Saturday, November 25, 2006

JHR Action Alert: National Hockey League Endorses Gay Film Featuring 11-Year Old Male Drag Queen

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Action Alert!
November 25, 2006

National Hockey League Backs Gay Movie
Promoting Homosexualization of Small Children:
"Breakfast With Scot" Features 11 Year-Old Boy Performing
As A Drag Queen Under Guardianship of Homosexual Couple

(JHRActionCenter) If anyone has had any doubts as to how far the extremist elements of the radical homosexual movement are willing to go to destroy the traditional institution of family, than be prepared to be shocked at the degrading film production of "Breakfast With Scot." (

In one of the most obscene betrayals of children in motion picture history, Miracle Pictures Inc. is now filming the gay-themed tale of two male homosexual lovers who take custody of an eleven year-old boy. The young boy is portrayed as a "budding" drag queen. While Breakfast With Scot is seeking to pervert society's standardized views on family, the film does more to reveal how intent the radicalized homosexual movement is in creating an epidemic of gender confusion to justify the institutionalization of its beliefs on transsexualism and transvestitism. (, a leading homosexual news service, reports that producers of the movie describe their production as a "thoughtful comedy." Taken from a book bearing the same name, Kerry Fried of Publisher's Weekly describes the horrific and effeminate actions of the little eleven year-old boy in Breakfast With Scot this way:

"...prone to wearing pantyhose, nail polish, and various other affronts to things
masculine. He's also a catalyst for disaster, pointing up the shame and social
booby traps that (homosexual lovers) Sam and Ed have done their best to ignore."

As horrible and degrading for children and male role models as Breakfast With Scot is, there is an even darker aspect to this immoral escapade. The movie is also being sanctioned and approved of by the National Hockey League!

The National Hockey League & The Toronto Maple Leafs
Support Breakfast With Scot

In Breakfast With Scot, one of the male homosexual lovers who takes the eleven year-old boy into his home is described as an ex-hockey player with the Toronto Maple Leafs. What will now be one of the great degradations in modern professional sports, the National Hockey League and the Toronto Maple Leafs are reported by to be supporting the perversion of Breakfast With Scot by allowing the league and team logo to be used in the movie.

Instead of sticking to the sport of hockey and making billions of dollars for its teams and players, the National Hockey League has now decided to join forces with the radicalized homosexual movement in their declared war on traditional family values and children. By issuing a licence to the producers of Breakfast With Scot to use the league logo in the movie, the NHL has said that it wants family dollars without family values.

While gay activists throughout Canada continue their declared war on families by forcing their appalling promotion of gay marriage and transsexualism, the National Hockey League is trying to play all sides of the spectrum in Canada, as well as America. While marketing its sport to traditional families to garner financial wealth for its team owners and players, the league is now partnering with one of the most destructive and immoral portrayals of homosexual activism in motion picture history: two male lovers acting as guardians for an eleven year-old boy drag queen. The National Hockey League is now becoming a willing partner with the fringe elements of the radicalized homosexual agenda and their ultimate goal of worldwide sexual anarchy.

Take Action Against The National Hockey League

Contact The National Hockey League and tell them to protect children.
The league's degrading action of allowing their logo to be used in a movie
that promotes homosexuality and transvestitism among
pre-teens is truly despicable.

Tell the National Hockey League if they will not pull their support for
Breakfast With Scot, then you are placing their sport and products in
the penalty box via a boycott of all NHL merchandise and ticket purchases.


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telephone: (613) 224-7661

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Martin Wagner said...

James, you're a hoot!

Pitbullshark said...

Oh wow, I can't wait to go see this movie, now! And while I'm not ordinarily a hockey fan, I may change my mind and start buying season tickets. By the way, how would you feel about a national movement in the U.S. to remove the tax-free status from America's churches? In this "war" you are talking about, I think that ought to be the next salvo. You all are not religions, but political action committees with an anti-social agenda. (You call yourself "Christians", but what you really are is "anti-homosexualists".) While we are at it, I think donations to the churches need to be under the control of political campaign donation laws.

Anonymous said...

What a maroon, so scared of people who are different from him. It's quite pathetic, really.