Sunday, March 07, 2010

James Hartline Report News Center - Anti-Christian Bigots plaster city property in San Diego with flyers attacking church gathering of ex-homosexuals.

James Hartline Report News Center - Anti-Christian Bigots plaster city property in San Diego with flyers attacking church gathering of former homosexuals. Former homosexual James Hartline documented flyers on city street lights in Hillcrest belonging to a radical anti-christian homosexual group.

The flyers attacked Skyline Church and a gathering of former homosexuals who presented the ex-gay movement during a massive pro-family gathering on March 6th in San Diego. The flyers* also prominently advertised the group S.A.M.E., which is a radicalized homosexual group seeking to legalize gay marriage.

Led by Wayne Besen, an extremist anti-christian bigot, homosexual activists seeking to counter the massive turnout at Skyline Church, gathered at the same time in San Diego's homosexual community for a homosexual hatefest at St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral.

James Hartline, who was involved in homosexuality for thirty years, has been making his stand for Jesus Christ inside of San Diego's gay community since he completely left homosexuality ten years ago. His story of faithfully serving God after leaving homosexuality has been told all over the world including a national broadcast on the 700 Club.

*As a special notation: in one of the photos taken notice that letters of the business Hairspray were inadvertently blocked in their totality so that only the word "pray" appears in the photo. Coincidence? This particular business is also located in the location of a prophetic dream given to James Hartline and the location of the battle James waged to successfully shut down Rainbow Road, a xxx gay porn store with open windows that was operating across the street from Florence Elementary School.

Despite opposition from the homosexual activists and gay city leaders, James was to able to better protect the kids of San Diego by forcing Rainbow Road out of business and away from the school.


Anonymous said...

We knew we could count on you to help get the word out, James. Thanks, because gays from across the nation will be hitting Irvine for the next pray-away-the-gay shindig put on by you gd-botherers.

Anonymous said...

There is a reason why so many people are becoming "anti-Christian".

This Week In Holy Crimes

Over the last seven days...

Pennsylvania: Pastor Thomas Croyle charged with embezzling $83K from church charity.

Florida: Youth Pastor Eric Spandorf busted for selling child pornography.

Alabama: Pastor William Curtin busted in prostitution sting.

Nebraska: Youth Pastor Mark Hild arrested for sexual assault on 11 year-old girl.

Colorado: Pastor Loren Ankarlo arrested in $750K securities fraud scheme.

New York: Rabbi Baruch Lebovits begins trial on multiple charges of child molestation.

Florida: Youth Pastor Joel Price confesses to possession of massive child porn collection.

Spain: Father Samuel Martin busted for prostituting himself to "women and couples."

Texas: Pastor Hezekiah Stallworth accused by two more victims after arrest for molesting 7 year-old girl.

California: Pastor Anthony Garduno pleads guilty to four felony counts of meth dealing.

This Week's Winner-
Germany: Echoes of Ireland. A widening child molestation scandal at several Catholic schools now includes a boys choir once headed by Pope Ratzinger's brother, Georg. More than 170 alumni from the schools have charged that they were molested by priests and school employees. The Vatican says they are sending an investigator to "look into" the situation.

Anonymous said...

So wait, James is "Ex-gay" that's insane, everyone knows that is an impossible and ridiculous notion. You can make someone straight the same way you can make someone a blond, you can cover it up all you want, your whole life even, but its still there. promise.

Whatever part of the gay community James witnessed, or felt to be dangerous, perverted, shameful etc... does not represent the larger community as a whole. Seems a bad experience, mixed with religious guilt turned James into a crazy person.