A City in Chaos - A Society Destroyed: Scenes From The 2009 San Diego Gay Pride Events

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A City in Chaos - A Society Destroyed

Scenes from the 2009

San Diego Gay Pride Events

The video above shows the 2009 San Diego Gay Pride float belonging to McDaniel Tax & Administrative Services.
Through a loan from ACCION San Diego in the summer of 2008, Charles "Toby" McDaniel was able to open and beautifully furnish his own location in Normal Heights. This new location has become a “home away from home”. Since getting his loan from the taxpayer-subsidized ACCION San Diego, "Toby" decided to get his business groove on by presenting this pornographic display in the 2009 San Diego Gay Pride Parade. In front of children and those ever-vigilant San Diego Police Officers note how the woman on the float on the far right is exposing her buttocks as she bumps and grinds for the kiddies, cops and city officials to admire.

Notice in the above two photos how the adults affiliated with the San Diego Cooperative Charter School love to march small children in this digusting porn parade. Also note in the 2nd photo how they use a little child to hand out pencils with the school's name on them to the adults watching the porn parade. Your tax dollars pay for this charter school. And your San Diego Mayor and city council approve of this grave and immoral injustice of exposing small kids to this filth. This is as bad as it gets! And you can see more photos of these children in the 2009 Gay Pride event in the Gay and Lesbian Times!

Shown in the above photo is one of the many "family-friendly" venues inside of the 2009 San Diego Gay Pride Festival. Right in the midst of this porn fest, xxx gay porn vendors were allowed to display hard core gay sex videos out in the open. Our photographers were inside of the festival and documented young minors inside of the gay pride festival walking around where this filth was openly displayed. Photographs taken by our undercover sleuths show how this vendor called pornteam.com had no barriers to seclude minors from seeing what pornteam.com was displaying and promoting inside of the festival. One of our photographers shot a photograph of free giveaway photos on the table in front of the pornteam.com vendor. The free photos showed a completely nude male with an erection. And here is how the San Diego Gay Pride organization tried to protect minors from the many open displays of gay pornography inside of their festival: Students 16-24 with ID can get tickets for $10 at the gate.

Now back to the idiot in the above video who is presenting the propaganda of the San Diego Gay Pride organization in this typically deceptive "news" cast for the porn-promoting group.

La Mesa, California City Councilwoman Ruth Sterling retracted her previously issued letter of support for this organization when she later determined that the San Diego Gay Pride Parade and Festival were replete with pornography, homosexuality, and other lewd and disturbing perversions being displayed right in front of young kids.

Radicalized gay activist Benny Cartwright responds to Councilwoman Sterling's retraction in this video by asking: "I'm curious Miss Sterling -- What lewd and lascivious behavior are you talking about? Is it the part where Pride raises $100,000's for community programs? Is it the festival which includes a children's garden and family-friendly carnival games?"

Stop quacking like a duck in quicksand Bbbbbenny! We think Councilwoman Sterling was referring to all of the porn and perversions in your festival and parade. And all of the lewd behavior in your parade and festival. And perhaps she was also referring to the contents of the photographs below:

Here is what the City of San Diego and the radicalized homosexual activists of San Diego Gay Pride consider "family-friendly."

Scenes from the darkness called

2009 San Diego Gay Pride

And for any of the minors, parents, police officers and even Mayor Jerry Sanders and his morally bankrupt city council, here is an open display in the festival of treats to take the edge off of the 2009 San Diego Gay Pride summer heat: The Adult Candy Shoppe Booth featuring edible genitals.

To the people of this city and America: Is this what you want your nation to devolve into? Is this what we have become as a society? If so, then we are doomed. If you are a Christian, or a concerned parent, or a moral business leader with some guts, what are you going to do about this? Are you going to look the other way while these perversions are promoted by the San Diego City Council and Mayor Jerry Sanders right in the heart of the public property of Balboa Park? This is what equal rights means to the radical homosexual movement: exposing themselves and children to gross immorality. This is what their Rainbow Flags represent. These are the darkest days of America. And if we do not intervene, the children of this generation will be lost forever to these predators.


Anonymous said…
Thank you James for making public the true nature of gay pride parade. Pictures tell all. I can see how lost people are these days. I wonder what could wake them up. They've heard your voice, yet they are not repenting. Are we in a state worse than Nineveh? I think we are. It's very dangerous. While, I'll definitely share this post with others and pray for this wicked generation.
Anonymous said…
Gays are great people. they have bodies just like you. they have sex just like everyone else. They dont throw stones and hate and lie like religious people. They are awsome persons.
Anonymous said…
James wrote:
"The Adult Candy Shoppe Booth featuring edible genitals."

This is almost as bad as those churches that offer wine and crackers and pretend that it is the body and blood of their "savior". Gross!!

James, I reviewed your entire article very carefully. There is NOTHING illegal or immoral here. Perhaps some of the acts and clothing are sexy and not to your liking but we live in a diverse society which tolerates both puritans and liberals.

We also live in a society where the moral standards of the community are determined by the majority. In San Diego those standards are quite liberal. In general, if it harms none, do as you wish.

If you feel that the Pride Parade does not meet the moral standards of San Diego, by all means file a complaint with the proper authorities, start a petition campaign to ban speedos and edible genitals at all public gatherings.

Personally, I want my kids exposed to the world as it is, not as I would like for it to be. There are many events in San Diego that are more immoral than that parade, but yet I do not see Christians protesting those. Too many Christians today are cherry picking the Bible and protesting only those things which they want to protest while ignoring (and even participating in) many other sins of the Bible.

Wake up and join the human race.
Bruno said…
A City in Chaos - A Society Destroyed

This is a joke, right?
Save it for April fool's day.
James Hartline said…
Oh, you reviewed the information and determined that nothing was illegal huh? Firstly, it is illegal to establish an adult entertainment enterprise, like a porn vendor, in, or near a public park. Secondly, you ain't seen nothing yet. We haven't even come close to publishing all of the videos and photos of what people engaged in on the street and in public and in the park during San Diego Gay Pride(less).
Anonymous said…
This parade is a example of how far America has fallen. It is time for organizing a resistance. When you haven't eaten in about a week you will understand.
Mike said…
Dear Annonymous (whichever one),
The truly scary part about your comment is that you say you have children. You say you want them to see the world the way it is, not the way you want it to be. My guess is the way the world is IS the way you want it to be. And the terms "moral standards" and "gay pride" should not be used in the same sentence. Anyone who has been to a gay pride event knows that there are no moral standards. And that's why they go.
Adults, whether they be parents or guardians, who take children to one of these events should be investigated and then sterelized. Of course, since they can't have babies the natural way, they should not be able to adopt. You, sir, ma'am, or confused transgendered, are exactly the reason this city, state and country are going down the toliet.
Please, shake yourself, repent of your misdeeds (I know you don't like the word sin), and get back into normal society. You will be welcomed back with open arms. STRAIGHT open arms.
David 92103 said…
My oh my it looks like the moralists and neo-puritans are coming out of the woodwork. Most of these fundies think they are God’s appointed agents to clean up San Diego and restore righteousness and moral purity before Jesus returns.

I do not have kids but in my opinion every school kid in San Diego should be required to attend one Pride Parade. Gay pride is about respecting diversity and appreciating the strength that diversity brings to our great city. Gay pride is about accepting oneself; something that many religious people have a hard time with. Gay pride is about realizing that we are all God’s children, even if we don’t believe in the Old Testament and sing praises to the Apostle Paul. Gay Pride is being proud of being a follower of Jesus because he does not care about your sexual orientation (that is why he never mentioned it). Gay Pride is about showing civic pride by volunteering for one of the many charities in this city (the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence do an extraordinary amount of charity work), voting, showing up for civic events, and etc. The problem with these fundamental religious types is that they are so busy judging others and looking for sin that they don’t have time to see the good in others, only their perceived imperfections.
Anonymous said…
Why does one person
find the need to point a finger at the homosexual community day and night.

The fact this is coming from a self identified reformed homosexual who is not married, nor engaged, and does not talk of a girlfriend or dating life, makes me wonder. Is the entire protest one big stunt for attention.
I think it is.
But seriously no girlfriend or wife?
Put me down for one who is laughing at this stunt.
Mike said…
David 90210 whatever,
Glad to hear you don't have children. I now have something else to be thankful for today. There are a lot of people who are proud of who they are. The thing is, David, they don't have to show the world by having a parde that screams out "Look at me, look at me!" I'm not a doctor - I don't even play one on t.v., but you don't need to be to see that this isn't about pride. This is about nothing more than over self-indulgence. And the fact that kids are not only allowed but encouraged to come to these events is just another sign of how sick out society has become. This isn't being judgemental, it's being truthful. Sometimes the truth hurts. Although a kiss from the enemy - as long as he or she is the same sex - probably sounds pretty good, it's really not in your best interest. Wake up and smell the coffee; most of the world is not on board with your act and wishes you and your friends would go away. Trust me when I tell you, most of us do not want to see you dancing nearly naked with your partner on the streets of San Diego. I know 150,000 sounds like a lot of people, but it's really only about 1/20 to 1/25 of S.D County. And many of them are not gay, but only there for the freak show that is the pride (shame) parade.
James Hartline said…
The Bible says" And Jesus called a child to Himself and set him before them, and said, "Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.
"Whoever then humbles himself as this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.
"And whoever receives one such child in My name receives Me;
but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea."

The attempts to deflect away from the egregious things done to children in this parade and festival demonstrates just how disconnected homosexual activists are from the reality of what their attitudes and behaviors are doing to our youth.
Jesus warned all of us about the judgment that He specifically would enforce when it comes to those who hurt children. And so all of these self-indulgent and perverted individuals who think nothing of exposing kids to the filth of San Diego Gay Pride, the Bible says there is a day of reckoning coming on this matter. And in the words of your good friend San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom: "Whether you like or not!"
Anonymous said…
Who ever it maybe (God, Allah, Jesus, Buddha, etc) I don't trust people with imaginary friends.
Mike said…
Why trust God when you can trust another perv in a speedo, eh Anon?
Anonymous said…
The fact is the parents of children are the guilty parties, not parading homosexuals.

I find it the apex of hypocrisy that a person who stepped or claimes to have stepped from a life of homo sex, now finds reason to attack the same group with insults and mockery of every kind.

If people prefer a lifestyle of homosexuality, you need to leave them alone. Who are you to accuse them.

Find a REAL cause like feeding the homeless, and get off the soap box, because you are only in this for attention.
Anonymous said…
James ...the worst thing is hearing you going over the top with your sizing up of gay events in SaN diego on public access television. You must know that they are taped...your words are more vile than most things I've EVER heard on television....
James Hartline said…
I'm very happy to ablige you!
Then again, you are not my motivation for doing what I do. Nor are you a factor, at all, in what I say. I move and stand based upon what my Lord Jesus Christ instructs me to do.
And here is an instruction for you out of our instruction manual, should you ever decide to follow Jesus Christ as His disciple:
From Ephesians 5:11 - "And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them."
And if you incorporate that one into your lesson plan, then you can move on to this one:
From 2 Timothy 4:2-5 - "preach the word, be urgent in season and out of season, convince, rebuke, and exhort, be unfailing in patience and in teaching. For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own likings, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander into myths.
"As for you, always be steady, endure suffering, do the work of an evangelist, fulfil your ministry."
John said…
James said,
“I move and stand based upon what my Lord Jesus Christ instructs me to do.
And here is an instruction for you out of our instruction manual, should you ever decide to follow Jesus Christ as His disciple:”

From Ephesians 5:11……From 2 Timothy 4:2-5….

James both of these quotes are from letters written by the Apostle Paul, not quotes or instructions from Jesus. I know that you are not a pastor and therefore may not be familiar with many of the things that Jesus actually said and other details from the Bible. You might ask your pastor to check out your replies for biblical accuracy before posting to your blog. Christians are under attack as never before and we are often accused of misquoting and falsifying scripture. Therefore we should try to be as accurate as possible less we become a stumbling block to others.
James Hartline said…
If you actually ever decide to take the deception out of the forefront of your thinking, you would accurately read what I write, rather then read the monotone, pro-homosexual influenced wordings that are dripping in your mind. I said "instruction manual" not words of Jesus when quoting from Ephesians and 2 Timothy.
Paul, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, was a follower of Jesus Christ. Duh!
Trying reading the Bible in its entirety and applying it entirely to your life and you might come out of your deception and your sin.

It was Jesus, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, God in man, who saved mankind and ordered the establishment of the church upon this earth. Paul, under the same influence of the Holy Spirit, articulated the words and desires of the Lord Jesus Christ upon this earth. When Paul is instructing the church, he is giving the instructions of the Lord Jesus Christ to the church to follow and to employ in their daily living. AND that includes his letters to Timothy and to the Church at Ephesus.
I think you are the one who needs to go to a pastor, at least one that does not compromise his sexuality by embracing what God calls sin, and get some moral and theological clarity on the Word of the Lord.
Larry 92101 said…
James wrote, “I think you are the one who needs to go to a pastor, at least one that does not compromise his sexuality by embracing what God calls sin, and get some moral and theological clarity on the Word of the Lord.”

Since when does being a “Christian” give anyone special rights? I am a Secular Humanist and I do not believe in what religious people call “sin”. I believe in laws and the Constitution. The Constitution gives everyone certain basic rights which cannot be taken away unless the Constitution is amended. The Constitution does not recognize the concept of “sin” but as a Christian you have the right to believe in the “sin” concept however, you have no right to try to force others to avoid what your “God” thinks is a sin.

The parade is sinful only in a religious sense for those who believe in fundamentalist Christianity. For those who do not worship your God, they have the blessings of the City Council and of the law to conduct this orgy of pleasure every year. There is nothing in that parade that violates the U.S. Constitution or the laws of California or San Diego. If there are, you should not be here wasting your time. You should be down at the Police Department filing a complaint. I suspect that you have no valid complaint.

I still am not sure what you object to other than YOUR God does not like homosexuals.
Are you offended by the skimpy bathing suits? Are the edible genitals an abomination to you? Perhaps the many churches that were marching in the parade was sinful or maybe those two guys holding hands was not your cup of tea. James, what ever it is that bothers you, don’t worry about it. Just tell God what you saw and let him take care of it.

Even though I am no longer a Christian I do know a lot about your Bible and it does not instruct you to go out and judge others. That is God’s job. Your job is to be a salesman for God and his kingdom and then let the Holy Spirit do his magic. Don’t make things more complicated than they are. Jesus had only one commandment for his followers: love God and love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus often spoke against those who were constantly finding fault in others, like the Pharisees. The Pharisees had hundreds of rules about the way to live. The rules were very strict. The Pharisees are still with us today.
Fortunately the Pharisees do not rule this city.
James Hartline said…
Ha!ah! The backslidden Christian-turned-human secularist-turned defender of child abusers-turned-well just turning and turning and turning,
attempting, ever so insecurely and incorrectly, to instruct me, or anyone for that matter, on what the Bible says.
The Bible says this: "A double-minded man is unstable in all of his ways."
Instablity is not the hallmark of one who should be instructing our society on what the constitution says about morality, nor on what the Bible says about the constitution.
And we know that the Bible and the constitution are very clear about the consequences, immediately and in the distance, for those who harm our children by exposing them to pornography and degradation.
James Hartline said…
Identification tracers courtesy of my law enforcement friends are a beautiful thing. So is Pacbell.
Anonymous said…
The post by the secular humanist is very true. the ordained clergy are commissioned to preach the Word. Faithful Christians are to fulfill their duties in life based on their state. Would Jesus tell the secular humanist who posted here, he is a rotten sinner? No. He might invite him to dinner and treat him like a special person.
Jesus never hit people in the head and said, follow me. He invited them to follow him, but he never wagged his finger at them or cursed them. At the end of the day, I do think your crusade is really just a big charade. I do not for one second detect a trace of seriousness in any of it.
James Hartline said…
The old charade accusation. Mmmm.
Sounds like the accusation I have heard from many pedophiles who want to stop me from exposing their predatory plots against the youth of my city. Ain't gonna' happen. Nothing but my departure from this earth will ever stop me from trying to protect the kids of my city and my generation from predators.
Are you willing to lay down your life for your cause, as I am for mine?
And the secular humanist can certainly join in helping to protect the youth from being harmed by pedophiles if the secular humanist should find the time to do so. That is when said secular humanist is not so busy seeking to harm the youth of our city.
Keltikio said…
LOL... The two dancing so close together in the McDaniel video are a clothed man and clothed woman. Yeah - that's immoral. And those Daisy-Duke shorts are the work of the devil! God is love - you, James Hartline, are hate.
Anonymous said…
James....maybe you need to actually SEE a pornagraphic movie. People with CLOTHES ON dancing feet apart, does not describe pornography! if you don't want your children watching...don't take them to an outdoor parade to celebrate homosexuality. And don't tell me what is appropriate for me or my child! (p.s. i wouldn't take my children....nor do i let him see spongebob and MANY cartoons on children's television!!) but i don't need YOU as the morals police. MOVE TO RUSSIA! they support your one sided society where everything is just like you want it! and what proof do you have that ANY tax-payer money funded this float??????
Anonymous said…
James Hartline cannot spell and his grammar is even worse. For this I think he should be abolished and sent to hell. God does not like stupid people. Let's start a petition and have him removed from this earth. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.
Anonymous said…
Nice pictures. I'll make sure and go next year. San Diego is so cool!
Anonymous said…
great debating James, as always rootin for you and cheering you on brother. Especially enjoy the eph and 2Tim verses you dropped. The word of God is mighty and you aint afraid to use it. Godspeed!

Brother in Christ

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