Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Francine Busby Trainwreck Continues To Crash and Burn: Police Report Disputes Claims By Democratic Fundraiser For Francine Busby

The Francine Busby Trainwreck Continues To Crash and Burn:

"A Loud Democratic Rally with Loud Speakers"
A political blog has obtained the text of a preliminary police report that provides more details about what happened at the June 26 fundraiser for Democrat Francine Busby that was broken up by sheriff's deputies responding to a noise complaint.
The fundraiser was at a home on Rubenstein Avenue in Encinitas. The police report states that a resident of Summit Avenue just west of the home made the complaint of "a Loud Democratic Rally with Loud Speakers."
Former La Mesa City Councilman Barry Jantz, a blogger with FlashReport.org, posted the report shortly after the incident and said it was from sources. Jan Caldwell, a spokeswoman for the San Diego County Sheriff's Department, authenticated the report today. She said it is a sergeant's summary of the incident, and not the final police report. "It's generally an internal document," Caldwell said. "I don't know how it got released but there it is."
In the report, Sgt. Jack Reynolds states that the sheriff's deputy and another sheriff's official who entered the house walked down the driveway and found an open front door. "They noticed that some type of rally or party was taking place," it states. The deputy asked someone outside where the homeowner could be found, so he and the other official walked into the house, it says.
The report gives Deputy Marshall Abbott's side of his confrontation with a party host, Shari Barman, who was later arrested for battery on a police officer and obstructing a police officer. It states that Abbott sustained "several scratches and minor swelling on both of his arms."
The Sheriff's Department has refused to release the officer's report or the 911 transcripts or tapes from the incident.


Anonymous said...

>>>Abbott sustained "several scratches and minor swelling on both of his arms."

Heavens! Is he allergic to pepper-spray?

James, shame on you. Have you no concern for the non-emergency use of 911 nor for the purloined police report falling into Councilman Barry Jantz's hands?

Anonymous said...

I just heard Busby wants the Sheriff's dept to call her first if there is a future noise complaint and she'll let them know it's just her having another in-home fundraiser..... geez, she's got some nerve!