Saturday, July 11, 2009

It Has Begun -- And I Prophetically Declared It Would Soon Unfold!

In June, a reader sent me a sarcastic email in response to my post of the World Net Daily report regarding the terrible Gay Pride attack against young minors that occured in Boston.

The reader wrote: "These news stories from Boston, New York, and San Francisco are certainly interesting. We can be thankful that none of this perversion takes place in San Diego. I am sure that it would be on the front page if that Boston event had occurred in San Diego."

And my response to the reader was this: "Oh, it will be. One of the biggest scandals in the history of the United States centered in San Diego involving the horrific abuse of children is about to become front page news. And the politicans on our city council who allowed it to occur on their watch will see their political careers over."

Another reader than responded: "James said, "One of the biggest scandals in the history of the United States centered in San Diego involving the horrific abuse of children is about to become front page news. "James, respectfully I think you are exaggerating here. What is deemed child abuse by religion is not always considered child abuse by society in general."

It all began to unfold two weeks later on June 26th just as I had declared on June 13th: BREAKING NEWS: Canadian Child Porn Suspect Arrested in Baja
Canadian child porn suspect arrested in Baja By Angelica Martinez, Union-Tribune Staff Writer 3:27 p.m. June 26, 2009

And today, July 11, 2009, the San Diego connection to the wicked crimes against children has begun to be unveiled. KGTV Channel 10 reports: International Child Porn Ring Suspect Linked To San Diego -- Arthur Leland Sayler -- arrested June 21 with 4 million photos and videos of child pornography, police say – is a possible key to an international child porn ring, according to Mexico's Attorney General office.

The Channel 10 I-Team checked the California license plates on the Toyota pickup truck parked at the Tijuana home – it’s registered to Art Sayler. He used it to routinely cross the border to San Diego, where he worked on fixing computers.
The I-Team tracked all San Diego addresses tied to Sayler going back to 1985.

Channel 10's I-Team reports Sayler opened several postal boxes, including one in San Ysidro that Sayler was using at the time of his arrest. We learned he went there three to five times a week to pick up his mail and often sent small packages.
The I-Team uses a database service to track public records. One address Sayler was tied to was that of a school. It’s the Rescu Academy in Kearny Mesa -- a small private school.

The I-Team talked to Art Aragon, executive director of the school, who confirmed Sayler was there four weeks ago responding to a computer service call and that he only came twice to fix the computers in a front office and didn't have any contact with students.

I-Team research showed Sayler worked for Emulex for nine months beginning in 1989; it’s an international computer networking company with headquarters in Costa Mesa.


Dana Littlefield, reporter for the San Diego Union Tribune, reports today: SAN DIEGO COURTS — A mistrial was declared yesterday in the trial of a man accused of molesting three boys in San Diego in the 1990s.
A juror did not reveal his experience with attempted molestation before being seated on the panel, the prosecutor said.
Steven Meredith Bimson, 65, faced 31 charges, most of them for lewd acts on a child. He was arrested in August in Las Vegas.
The jury deliberated about a day before notifying a judge Wednesday that they had reached verdicts on all but five counts.
After questioning the panel, the judge asked the jurors to come back the next day and keep trying.
About 15 minutes into deliberations yesterday afternoon, it was revealed that a juror told the panel someone had tried to molest him when he was young, prosecutor Wendy Patrick Mazzarella said.
During the trial, prosecutors contended that Bimson allowed young boys to live with him, first in Arizona and later, between 1996 and 2000, in Carmel Valley.
Citing testimony from witnesses in court, Mazzarella told the jurors that Bimson molested the boys “almost every night” when they were between the ages of 12 and 15. They are now young adults.
But defense lawyer Lisa Berman Hernandez said the stories about molestation were lies: “These boys weren't the victims of molest, they were victims of their own greed and avarice.”


The Union Tribune is reporting in its midnight edition:
Human trafficking growing concern in county
By Rick Rogers
Union-Tribune Staff Writer
2:00 a.m. July 11, 2009
VISTA — The recent arrest of two dozen Chinese nationals in a prostitution sting at nine locations in Vista surprised many, but not those familiar with the burgeoning human-trafficking trade.
San Diego County has long been an on-ramp to the human-trafficking highway that runs from Central America and Mexico to San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and the rest of the United States, said Stephanie Voorkamp, the California director of Not For Sale, a nonprofit group working against the global slave trade.
Human trafficking is one of the fastest-growing criminal industries in the world along with drug and arms trafficking, according to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center in Washington, D.C. The center receives funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
“The risk (of being caught) is low and the profit is high,” said Mark Lagon, executive director of the nonprofit Polaris Project, which helps victims of human trafficking.
“Some are even Americans who are trafficking victims within the United States,” he said.
All 24 people arrested in the Vista prostitution sting in June were Chinese nationals. Federal authorities are investigating how these individuals – 22 women and two men – came to settle in Vista.
Six of the people were booked for prostitution, while the rest were charged with illegal touching or violating municipal codes concerning public health, fire and safety concerns.
The raids resulted in the closure of Touch of Asian Day Spa, Seren Acu-Care, Melrose Spa, Vista Town Spa, Bright Acupuncture, JW Acupuncture, Li Jun Acupuncture I, Li Jun Acupuncture II and Vista Health Center.
At least one business, Melrose Spa, has reopened.

~finally ~

There is a reason that I am able to prophetically reveal the unfolding of this dark and vile matter. I have seen the future in San Diego. There will be revealed in San Diego the greatest crime network against children in the history of these United States. And when it unfolds, America will be pointing its fingers of judgment against the San Diego politicians who allowed this rot to go on for so long on their watch. And the reason they allowed it to go on for so long is because they were too busy prostituting themselves to radicalized homosexual political forces. They were too busy corrupting themselves to focus on the kids of my generation. They were too busy embracing evil in the hopes of extending and promoting their own political careers rather than taking note of the evil that has corrupted San Diego.

The wealthy businessmen who have done secret perversions and bought the protection of their perverted closets shall have their resources dried up. And then the doors to their foul closets shall be swung wide open. And the world shall learn of true evil and of the corrupt politicans who kept those closet doors shut for these wealthy businessmen for so long.

There is a day coming soon when this evil and the protectors of this evil shall be contended with. And that day cannot get here fast enough.


Anonymous said...

James said,

“America will be pointing its fingers of judgment against the San Diego politicians who allowed this rot to go on for so long on their watch. And the reason they allowed it to go on for so long is because they were too busy prostituting themselves to radicalized homosexual political forces.”

It is all the fault of the radical homosexuals. On November 16, 2008 James wrote, “Each time homosexual activists attempt to force their agenda on California, there have been raging, massive, incinerating fires sweeping across the California landscape.”

Yesterday a 4.0 earthquake struck off the coast of La Jolla. This is yet another sign that God is showing displeasure with the San Diego homosexual community. Yesterday’s earthquake was just a warning. God will be watching the proceedings of the City Council on Tuesday July 14th. Indications are that the Council will give God the finger and ignore the prophetic warnings of the James Hartline report. Will the next earthquake be a devastating 8.5 ? The day of judgment is approaching.

Anonymous said...

For the record, Arthur Leland Sayler is a married heterosexual.

Anonymous said...

All of these things are about sex. Why are Christians so obsessed with sex? Is sex the only thing God is concerned about?

James Hartline said...

No it is not the only thing that Christians are obsessed with, but it is all that child molesters are obsessed with. And we Christians have a moral obligation to stop child molesters even if you don't think that's important.

Anonymous said...

Start at home with a little housekeeping:

170 civil lawsuits filed in two years under the Child Victims Act, most against Catholic priests

James Hartline said...

My house is clean. And if you took the time to do your homework you would find out that I am not a member of the Catholic Church. So, why don't you do a little housekeeping yourself.

Anonymous said...

Nobody said you were a Catholic. It was only an example of conservative christian hypocrisy. Here are a few non-Catholic ones:

Pastor Steve Richardson sentenced to 17 years in prison for trafficking kiddie porn from his church's computers.

Youth Pastor Jacob Allen Morris arrested for molesting 8 year-old girl.

Youth Pastor Randall Thomas Hollifield arrested for child rape.

Pastor John Edward Smith arrested for texting 13 year-old girl to lure her for sex.

Christian "faith-based" military youth camp superintendent Steven Baryla arrested for distributing child pornography.

Cattiva said...

You may be interested in this link: Human Trafficking Accountability Act Passes Key Senate Committee: OVERWHELMING BIPARTISAN SUPPORT