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Scandal-Ridden Mayor of La Mesa Orders A Political Hit On La Mesa City Councilwoman Ruth Sterling

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July 13, 2009

Scandal-Ridden Mayor of La Mesa Orders
A Political Hit On La Mesa City
Councilwoman Ruth Sterling

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La Mesa Mayor Art Madrid was busted for being a public drunk in 2008. Mayor Madrid now seeks to top last year's disgraceful scandal by ordering a Political Hit on a five-term La Mesa City Councilwoman who called for a public discussion of Madrid's disturbing behavior.

The scandal-ridden mayor of La Mesa, California has once again become the focal point of new allegations that he is orchestrating a covert political hit on a female member of the La Mesa City Council.

Art Madrid, currently serving his fifth term as mayor of La Mesa, was at the center of a major scandal in 2008 after police officers found him drunk and lying on the sidewalk near his personal vehicle. An intoxicated La Mesa City Finance Department employee, Trisha Turner, was in the driver's seat of Madrid's automobile, her feet pointed out the open door. According to the responding police officer, both Madrid and Turner had vomited around Madrid's SUV.

La Mesa police went to Madrid's Eastridge neighborhood in the middle of the night after receiving a 911 call. The officers found the mayor near the passenger side of his white Ford Explorer. Finance Department employee Trisha Turner was in the driver's seat, herself intoxicated.

Neither Mayor Madrid or city employee Trisha Turner were given sobriety tests. Officers Dan Herrin and Jacob Whisler drove them to Madrid's Eastridge Drive home, unlocked his front door with his keys and left.

Allegations of special treatment prompted three La Mesa City Council members to call for public discussions of the events surrounding the mayor's public drunkenness and the way that police officers treated the incident.

Nearly 17 months later, new allegations of unethical and possibly illegal actions on the part of Mayor Madrid are now surfacing. The allegations are related to Madrid's efforts to orchestrate a political hit on La Mesa City Councilwoman Ruth Sterling. Councilwoman Sterling, a Republican, was one of the three La Mesa city council members who called for a public discussion of Madrid's public drunkenness in 2008.

On April 22, 2009, Sterling issued a controversial letter of support for the 2009 San Diego Gay Pride festival and parade. After a tremendous public outcry regarding Sterling's issuance of the letter, the five-term councilwoman investigated the actual activities that occur in the San Diego Gay Pride events. During her investigation, Councilwoman Sterling discovered that the promotion of gay pornography, male prostitution services, S & M sex classes and male transvestites impersonating Catholic Nuns are all part of the gay pride celebration. This caused Sterling to issue a retraction of her original letter of support.

In her retraction, Councilwoman Sterling wrote: "Never having seen one of your parades/celebrations I was shocked and shaken to my core to learn of the lewd and lascivious behavior and unconscionable activities portrayed. My private conscience, public duty and responsibility has compelled me to RETRACT my letter of RECOGNITION and misinterpreted as an endorsement by some that was sent to you."

Immediately after Councilwoman Sterling retracted her letter, homosexual activists began a public campaign to persecute, degrade and belittle her. Rather than supporting a fellow councilwoman for her courageous public acknowledgment that she had made a mistake, Mayor Madrid entered into a possibly unethical and illegal partnership with homosexual activists in their efforts to humiliate and punish Sterling.

On July 4, 2009, the San Diego Union Tribune published a letter written by Mayor Madrid in which he attacked Sterling for retracting her support of the 2009 San Diego Gay Pride events. Madrid, the drunken mayor of La Mesa, called Sterling's decision-making on the council "examples of contradictory behavior and do not reflect the conduct or indecisiveness of the mayor or three other council members."

While condemning Sterling's actions on the city council in his letter to the Union Tribune, Madrid called the decision-making of himself and the three other members on the council "indecisive." These types of clear verbal blunders in his writings are causing many La Mesa residents to wonder if Madrid's drinking has affected his thinking.

New evidence circulating the internet over this weekend shows that Mayor Madrid has gone beyond writing a published letter of rebuke towards Councilwoman Sterling. And that evidence may prove that Madrid has broken state laws which greatly restrict elected officials from engaging in discussions with the public on issues not placed on the city council docket.

The James Hartline Report has received scores of emails from angry citizens who are upset with an email being circulated by Mayor Madrid that clearly appears to be a political hit on Councilwoman Sterling. In the email, Madrid is in communications with a woman named "Patty". As indicated in his email, Patty is a member of the radicalized pro-homosexual and pro-gay marriage activist organization called PFLAG (Parents, Friends and Family of Lesbians and Gays).

Madrid writes to "Patty" that he will block any efforts by Councilwoman Sterling or other council members from responding to the attacks on Sterling during an upcoming La Mesa City Council meeting where Madrid is encouraging homosexual activists and their allies to show up and use the meeting to attack Councilwoman Sterling. It is also noted that Madrid describes the upcoming meeting as being on June 14th rather than July 14th. Some are wondering if the mayor was having a flashback to his 2008 drunk-in-public episode while citing the wrong month in his email for the upcoming council meeting.

Madrid writes in the email dated July 11, 2009: "Patty, our next city council meeting is this coming Tuesday, the 14th of June, starting at 4:00 in the afternoon. You and your friends and supports of PFLAG are welcomed and encouraged to come to express your feelings or reaction by Ruth Sterling.

The comments or statements you are entitled to make will be made under the Public Comment section and each speaker has 3 minutes to express their views.

There can be no response or debate to any comments made by the speaker because the issue(s) you will be addressing have not been placed on the agenda. As chair of the meeting, I will not allow any council member to respond, defend themselves or push back on the speakers. That is our policy. I will back that up with the city attorney’s admonishment of any council member who wants to react to you and your other speakers.

I have received several e mails and phone calls based on the two letters to the editor I wrote, one in the u.t. and one yesterday in the east county Californian, a weekly publication.

Again, thank you and your organization for speaking out against such outrageous comments and behavior as those of Ms. Sterling.." Art Madrid

Yesterday, The James Hartline Report received a copy of a disturbing email that had originally been sent to the personal email account of a La Mesa City employee. That email was written by a woman named Colette Dupont. Dupont used the email address to send her email to Councilwoman Ruth Sterling. A records search reveals that the email address does belong to Colette Dupont. Dupont's email was addressed to Councilwoman Sterling and was of a threatening nature. It warned Sterling: "Guess what's in store for you Tuesday."

The email then disclosed the connection between Mayor Madrid and the planned political hit on Councilwoman Sterling:

"Anyone who is available to go to the La Mesa City Council Meeting, please come and bring pix of your LGBT children, LGBT selves, LGBT friends. It's at La Mesa City Hall, 8130 Allison Avenue, La Mesa. Even though it's at 4;00, it may be crowded so try to get there early. We know from past experience they will not permit signs in the meeting. Please see (email) below from the Mayor, Art Madrid."

There is a woman named Colette Dupont who is a long time resident of the City of La Mesa. Records also reveal that a woman named Colette Dupont is a radical Democratic activist in San Diego County. That Colette DuPont is also a member of the extremist homosexual group called the San Diego Democratic Club. Records show that Colette DuPont of La Mesa has given campaign contributions to John Kerry and Bob Filner, both extremely liberal pro-homosexual Democrats. The San Diego Gay Pride website reveals that Colette DuPont was an endorser of the recently completed homosexual equality Torch Relay, where gay pride supporters carried rainbow flags in various San Diego County locations in support of legalizing same-sex marriages and the repeal of Prop. 8.

Questions are now being raised within local GOP circles as to why Mayor Madrid, who is a Republican, would be in communications with extremist members of the Democratic Party, as well as radicalized homosexual groups, to encourage their participation in his political hit on Councilwoman Sterling.

One La Mesa businessman who is angry with Mayor Madrid's political hit on Councilwoman Sterling has been circulating his own email regarding the upcoming Madrid-controlled city council meeting. This businessman's email states:

"Art Madrid is at it again. Please see his letter below (referring to Madrid's email). This time he's trying to foment gay outrage at Ruth Sterling's withdrawal of recognition for the Gay Pride Parade. Needless to say, Art doesn't give a damn about the parade or its participants, but his determination to malign Ruth is nothing less than a sick obsession. And this is nothing new. Don Sevrens witnessed the last time Art contrived this kind of cheap political theater when he staged a show of support for himself over his infamous "drunk-in-the-gutter" debacle."

Other emails received by the James Hartline Report indicate widespread outrage with Art Madrid's political hit on Ruth Sterling. One supporter of Sterling told the James Hartline Report, "Sterling may have made a poor decision in issuing her first letter of support for the gay pride group. However, she corrected herself after getting all of the facts about the filth and perversion in the gay pride event. If they want to attack her, we will be at that council meeting to stand with Ruth!"

Many within San Diego's Christian community are planning a major turnout at the San Diego City Council at 9:00am on Tuesday, July 14th to speak out against the San Diego City Council's issuance of a month long resolution of support for the porn-filled 2009 San Diego Gay Pride events. Now, many of those same Christians are planning to go toe-to-toe with Mayor Art Madrid and his political hit on Councilwoman Ruth Sterling at the La Mesa City Council meeting. Those who want to make a stand on behalf of Councilwoman Sterling are encouraged to gather on Tuesday, July 14th at 3pm at the La Mesa City Council chambers.

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Art Madrid strikes again....this time defending terrorists and allowing them to use taxypayer facilities.