Saturday, July 18, 2009

Liar! Liar! Dress On Fire! Gavin Newsom Shows Feigned Concern For Military Veterans During Stinking Campaign Stop in San Diego

Liar! Liar! Dress on Fire!
San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is down here in San Diego campaigning for governor with the rudderless Congressman Bob Filner. If San Diego wasn't already in constant danger due to its open border sanctuary city policy, the Newsom-Filner political freak show would only be half nightmarish. However, when one wades into the unsettling spectacle of today's Newsom-Filner political stinkfest one gets the idea that the piranhas swimming around in California's Democratic Party are ready to consume any remaining sanity left in the Golden State.

"Earlier Saturday morning, Newsom met with Congressman Bob Filner to announce a partnership to help homeless veterans." KFMB news 8

No, this was not followed by the pronouncement, "Live from New York! It's Saturday Night!"

Gavin Newsom caring about veterans? Bob Filner connecting to anything related to the military? These two Rainbow drenched clowns from the Gay Pride circus "partnering" up on anything other than gay marriage? Please, stop the circus train and come back to pick these two clowns up!

This is the same Gavin Newsom who had a sexual affair with a married San Francisco city staffer in 2007. This is the same Gavin Newsom who refused to enforce U. S. immigration laws in the City of San Francisco. Newsom's irresponsible and egregious policies resulted in the heinous murders of a San Francisco father and his two sons in 2008. Edwin Ramos, 21, the Salvadoran national charged with the murders, had committed previous felonies in the City of San Francisco, including a 2008 gun charge. It was Mayor Gavin Newsom and his leftist liberal bureaucrats who had continued to run San Francisco as a "Sanctuary City" where arrested illegal immigrants were not reported to the Federal authorities. Ramos was free to kill at will: thanks to his good buddy Gavin.

If Gavin Newsom's Sanctuary City policies don't boil the political blood of most San Diegans, then his liberalized approach to illegal drugs surely will.

Michelle Malkin writes this 2008 expose on Newsom's drug kingdom by the bay:
"Over the weekend, the SFChronicle reported that open-borders radicals in the city’s juvenile probation department are shielding Honduran illegal alien drug dealers from prosecution and deportation by providing them a taxpayer-subsidized escort and plane ride back to their home country–where they can promptly turn around and re-enter the U.S. with impunity. It’s the San Fran illegal alien drug kingpin shuttle service. All in the name of “family reunification” and protecting the “youths,” of course! The feds and the city are pointing fingers. Nobody will admit how many illegal alien drug dealers have received the free ride home and then returned."

Then of course, there is the 2004 idiotic cartoon episode of Mayor Newsom thumbing his rainbow dripping nose at the California Constitution as he blatantly (and quite effeminately I might add) violated state laws banning same-sex marriages. In issuing hundreds of illegal gay marriage licenses, Newsom maintained that he had the legal authority to direct the county clerk to allow same-sex couples to apply for marriage licenses. The know it all Nuisance, I mean Newsom, decided that the California Constitution gave him the right to break any law on marriage he wanted, because the constitution banned discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Was legalizing pedophilia and bigamy far behind in Newsom's twisted little world of perversion?

Of course the California Supreme Court disagreed with the mayor's pile of rubbage gay marriage licenses as they nullified Newsom's politically-motivated disregard for state law. California taxpayers were simply taken for another big liberal spending spree to cover Newsom's love affair with the homosexual political limelight.


Then there is the court jester moment of Congressman "I hate the military" Bob Filner dancing around San Diego today with Gavin Newsom under the pretext of feigned concern for military veterans. Under Newsom's watch, San Francisco has banned JROTC programs from city schools and led an effort to ban military Fleetweek and the Blue Angels from the city by the bay. In June 2008, Filner voted against funding the military troops in Afghanistan and Iraq when the vote came before the House of Representatives. In 2007, Filner voted against the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008. And on 06/27/2002, just nine months after the 9/11 terrorists attacks, the House of Representatives voted to authorize the Military Construction Appropriations Act, Fiscal Year 2003. The vote was 426-1. Bob "there are no terrorists" Filner was the one congressman voting no for that military appropriations bill.

The only thing that stunk up San Diego more today than the sight of seeing the corroded Rainbow duo of Newsom and Filner showing feigned concerned for our military veterans was the despicable sight of seeing the San Diego Gay Pride organization giving Gavin Newsom a place of recognition in their annual porn parade.


Anonymous said...

James, please notice how far back from the street the police forced the Christians this year. They were so far back that their message could not be heard. Discrimination?

James Hartline said...

These guys that show up every year to protest are some of the most hateful people I have ever met. They definitely don't represent anything that I do as a Christian. These are the same people who showed up at our event at Petco Park in 2007 and started using foul language and yelling "sodomites go to hell!" They were basically trying to pick a fight with people. When I confronted them, they started yelling and cursing at me too. I have no respect at all for these protesters. They are used by the media to make all Christians to like we are all hateful bigots.
if they are so concerned with the lost souls of San Diego's homosexual community how come they are only here once a year and then they head back to their safely confined little towns elsewhere. They only come when there is Gay Pride because there is an easy opportunity, a camera, an audience. Jesus said to follow Him every day into the harvest, not just once a year to scream "sodomy is an abomination!"

Anonymous said...

You're right about these guys, James. The behavior of Ruben Israel is as bad as Fred Phelps', and you're right to say they don't represent you.

BUT in your post called "This is what YOUR government calls "child friendly" as they endorse Gay Pride in YOUR name!" you've done exactly the same thing you accuse the media of doing.

You've selected four drunken idiots out of 175000 parade watchers and tried to portray their behavior as typical of parade attendees. That's unfair.

James Hartline said...

Hello: Earth to "only four drunken idiots" --

Try reading the transcripts from the jury trial regarding the four firefighters lawsuit and listen to what the trial judge said about the San Diego gay parade. You can listen to my quotes from the judge's findings during my most recent presentation at the San Diego City Council on July 14, 2009. Tis' more than the four drinking fools that tis' the reason for the immoral reputation of this very ungay prideless parade.
My Speech: Go to video and slide timer ruler to 25:00 (under item #30)

Anonymous said...

That was 2007, James. This is now.