Tuesday, July 28, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: San Diego City Council President REFUSES to allow Christian speakers to read from the Bible during non-agenda public comment.

This will become a major national news story. During today's San Diego City Council meeting, several Christian speakers were denied the right to give their various speeches during non-agenda public comment because their different speeches on family planning, public safety & city history all referenced Bible verses that Council President Ben Hueso deemed were repetitive in nature.

During non-agenda public comment, any citizen can address the council on any topic related to the city of San Diego as long as each speech focuses on a different topic. Members of the San Diego Justice House of Prayer ministries attempted to speak on several different topics during non-agenda public comment. During the meeting, Council President Ben Hueso repeatedly attacked, harassed and censored the different speakers from Justice House of Prayer. Hueso even began an inquistion as to each speaker's affiliation with the same organization, critiqued their speeches before they even began to speak and prevented several from speaking, all in violation of state and federal laws. Hueso's gestapo and unconstitutional tactics were on full display during the entire meeting when the Christians attempted to speak. The replay of the entire meeting should be available for review online after 5pm. It will also be replayed on Cox Cable Channel 24 in San Diego at 7pm.



Anonymous said...

Its no wonder the council president did not want to listen to the bible verses over and over again. They have important issues to deal with unlike the losers in the Youtube video that talk to their imaginary friend in the sky, and force their opinion on abortion to any poor passerby that they can sink their claws into.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to call Brian Williams to report the story on the NBC nightly news James? Isn't that what you do? Draw attention to yourself by being a media whore.

Anonymous said...

Blessed are they who were ridiculed for the Lord's sake. Forgive them who spoke evil of you for they don't know what they are doing. I recently realized that God makes Himself known to us through two ways: His words told by His prophets, or tribulations that brought us low to the earth. The wise won't reject His words so they don't have to go through much tribulations.

To the anti-Christ:
If you reject God in this life, you still have to face His existence after you leave earth. It's unwise to be stubborn, and refuse to believe that the spirit can be separated from the flesh and continues to exist after the flesh dies. Be wise and ask yourself, "Can I get away with committing sins without worrying about being punished after I die?" Think about Hitler. Can he really get away with all he did in this life? Of course not. His spirit is being tormented in the spirit prison after he died. And for what he did, I don't think there will be any mercy on him. Don't you agree? If you agree with me, then there must be life after death, and there must be punishment for that type of sin that's unforgivable. It's so obvious. I'd think that anyone will believe this. If you still don't believe, Satan has really got a firm grip on your heart. You can laugh, but I'll really feel sorry for you.