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San Diego Mayor Endangers City's Children By Honoring Organization Plagued With Missing Children Cases

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August 27, 2007

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San Diego Mayor Endangering City's Children By Honoring
Organization That Has Been Plagued By Missing Children's Cases
And Years Of Bureaucratic Mismanagement

San Diego's Neighborhood House Suffers Ninth Missing Child:
As Mayor Sanders Honors Organization With Citywide Proclamation
Declaring July 10, 2007 Neighborhood House Association Day

"I'm really proud of what you do!"
Mayor Jerry Sanders tells Neighborhood House of San Diego
during July 10, 2007 San Diego City Council Proclamation Hearing
when the mayor honored the troubled organization.

"Another child toddler wandered away from a Head Start preschool operated by
Neighborhood House of San Diego, the ninth time in three years a child has
disappeared from a center run by the giant nonprofit."
August 25, 2007 Union Tribune article by Jeff McDonald.

(JHReport) From routinely marching in an annual gay sex parade where school children are exposed to xxx pornographers to forcing San Diegans to celebrate an entire gay pride month in his city, there aren't too many controversial areas that San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders hasn't explored. However, a new proclamation put forth by the scandal-plagued San Diego mayor where he honored an extremely troubled non-profit charity, is bringing further scrutiny on the moral bearings of Jerry Sanders.

The new proclamation in question was submitted to the city council by Mayor Jerry Sanders on July 10, 2007. It declared July 10, 2007 as Neighborhood House Association Day in the City of San Diego. Most citywide proclamations are, for the most part, non-controversial. However, many recent ones submitted by the mayor have become marked with bitter dissension by many San Diego Conservative Christians due to the sexualized nature of the groups being honored by Sanders. The Sanders-proposed Neighborhood House proclamation that was unanimously approved by the city council on July 10th is running into tremendous criticism in light of the fact that Neighborhood House just suffered its ninth reported missing child from one of its Head Start program properties.

Many conservative family leaders in San Diego are becoming so concerned about the disconnect between Mayor Jerry Sanders and the welfare of their city's children that one confidential source has told the James Hartline Report that panic is beginning to settle in within certain GOP circles.

Mayor Sanders outraged many church leaders when he once again pushed for a dangerous proclamation to honor the annual San Diego Gay Pride organization despite overwhelming evidence that children were again being exposed to xxx gay pornography, nearly-nude male strippers and other degrading anti-child imagery. The 2007 Sanders-proposed gay pride proclamation came with the knowledge that the San Diego Gay Pride organization had previously hired dangerous pedophiles to work for the group. One of those pedophiles, Martin Ramirez, was hired to entertain children in the 2005 San Diego Gay Pride Festival Children's Garden. Sanders not only embraced that year's festival, but rode in the 2005 San Diego Gay Pride Parade.

Why Jerry Sanders seems to be so bent on putting the political interests of certain groups over the safety of vulnerable children has not been fully ascertained. What is clear, however, is that this latest controversy over Sanders issuing a proclamation to grant Neighborhood House Association a citywide day of honor will further paint the mayor as a man with a truly broken moral compass.

According to a disturbing new report in the San Diego Union Tribune by staff writer Jeff McDonald, nine children under the care of the Neighborhood House Association of San Diego, have disappeared while under the direct supervision of the organization. What makes the report of these missing children all the more traumatic and despicable are the new revelations being provided by the James Hartline Report which show that during the San Diego City Council meeting on July 10, 2007 Mayor Jerry Sanders issued a proclamation to honor Neighborhood House despite the plague of missing children under the organization's care.

The docketed item put forth by Mayor Sanders to honor Neighborhood House on July 10, 2007 reads:

Adopt the following resolution:
(R-2007-1286 Cor. Copy)
Commending Neighborhood House Association for the exemplary work they do each and everyday;
Proclaiming July 10, 2007, to be "Neighborhood House Association Day" in the City of San Diego.

In an incredible display of naitivity and political ignorance, on July 10, 2007, Mayor Jerry Sanders honored Neighborhood House Association at the same time that the group continued to have problems with children missing from its programs. Whether or not the mayor and the councilmembers who supported the proclamation were seeking to score political points with an influential voting constituency will be worked out in the hearts and minds of the parents who feel threatened by the irresponsibility of the mayor's constant gravy train of disturbing anti-child proclamations. What is now known among San Diego voters is that the many missing children from Neighborhood House were overlooked while the mayor was scoring a photo-op during the council meeting in which his proclamation was issued.

You can watch the video where Mayor Jerry Sanders issues the proclamation to honor Neighborhood House Association by going to the following:

San Diego City Council Meeting Archives
Go to View Video: Tuesday - July 10, 2007
Click On Item 31, Neighborhood House Association Day

The July 10th proclamation by Mayor Sanders and the San Diego City Council reveals a deepening chasm between families and the politically motivated actions of a governmental body that has demonstrated an unwillingness to clean up the moral destruction that they have created on their watch.

San Diego City Council candidate and community activist James Hartline happened to be at the city council hearing on July 10th where he saw, firsthand, the Sanders anti-child political machinations in action. Hartline and his organization, the "Not On My Watch" Team, were at the city council on July 10th to confront the political and sexual corruption of the San Diego Gay Pride organization. For five years, Hartline has been fighting the city council's support for events that he deems harmful to children. An August 25, 2007 report in the San Diego Union Tribune by Jeff McDonald provides some important support for Hartline's faithful war to protect the children of his city.

The August 25th Union Tribune report paints a far different picture than the one that Mayor Sanders, Councilwoman Toni Atkins, Councilman Ben Hueso and Councilman Anthony Young painted of Neighborhood House during the July 10th city council meeting when they showered the organization with platitudes.

After dripping words of honey upon the many faceted programs of Neighborhood House, Mayor Sanders concluded his comments by saying to Neighborhood House representatives, "I am really proud of what you do!"

Demonstrating just how disconnected Mayor Sanders is from the real problems facing families and their suffering children in San Diego, this is how the August 25th Union Tribune article by Jeff McDonald described the same Neighborhood House that the mayor had honored just one month earlier:

"The non-profit has had trouble keeping track of children in recent years."

Mayor Sanders said this about the same organization during his July 10th speech to honor Neighborhood House:

"I'm really proud of what you do!"

According to the Union Tribune, from June 2004 to July 2006, eight children wandered off from Neighborhood House Head Start centers. State officials were so concerned that they placed the agency on special status and ordered extra security measures and staff training.

A July 2006 incident was especially troubling for regulators. In that case, an 18-month-old and a 19-month-old roamed away from the Pacific Beach center, which is on a busy street lined with apartments. That case was the latest in a series of violations there, prompting the state licensing office to begin revocation proceedings against the facility.

In addition to the nine missing toddlers, the program has been plagued with chronic under-enrollment and inaccurate record-keeping. Recent audits have cited Neighborhood House for enrolling too few children, for signing up families that do not meet income guidelines, and for doctoring sign-in sheets to make attendance appear higher.

McDonald wrote in the Union Tribune that officials already working to revoke the license of a Neighborhood House center in Pacific Beach called the latest episode “a very serious incident.” They have opened a new investigation. According to the California Department of Social Services, a 3-year-old boy was riding his bicycle on the playground at Rolling Hills Head Start in Rancho Peñasquitos the morning of July 30. The boy rode off and was found three-quarters of a mile away by a passerby, officials said.

Mayor Sanders was the not the only city official who was demonstrating a tremendous lapse of judgment on July 10, 2007 when they overlooked the ongoing failures at Neighborhood House Association to honor the organization with a citywide proclamation. It is this same city council which continues year after year to honor the sexually-destructive San Diego Gay Pride organization.

"They simply don't get it," says community activist James Hartline. "And until they get their own morals straightened out they probably never will stop issuing these deplorable citywide proclamations to honor gay sex groups and troubled, anti-child organizations," Hartline added.

. According to a scathing June 24, 2006 report in the Union Tribune by Jeff McDonald, government regulators ordered Neighborhood House to clean up its records within six months, but that might be difficult. Similar audits going back to 1997 found the same kinds of deficiencies.

Full enrollment in Head Start has been elusive, despite a waiting list of 3,000 names. The government requires full enrollment, in part because it pays Neighborhood House $8,000 a year per child for the approximately 10,100 children who participate. But attendance sheets had been forged or photocopied to make it appear that the organization was complying with federal enrollment rules, according to internal documents obtained by The San Diego Union-Tribune. Confidential records also showed that 30 percent or more of the children in Head Start may not actually qualify for the federal program, which is designed to aid the poorest families.

San Diego Councilwoman Toni Atkins, a liberal lesbian who managed a number of abortion clinics prior to her election to the city council, stated this about Neighborhood House during the hearing by Mayor Sanders to honor Neighborhood House:

"I just want to say how much the citizens of San Diego should be really pleased
with the services you provide."

Councilman Tony Young was just as jubilant about the troubled organization:

"I just can't tell you how proud I am of you."

One week after Mayor Sanders and the city council issued the proclamation to honor Neighborhood House, they issued a proclamation to declare gay pride month in the city of San Diego. As a result of the gay pride proclamation, a disturbing San Diego elementary charter school was emboldened to once again march numerous children in the parade surrounded by xxx gay pornographers, male strippers and other harmful adult entertainment businesses. One month after that parade, the ninth child was declared missing from the Neighborhood House Association. Once again, the battle against children by Mayor Jerry Sanders and his liberal partners on the San Diego City Council was in full war mode.

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