Friday, July 31, 2009

The Lord said to me in a dream, "Remember Dred Scott."

The Lord said to me in a dream, "Remember Dred Scott." I then awoke.

Dred Scott was a United States slave who sued for his freedom in 1846. Eleven years later his case reached the Supreme Court, where it was decided on March 6, 1857. Chief Justice Roger Taney read the majority opinion declaring that Dred Scott was not a person but a piece of property. This was deemed the infamous Dred Scott case. The U. S. Supreme Court ruled 7-2 against Scott, finding that no person of African ancestry could claim citizenship in the United States.

Despite the ridicule, the mockery, and the public shame, Dred Scott refused to give up. Despite the continued nationwide legalization of slavery, Scott was formally freed as an individual man and citizen by Taylor Blow, a member of the family that had owned Dred Scott, on May 26, 1857. Dred Scott worked as a hotel porter in St. Louis for less than nine months before he died from tuberculosis in September 1858.

Dred Scott died without seeing his nation freed of slavery. Yet, it was the Dred Scott case which ignited the Civil War. Seven years after his death the Civil War had ended and America changed forever. His life of tireless faith had been a seed for overturning the evil of slavery.

Today, as I have experienced my own personal liberty from the sin of homosexuality, our nation is pursuing a course of legalizing slavery once more, the slavery of sexual immorality. The Lord said to me in a dream, "Remember Dred Scott." I may not see the liberation of my nation from sexual immorality in my life time. Yet, may my life dedicated to God be buried in the ground as a seed for the liberation of my nation long after I am gone. Indeed, Remember Dred Scott.

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Anonymous said...

You are the pioneer, James. I've been using a few links to your journal articles and report for online debate. They are quite useful. I'm sure the Lord is pleased with you.