Wednesday, July 01, 2009

LGBT Cover Up Underway in The Francine Busby Campaign Fundraiser-Turned-Riot

It seems that the corruptive nature of San Diego's homosexual community knows NO boundaries. It now appears that the lesbian fiasco fundraiser for liberal-gone-wrong Democratic candidate Francine Busby is leading to even more allegations of wrongdoing by the gay political machine tied to the event.

There is clearly a cover up now underway by one of the players in the Busby riot: the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center.

The James Hartline Report has copies from last week's San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center website which clearly shows that the 501(c)3 charity was illegally posting the Busby fundraiser on its website. As a 501(c)3 charity, the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center is forbidden by federal and state law from promoting, financing or helping a candidate for public office. Yet, last week on the organization's website calendar, the Francine Busby fundraiser was advertised and promoted as a San Diego LGBT Center-sponsored event on the organization's website.

The San Diego LGBT Center's website has now removed the Busby campaign fundraising event from the calendar date of Friday, June 26, 2009 while keeping the rest of the calendar in tact.

Can anyone say, "IRS Investigation?"

And, many people tied to this particular Gay and Lesbian Center were some of the loudest voices for attacking the Mormon Church for its role in last year's Prop. 8 battle. Claiming the Mormon Church illegally used its church resources to pass Prop. 8, the rainbow wolves who support San Diego's LGBT Center have forgotten that their tax-deductible rainbow dollars and resources cannot be used to help promote a violent lesbian fundraiser for a leftist Democrat candidate for Congress.


David said...

James, after an event has taken place, it is removed from the calendar. Only the ongoing weekly events remain. There is no cover up here, just normal procedures that have been in place for years.

You need to take a break and work on your July 14th speech to the City Council. Try to get some fresh material this year. Marty the Clown is history and most people are not concerned about him.
Also, remember that "satire" is not the same as "hate". Keep this in mind when you tell about the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

James Hartline said...

I am on a break. Wait until you see me when I get started.

As to your erroneous information, the Gay and Lesbian Center has their archived calendar from last week online now and it shows an altered calendar. Never to fear though, we have copies of everything. The LGBT Center broke the law. Period.

Anonymous said...

That doesn't sound like a cover-up. It sounds like somebody posted something on an online community bulletin board. And then the message went away after the event.

In any case, I don't know that having controversial political views means they should be attacked by the police (or the IRS).

Anonymous said...

>>>the rainbow wolves

Rainbow lions, since we're up against counterfeit Christians, is a more apt metaphor.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone go backward on your calendar and delete those events that are over? What a waste of time! If there weren't a copy of the old calendar presented here, we'll be hearing another different excuse.

James Hartline said...

Yes, as "David the Disrespectful" so unethically ranted: "James, after an event has taken place, it is removed from the calendar."
Then why are all of the old June events still sitting so repugnantly on the June calendar? That is except for the illegal campaign fundraiser for Busby. I guess the June 23rd city council meeting to legalize homosexuality in the military just needed to be kept on the June calendar in July for posterity's sake.