Saturday, March 06, 2010

Disney buys the entire front page of L. A. Times to counter public awareness of Disney Actor Johnny Depp's support for child rapist.

What's six counts of drugging and sodomizing a 13 year-old girl to the Walt Disney Corporation?

Johnny Depp, one of Hollywood's biggest supporters of child rapist Roman Polanski, is also the big star of Disney's new movie Alice in Wonderland.

Knowing that parents our outraged over Depp's support for child rapist Roman Polanski, the Disney corporation is doing all they can to make sure that dollars come pouring into their evil multi-billion dollar empire. Disney has bought the entire front page of the L. A. Times to promote Johnny Depp and Alice in Wonderland.


Anonymous said...

Breaking news:
"LOS ANGELES, March 5 (Reuters) - "Alice in Wonderland" set a new record for a March release at the weekend box office in North America, earning an estimated $41 million on its opening day, distributor Walt Disney Co said on Saturday"...for the entire weekend Alice In Wonderland is expected to gross $110 million.

What most people do not realize is that Alice in Wonderland was written by a pedophile.

Christians are dragging their children down to the local movie houses in droves. America has lost her moral compass.

Anonymous said...

You are the only person on the planet making a fuss about Johnny Depp. Do you really think Disney reads your blog, James?

James Hartline said...

I'm not motivated by what the other people on the planet do or don't do regarding Disney. I am motivated by what God says about protecting kids and obeying His word.
The Bible says this: "If you love Me, than keep My commandments."
"Obedience to God is better then sacrifice."
If you rebel against God what does that say about your opinion of God: and what will He say about your rebellion when you go before His throne of judgment?

Anonymous said...

The Mormons are a major reason that Alice in Wonderland is such a success. This is only the beginning. Mormons are becoming involved in a major way in American life; politics, religion, entertainment, television, and other areas where they can shape the culture.