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HYPOCRITES GONE WILD! Leading Sacramento Conservative Group Betrays Christian Voters On Gay Education Bill

A James Hartline Report Exclusive
August 19, 2006

Hypocrites Gone Wild!
Leading Sacramento Conservative Group
Betrays Christian Voters On Gay Education Bill

(JHR) The James Hartline Report has uncovered one of the biggest examples of hypocrisy in the history of California's Christian Conservative movement. It is by far one of the most insidious examples of a conservative values advocacy group using the homosexual agenda issue as a rallying point for the Republican Party during an election year. The revelation from this investigation will be painful and it will be hurtful for many in the Christian communities of California, but it is a necessary casualty of a culture war where Christian voters are nothing more than voting prey for many Republican leaders who have no intention of ever legislating the Christian values that they promise to these unsuspecting lambs on the campaign trail.

The Capitol Resource Insitute (CRI) states on its website that it has been "supporting and defending California families since 1987" ( Organizational Executive Director Karen England and the CRI have become a powerful force in articulating conservative issues in Sacramento and most families in California can be thankful for the hard work of the group. However, the James Hartline Report has discovered that CRI may be doing more damage to the cause of representing Christian values in the California state capitol than anyone could possibly have ever imagined. In fact, an upcoming event being coordinated this week by CRI has revealed evidence of flat out deception by England's group.

According to the Capitol Resource Institute's website, the group will be holding a major rally in Los Angeles on Saturday, August 19, 2006, to put pressure on Governor Schwarzenegger to veto three bills coming out of the California Legislature this year that would force homosexual indoctrination on all school children in state public schools ( One of the bills, SB1437, is the most insidious of the three. SB1437 forces all text books to be inclusive of gay, lesbian and transsexual role models, even in kindergarten classrooms. On the surface, it would seem to be a great thing that the Capitol Resource Institute is doing, having a rally against this bill. At the rally will be a number of powerful conservative groups like Concerned Women for America, the California Republican Assembly and Eagle Forum of California, all fine groups devoted to promoting family values.

Also tapped to speak at the rally against SB1437 are a number of candidates who are running for office. Speakers include Assemblywoman Sharon Runner, Tony Strickland and Assemblywoman Mimi Walters. However, this is where advocacy turns to scandal, and where faith turns to betrayal. On the CRI website advertisement for the event, it states:

"With the amendment of SB1437 recently, there is now even greater danger that Governor Schwarzenegger will sign this horrendous bill into law. Do not be fooled by this election year maneuvering! Even with the new amendments, SB1437 is an outright attack on freedom of opinion and family values that will make it impossible to even question homosexual indoctrination in public schools."

In one of the most callous displays of hypocrisy and hurtful manipulation of Christian voters that this publication has ever seen, Karen England's organization has actually invited to speak at the rally some of the very people that voted for the amendment that her advertisement clearly states as making the bill even more likely to be signed by the governor ( Both Republican Sharon Runner, who voted for the amendment, and State Controller Candidate Tony Strickland, whose wife Assemblywoman Audra Strickland voted for this horrible amendment, are scheduled to speak at the rally. The amendment's author, lesbian Sheila Kuehl, softened the language of SB1437, to ensure that the governor would sign the bill, thus all who voted for the amendment helped facilitate its passage and the governor's signature. Now, the Capitol Resource Insitute wants to have a big rally with the very people that helped pass the amendment that her organization says is very bad news for families.

The James Hartline Report spoke directly with Karen England, Director of Capitol Resource Institute. She did tell JHR that she was disappointed in the votes of those speaking at her rally, but would not be disinviting them over one vote, when they had done so many other good things. What England did not say at the time, proves to be an even darker aspect to this very sad story. These same speakers, who voted for amending SB1437, thus making the homosexual bill much easier for the Governor to sign, are also on the Board of Advisors of the Capitol Resource Institute. According to CRI's website (, State Assemblyman Mark Wyland, Assemblywoman Sharon Runner and Assemblywoman Audra Strickland are all on the group's Board of Advisors. All three also voted for the amendment to SB1437, which will make it easier for the homosexual education bill to be signed by Gov. Schwarzenegger. The idea that England's advertisment calls this amendment a dangerous help to the passage of "this horrendous bill," as she terms it, and then has the very speakers who voted for the amendment at her rally and on her board of advisors, truly sends hypocrisy into a new stratosphere in California's Christian Conservative movement.

Equally disturbing, is the fact that Assemblyman Mark Wyland is also on the CRI Board of Advisors. It was Wyland who was the primary political figure in the promotion of pro-homosexual Republican candidate Steve Francis for the mayor of San Diego in 2004 ( Francis and his wife have been aggressively involved in the promotion of the more radical aspects of the gay agenda, including Francis' wife being one of the original producers of the Laramie Project, a homosexual indoctrination play that is performed in public schools around America. Wyland and his office staffer at the time, Duane Dichiara, were extensively involved in the Francis campaign ( Both Wyland and Assemblyman Ray Haynes, who is also on the Capitol Resource Institute's Advisory Board, are on the Francis campaign flyer.

Why Karen England would have these types of advisors on the board of a Christian Conservative organization is baffling. Unless, of course, the real motive of the organization is, in fact, not promoting Christian values in the state capitol, but rather the political leaders of the Republican Party who need the support of Christian voters to get elected.

This entire SB1437 manipulation is eerily reminiscent of the scandal last year involving California State Senator Bill Morrow, another conservative Republican who had sold himself for years to local Christian voters as being a pro-life advocate. That is, until the James Hartline Report uncovered the fact that Morrow's wife is the Vice President and General Council for the biggest promoter of the pro-abortion, embryonic stem cell industry in California, the California Healthcare Institute (CHI) ( This revelation defeated Morrow in his bid for the 50th Congressional race and exposed a gaping naivity among pro-lifers with regards to the politicians they place confidence in. Mrs. Morrow continues to work for CHI as that group continues its insidious march for expanding the entire embryonic stem cell industry in California.

When James Hartline questioned England about the obvious hypocrisy that was manifesting itself in her organization that promotes itself as a Christian group, she retorted that the Capitol Resource Institute was not really a Christian organization. Hartline responded that there were numerous Biblical passages on her website. England replied that there might be a few, but that did not necessarily imply that they were a Christian group, although, England did state that she was a Christian. The CRI website actually has an entire section devoted to getting churches involved with their organization (, as well as an entire page devoted to Bible scriptures ( Somehow, the scriptural page didn't seem to address the utter hypocrisy of CRI's compromising boardmembers.

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