Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gay Hate-in-Action: This is what our nation will look like if the anti-christian bigots of the radical gay movement get their way

These are the shocking videos of what happened to a group of young Christian missionaries who were praying and singing Amazing Grace on the streets of San Francisco. In these videos hundreds of homosexual activists mob the teenagers and create a terrible reminder of how the radical gay movement wants to destroy your religious freedoms in America.

I Am Making My Stand! Have You Started Making Yours Yet?

This is what our nation will look like if the anti-christian bigots of the radical gay movement get their way:

I Am Making My Stand! Have You Started Making Yours Yet?


Larry M. 92103 said...

James, as usual you are not doing your homework. If you had investigated what really went on in the middle of the Castro District of San Francisco on November 14, 2008, you would have learned that the dozen or so “Christians” were associated with Lou Engle, who is a pastor in the Christian Dominionist group Joel’s Army.

Christian Dominionism is a harder-core, more violent offshoot of Christian Reconstructionism. Christian Reconstructionists are on record as calling for the biblical punishment of stoning for gays and lesbians.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has identified Joel’s Army as a potentially violent Dominionist group which believes that the United States “should be governed by conservative Christians and a conservative Christian interpretation of biblical law.” Engle was also a lead organizer of ”The Call” at San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium just before the election. You fell for this one too James. Engle is also active in several other movements but most pastors in San Diego are now aware of his true intentions.

On November 14, 2008, those young “Christian” radicals went into the Castro that night looking for trouble and they got it. They were troublemakers, not peace makers, and they were escorted out of the neighborhood. There is a group in San Diego that would like to try the same tactic in Hillcrest but they correctly think that the gay community in Hillcrest would create a problem for them.

San Diego has a few of these radical Christian groups but the gay community has infiltrated their groups and we are prepared. We have already made our stand and God is on our side. We have done our homework.

The gay community in San Diego is not radical, not violent, and very determined to advance our agenda, which is NOT just gay marriage. We have higher goals.
If you were at the gay Pride Parade today you would have noticed that we have made friends in high places. We have active groups in every field of human endeavor; churches, political groups, entertainment, commerce, real estate, medical science, sports, and many others. We are united against those that would do us harm.
We have a network of people, gay and straight, that march hand and hand with us to defeat the efforts of those narrow minded individuals and organizations that think they can defeat us.

James Hartline said...

Ah yes. The ever ready and bigoted pro-homosexual temple of socialism called the Southern Poverty Law Center. Indeed, the same bigoted group who claimed I was hateful in an interview with San Diego City Beat when the newspaper did an extensive biographical article of my life in 2005.

Am I blinking an eyelid upon my righteous eyes?

No, for your verbal jaunt down the Rainbow Road of deception does not make me consider your manipulative discourse to be credible nor truthful.

I know many of the young kids who are associated with the Justice House of Prayer, the same group that was in the video and being assaulted by the freedom-denying haters in the Catro. They have never been violent, hateful, nor assaultive. The video speaks volumes about who the haters were and who should have been held on hate crimes charges. And it sure wasn't the young kids praying.

America is waking up to the darkness that lurks somewhere over the rainbow.

Anonymous said...

No excuses could justify these hateful, rude actions of the homosexuals. These pure actions alone just show how unGodly these people are and how intolerable they are toward any Christians. No matter who you are and which church you belong to, they would have treated you the same. Homosexuals are bullying their way and expanding their territory into every corner of our society now, including our churches. That's Satan's plan. Satan is raging a war against God. Those who deny God's will and condone sin are in the hands of Satan and serving the Devil for they are blind.

James, thanks for publishing these videos and waking people up.

Anonymous said...

I think if anything this video just proves that ultimately people are the same - violence, arrogance, destruction - it shows up with gay people AND straight people (and christians...)

Here's a video of violence occuring at a Moscow Gay Pride event:

either way, thanks for the blog entry - I hadn't heard about this...