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Allegations Of Public Obscentiy Made Against San Diego Gay Pride Festival - Eyewitnesses & Photogtraphs Reveal Disturbing Public Adult Sexual Activity

A James Hartline Report Exclusive
August 5, 2006

Allegations Of Public Obscenity Made
Against San Diego Gay Pride Festival:
Eyewitnesses & Photographs Reveal
Disturbing Public Adult Sexual Activity
Around Potential Teen Onlookers

(JHR) Two women who attended last week's San Diego Gay Pride Festival are now alledging that young minors were possibly exposed to obscene sexual demonstrations during the event. The disturbing allegations have led the James Hartline Report to conduct an investigation to verify the veracity of the accusations. Preliminary findings of the investigation have, in fact, uncovered some horrific photographs and other verified evidence that is shocking even to the most hardened of sexually liberal minds. The ensuing scandal could surpass the severity of last year's pedophile scandal that rocked the local San Diego gay organization.

One of the women, Allyson Smith, a nationally recognized conservative Catholic newsreporter who has gone undercover numerous times to report on sexual misconduct at many gay and straight events that have featured advocates of NAMBLA, sadomasochistic abuse of children and adults, as well as investigations of corruption inside of her own religious denomination, spoke with the James Hartline Report after she went undercover inside of the 2006 San Diego Gay Pride Parade and Festival. Smith attended the parade and festival and was seeking to determine if the San Diego LGBT Pride organization was still allowing the same amount of sexually explicit materials and events as the group had allowed in year's past. For a veteran of many of these type of events, even Smith said she was absolutely repulsed at what she observed and photographed during this year's annual gay and lesbian festival.

In an August 3, 2006 interview with the reporter, Smith told the James Hartline Report, that she entered a sadomasochistic tent at the Gay Pride Festival called the Leather Realm. Smith said that what she saw, both shocked and repulsed her. "A women was strapped to an object that looked like a giant spider web with 'spider-like' figures attached to the web," said a grieved Smith. "Her pants were pulled down, exposing her underwear. Women were then taking turns with a wooden paddle and beating the victim on her buttocks and surrounding area."

Smith said she became so repulsed that she had to leave that part of the Leather Realm demonstration area, but returned ten minutes later, only to find the same woman still tied up, and was further being beaten with the paddle. Smith stated, "After ten minutes, the girl was still being hit with the paddle, only this time there were large red welts swelling up on her skin from being hit so many times." Smith also stated that one women in the tent had her breasts completely exposed with no clothing covering them. Shockingly, while Smith states that a sign was posted at the entrance to the Leather Realm alledgedly forbidding those under eighteen from entering the venue, she said that she never saw anyone checking for identification to verify whether minors were coming and going inside.

Taking photographs inside of the Leather Realm were banned by the coordinators of the sexually degrading venue. That did not stop the James Hartline Report from obtaining pictures posted on the internet of those who did take photos at the Leather Realm. A warning: pictures contained in this article are very disturbing, but necessary for documentation purposes.

The following photographs were obtained from an online photo album taken at the 2006 San Diego Gay Pride Festival in Balboa Park ( Clearly, several photographs posted on this website feature young people appearing to be under eighteen years of age staring in shock at a man who had his buttocks completely exposed. Calling the pictoral collection "Staples at San Diego Pride '06", the website describes how a woman named "Daddy Karen" shot staples from a staple gun into this man's torso inside of the Leather Realm. Chains were then hung from the stapled wounds inflicted upon the willing victim. It is worth noting that in this first photo, the Viejas Indian Casino booth with purple roof can clearly be seen near the exposed male. This pornographic picture demonstrates that there was no barracade erected inside of the San Diego Gay Pride area to segregate attending and unescorted youth from seeing the sexually degrading performers.

The Following Disturbing Photographs Are What The City Of San Diego
Approved To Occur In Balboa Park. This Is What The San Diego City Council,
And Mayor Jerry Sanders Endorsed For The Families Of San Diego.

What appears to be young teenagers looking at this exposed
man who had been shot full of staples from a staple gun
inside of the Leather Realm at the 2006 San Diego
Gay Pride Festival. There is no barrior to prevent any child
from walking by and seeing this degrading behavior.

This is what the San Diego City Council
voted to have the City of San Diego
celebrate during San Diego Gay Pride Week.
Note the public is freely walking by,
including minors to see this nearly naked man.

All of the man's ropes and chains have been attached to
punctured holes in his skin where a staple gun shot staples
into his body during an "educational" class inside of the
Leather Realm during San Diego's 2006 Gay Pride Festival
endorsed by Republican Councilman Brian Maienschein,
Republican Councilman Kevin Faulconer, Republican
Councilman Jim Madaffer and Democratic Councilman
Tony Young, all four who claim to be Christians.

Tony Lindsey (aka: Papa Tony):
Leading The Degradation At San Diego Gay Pride

Lindsey who calls himself "Papa Tony" is
one of the ascribed leaders of the
San Diego League of Gentlemen, a very
disturbing gay S & M leather sex group
that helped coordinate the Leather Realm.

The San Diego S & M leather sex leaders were out in full force mixing with minors and other vulnerable citizens who went into the 2006 San Diego Gay Pride Parade and Festival. Tony Lindsey is one of those leaders and his hostility to Christianity and Catholics is so pronounced that he allowed a group of men who mock the Catholic Church called the "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence" to conduct a pagan ritual on their Gay Pride float prior to the parade. Lindsey posted the photographs of his sadistic parade ritual on his website Papy Tony Web (

The attacks on the Catholic Church by the degrading images presented during the transvesite nun's ritual is especially distressing for Allyson Smith, a long time Catholic Churchmember. Smith cries, "I don't know how they can claim to be discriminated against all of the time (referring to gays and lesbians) while they attack my faith and my church with the approval of the city of San Diego endorsing it. It is absolute hypocrisy on the city council's part and a violation of their own laws." Smith, who recently lost a beloved sister, had honored her at an East County Catholic Parish memorial. "It is just very, very painful to see these sadistic men dress up as sisters of my faith and mock and spit on them, much less do it with the approval of the city of San Diego."

Men of the "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence" mocking the Catholic Church by
dressing up as Catholic Nuns as they stand in front of their 2006 San Diego
Gay Pride Float entry. Note the sign attached to the float reads RHSD, the signage
for Red Hankies of San Diego, a a group of men who engage in fisting (the inserting
of a fist into the rectum of another human being).

Mocking the Catholic Church by these drag queen nuns who perform a ritualistic "blessing" over this group's sadistic 2006 San Diego Gay Pride float on the streets of
North Park prior to the pornographic event that was endorsed by the San Diego
City Council.

The other woman who attended the Gay Pride Festival agreed to speak with the James Hartline Report on a condition of anonymity. This witness spoke with JHReport publisher James Hartline because of the traumatic activities that she encountered at the Gay Pride events, including seeing very young children in the parade, watching the parade and inside the main festival venue, seeing young people at both events, some of whom could have been minors.
What made this quite traumatic for this witness is that she noted at least 8-10 sexually explicit vendors set up throughout the Gay Pride grounds where anyone, potentially including minors, could take their free products and literature. Allyson Smith photographed items at a vendor called The Lubery where she obtained free samples of condoms and sexual lubricants. Smith also photographed literature being given out form a gay porn company called, where a photo of a young looking male was apparently created to give the apprearance of being a minor.

Like Allyson Smith, this other witness verified nearly verbatim what Smith had seen inside of the Leather Realm. She stated she had never seen a woman completely barebreasted in public and was just shocked that women would act like that around other women in a municipal city park. She went on to say, "I was just horrified to see a woman being beaten until red marks were left on her body by other women inside of that tent (Leather Realm). It was very scary to see that kind of abuse."

This information has been provided by The James Hartline Report.
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James Hartline, Publisher
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churchNstate said...

How is it the 2006 San Diego Gay Pride parade can have police vehicles along side a vehicle encouraging the use of crystal meth in the same parade?

So now we have San Diego police and officials endorsing the use of illegal substances?

James Hartline said...

That is the big question. Why are the police involved at all in marching in a parade that involves sexual degradation, pornography, pedeophiles and other corruptive manifestations. It is sexual anarchy even into the places of judicial and legal enforcement. The real question, then becomes what do we do about it? Firstly, as I attempt to do, is shed light on the darkness by education and information so that people are awakened to the severity of the situation and then vote out those politicians that have allowed the fostering of such destruction. The Founding Fathers and Mothers of this nation, who shed their blood for our independence had never imagined in their great sacrifices that such filth would run amock in the streets of America. It is time for the new great awakening and political and moral revival. Let it begin with me!

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank you for your efforts.

Thanks, at least in part to the publicity you provided, this year's Leather Realm at San Diego LGBT Pride festival experienced an increase in attendance of over 27%. WOW!! The mass entertainment industry learned long ago that no publicity is bad publicity and this just proves it once again.

Thanks for helping Leather Realm 2006 reach and educate over 8,400 people this year.

Harold Slatore
Leather Realm Site Co-Ordinator for 2006

James Hartline said...

The Bible says that Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. Do not think because you can be arrogant in your sin now, that God will not bring the consequences of that sin upon yourself very, very soon.
You have the option of repenting, because you have been warned, or you can keep going on that path of destruction to your own demise.
Read Proverbs 16:8

KC said...

Disgusting! These people arent about equality they are about shock, perversion and disgust....
And to those who would pervert the minds of children? There is a special place in hell just for them!