Thursday, August 23, 2007

DISTURBING! In Answer To Your Many Requests! Current Photos From Gay Community Children's Easter Egg Hunt Event.

The James Hartline Report has been receiving many requests for photographs from the San Diego Gay Community Children's Easter Egg Hunt. We have now prepared a photo album containing some of the photographs taken at the event. In some of the photos is a man wearing a woman's wig who our reporter identified as one of the individuals who was seen going into the portable bathroom. He left the bathroom door open while he pulled out a 'Pink Envelope' and used the contents. Shortly after that, our reporter states that he began to stumble around the park, going into trash cans, and hanging out with the children at the event. Did the gay bars and the transvestite organizations review the records of all of these people to determine if they had sex offender records? Did they review these individuals to see if they were having drug problems?

We will not rest until every child in San Diego is protected from predators who see children as nothing more than trophies and commodoties for their dark agendas!

Welcome to the dark world of homosexual family values!
Here is the current photo album:

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