Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Homosexual Politicians and Activists Party At San Diego Gay Center as the rest of San Diego Desperately Searches For Missing 17 Year-old Chelsea King

Parents of precious 17 year-old Poway Honor Student Chelsea King urge all of San Diego to help find their daughter. As the Kings and almost all of San Diego were doing their part in a race against time to find Chelsea, homosexual politicians and gay activists were partying up at the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center on Friday night.

Here is a photo of homosexual San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio smirking with homosexual San Diego City Councilman Todd Gloria during the Friday night, February 26th celebration of homosexuality at the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center. These two gay activists were comfortably idolizing their fellow transvestite, lesbian and homosexual partners of immorality while the rest of San Diego was desperately seeking Chelsea King Friday night.

Here is a photo of homosexual San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio applauding fellow homosexual activists during a celebration at the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center. This photo of DeMaio is from Friday night, February 26, 2010. The rest of San Diego was in a dire state of urgency that Friday night as they searched for missing 17 year-old Chelsea King who disappeared the day before in Councilman DeMaio's district. Does Councilman DeMaio look the least bit concerned about Chelsea? The very next day DeMaio and his homosexual boyfriend Johnathan Hale went to a bowling alley to do an event for the extremist homosexual activist organization Human Rights Campaign called Bowling For Equality. In the meantime, Chelsea King is still missing and thousands of San Diegans are involved in the search.

Here is a photo of lesbian Toni Atkins who is campaigning to become the next assemblywoman for the 76th District of California. Atkins, a longtime San Diego City Councilwoman, managed three abortion clinics prior to her election to the city council. After being termed out in 2008, homosexual Todd Gloria replaced her on the council. Does Toni Atkins look the least bit concerned about missing Chelsea King during this Friday, February 26th homosexual celebration at the Gay and Lesbian Center?

Here is another photo from the homosexual celebration at the Friday night celebration at the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center on February 26, 2010. The individuals in this photo include liberal lesbian Democrat Gloria Johnson and rabid homosexual activist Robert Gleason, and a transvestite in the background dressed up as a Catholic Nun. Do these promoters of sexual immorality look at all concerned about the disappearance of Chelsea King or the pain and suffering that her parents were going through that night? By the way, taxpayers give millions of dollars to this particular gay and lesbian center.

Here is a photograph of San Diego Democratic Party Chairman and homosexual activist Jess Durfee as he feasts on food at the February 26th Friday night gay celebration at the San Gay and Lesbian Center. Does this homosexual powerbroker chief of the San Diego Democratic Party appear to be at all concerned with the disappearance of Chelsea King while he is gourging?


Anonymous said...

Please, James. Cut the hysteria. "Almost all of San Diego" was sitting at the dinner table or watching TV or doing whatever people do on Friday nights. The majority of San Digans, including the dominant Christian majority, probably had no idea this young woman, who was already dead, was missing and probably the victim of a heterosexual predator.

Please feel free to put up a photo essay on the Friday evening whereabouts of Pastors Jim Garlow and Miles McPherson. Why weren't they out searching for "the heinous coward who murdered precious Chelsea King?" What events at churches up and down the county were not cancelled that evening?

James Hartline said...

Not every San Diegan is an elected official in the city where the girl was missing. The elected officials who were tied directly to the area where the girl was missing were at the gay center partying and celebrating homosexuality instead of being out in the community helping to find Chelsea. Stop the justification for your satanic agenda and start seeking justice.

Anonymous said...

You are a total moron.

Anonymous said...

Your writing is absolutely hysterical. You act as though the state of someone's sexuality can be used as an insult against them. Words like homosexual and lesbian (by the way, a lesbian is also a homosexual) should not precede the name of someone. Do you label heterosexuals that way? Making note of someone's orientation is unnecessary in describing who they are.

I guess you missed the "loving thy neighbor as theyself part." Oh and that part about leaving judgement to God. You're an embarrassment.

James Hartline said...

Only reprobates think child rape and murder is hilarious.
And we wouldn't know so much about their private lives of homosexuality and lesbianism to declare their sexual titles if they hadn't been so fond of telling us such matters during their political campaigns against kids.

ANDRES said...



ANDRES said...

@james h.,
totally agree with you.

@anonymous s.,
you obviously are the moron, for it takes one to accuse another.

don't be a coward. reveal your true name. me? am andy wong of turk st., san francisco, ca 94102.