with his campaign booth at the 2004
San Diego Gay Pride Festival. (Photo courtesy of Hillquest
Website; Thalheimer is embracing lesbian owner of Hillquest in photo)

Lesbian District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis Riding in
the San Diego Gay Pride Parade

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders just participated in his eighth San Diego Gay Pride parade last year ( Despite the fact that a multitude of xxx porn companies, male prostitutes and other sexually destructive acts are involved in the event, Sanders continues to proudly embrace the fact that kids are in the parade. In an interview with San Diego Magazine, Sanders actually bragged about being the grand marshall of the gay parade when he was with the United Way organization:

TBlair: The right wing of the party here attacked you for marching in the Gay Pride parade as police chief. And last month, right after your primary win, you marched again.

JerrySanders: Yes, I did. I was in the parade when I was chief of police, and I rode in it as grand marshal when I was at the United Way. I was in the Columbus Day Parade, the Martin Luther King Parade, the Cesar Chavez Parade, too. I think every community deserves that respect. As chief of police, I policed every community in San Diego, and they needed to see me, no matter what the community.

The Gay and Lesbian Times named Sanders and city police chief Wiliam Landsdowne as their "persons of the year" in 2006 ( Like Sanders, Police Chief Landsdowne fully participates in, and embraces the pornographic gay pride parade. This unholy lovefest between these two San Diego governmental leaders and the pornographic events of San Diego Gay Pride is a truly caustic and catastrophic reality for the vulnerable children of San Diego. Coupled with the fact, that lesbian District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis rides in the gay pride parade with her lesbian lover every year, there is virtually no hope that the current government of San Diego will be protecting the kids who are being lured into Hillcrest.

Cover from the Gay and Lesbian Times Newspaper (c) 2006
San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders and Police Chief William Landsdowne

According to recent statistics, there are approximately 1,700 churches in San Diego County, yet only two churches are operating reputable youth ministries in, or near, the Hillcrest area. Those two ministries are operated by Horizon Park Chapel ( and Calvary Temple Assembly of God ( With local governmental leaders in partnership with every destructive aspect of the gay pride organization, perhaps it is time that the 1,700 uninvolved churches of San Diego County step up, join forces and open up a real Hillcrest youth center that seeks to protect kids, rather than sexualizing them into obvlivion.

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