Saturday, March 20, 2010

San Diego Gay Community On Edge As Suspicious Package At Fire Station Causes Streets To Be Blocked Off For San Diego's Metro Arson Strike Team

Suspicious package at fire station forces shutdown of main section of San Diego's homosexual community. San Diego's Metro Arson Strike Team used a robot to open the foot-long cylindrical package. It turned out to be a harmless Australian noisemaker.

Despite the false alarm, this incident follows a week of murders and shooting rampages inside of the fourth largest gay community in the United States. Hillcrest has earned a notorious reputation in recent year's for being one of the most violent and dangerous of all homosexual enclaves in America.

The firehouse where the package was left was the home fire station for the four San Diego firefighters who won a lawsuit against the City of San Diego after the city's lesbian fire chief forced them to march in the annual San Diego Gay Pride porn parade.

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Anonymous said...

You know perfectly well they didn't march, James. They rode in a multi-ton fire truck, 6 feet off the ground, windows up, looking straight ahead.

The straight paramedic riding in a truck behind them testified that he was flattered by the attention of the gay crowd.

Bummer for them that they didn't get the millions of San Diego tax-payer's dollars they and their attorney LiMandri were hoping for.