Monday, March 08, 2010

San Diego's Gay City Councilmembers Focus on Interior Decorating To Make Crack Dealers Feel Warm and Fuzzy in Downtown San Diego

James Hartline Report News Center: Hundreds Dealing Crack Cocaine Near downtown San Diego City Hall as the San Diego City Council focuses on promoting homosexuality and the porn industry. San Diego police officers battle hundreds of crack cocaine dealers and users in downtown San Diego, but police officers are getting no help from the city council.

Hundreds Dealing Crack Cocaine Near downtown San Diego City Hall as the San Diego City Council focuses on promoting homosexuality and porn industry.

The San Diego City Council is busy declaring Gay Pride Month and pimping Transvestite Day in the city and has no time to focus on the 900 narcotics arrests made near city hall last year alone.

Jennifer LeSar, the lesbian lover of former San Diego City Councilwoman Toni Atkins, was in charge of redeveloping the area being controlled by downtown drug dealers. Jennifer LeSar, like her fellow corrupt homosexual and lesbian activists in charge of downtown San Diego, has pulled in a fortune from hardworking San Diegans while hundreds of lives have been destroyed on her watch.

Lesbian City Councilwoman Toni Atkins and her lesbian lover Jennifer LeSar, along with San Diego City Councilman Scott Peters in their pimp-mobile during the pornographic San Diego Gay Pride Parade.

Just to make sure that those downtown crack dealers continue to get their "hooked on a feeling" welcome in down San Diego, Toni Atkins is running for the California State Assembly this year. Atkins want voters to know that she is living in the South Park area of San Diego with her lesbian lover Jennifer and their standard poodle Haley. None of that fine downtown crack house living for these crazy gals.

Read the James Hartline Report of perversions, politics and mayhem at San Diego's city hall.

In the meantime, as Toni and Jennifer focus on pimping their lesbianism to the young girls of San Diego, as well as to the voters of San Diego, investigators are looking for the child rapist who murdered 14 year-old Amber Dubois and dumped her body on the outskirts of San Diego.

We Miss and Love Amber and will never forget her! Protecting Girls From Sexual Immorality is our #1 Priority!


Anonymous said...

Should the Christian church be downtown cleaning up this crack mess? Surely this issue is more important than complaining about bus enclosure ads.

What are you personally doing about the crack dealers, James?

James Hartline said...

I'm doing alot more about the crack problem downtown by focusing on it and bring attention to it then the San Diego City Council. Obviously.

Anonymous said...

Lesbians come standard with cats, not poodles. Poodles are "standard" for gay men. If your going to stereotype, and monger, lets get are pairs straight, pun intended.