Saturday, March 06, 2010

Will Mitt Romney and Mary Bono Mack be shopping at their good friend predator Mark Foley's Celebrity Consignment Shop?

Will Mitt Romney and Mary Bono Mack be shopping at their good friend predator Mark Foley's Celebrity Consignment Shop?

Sexual predator and disgraced former Republican Congressman Mark Foley is opening up his brand new "celebrity" consignment shop in Florida. According to FOX News, Foley will be selling "collectibles." The store's opening comes less than fours years after the predator congressman resigned from congress due to his perverted pattern of sex texting underage male congressional pages.

Mark Foley was also a featured speaker at the radicalized antichristian homosexual GOP organization Log Cabin Republicans. "Mysteriously" Foley's photograph at the Log Cabin GOPervert conference disappeared from the group's website. We would like to help the Log Cabinites with their missing picture of predator Foley by providing them with this jewel:

ABC News reported on the
epidemic of sexual advances against teenage boys made by Congressman Foley. Foley's Follies were not limited to his filthy behavior towards boys. The James Hartline Report published extensive research on the political ties that the Foley Filth had to San Diego, California.

Talking Points from the radical antichristian bigots of Log Cabin Republicans: "Why It's Okay To Be A Gay Republican"
"The radical right (Christian Conservatives) represents the last obstacle on the path to full equality. Defeat them in the grassroots of the GOP and all of us can enjoy the benefits of liberty much sooner."

In 1994, the Log Cabin's boy toy Mark Foley was campaigning for the United States Congress for the first time and the Mormon Cult's boy toy Mitt Romney was campaigning to get the support of the homosexual Log Cabin Republicans for his Massachusetts senate run.

Log Cabin in State and Local Races
"With strong, early endorsements, Log Cabin played a key role in helping to elect Republican governors in two overwhelmingly Democratic states. Governor George Pataki (R) was resoundingly elected in New York, while Mitt Romney easily defeated his Democratic opponent to win in Massachusetts. Log Cabin first met with Pataki in 1994 and endorsed his campaign in 1998, and he has become one of the strongest gay supporters among the nation's governors. Log Cabin strongly endorsed Romney's 1994 US Senate bid in Massachusetts, and in his gubernatorial race, Romney hired Log Cabin leader John Spampinato as a senior campaign aide."

Mary Bono Mack, the matriarch face of the Log Cabin Republicans, was staunchly in the Mark Foley camp as she served in the U. S. Congress with Foley from 1998 onward. Congresswoman Mack, the most liberal, antichristian Republican female in congress, has been a rabid supporter of the Log Cabin Republicans.

Many are wondering if Predator Foley will be selling consigned goods for the Log Cabin Republicans in his store? If he does, perhaps he and Mitt and Mary can get together and donate some of the proceeds to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

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