Thursday, March 04, 2010

San Diego's lesbian District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis parties with transvestites as thousands of San Diegans Desperately Searched for Chelsea King.

San Diego's lesbian District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis parties with transvestites at the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center as thousands of San Diegans desperately search for murdered missing teen Chelsea King. Dumanis, who is now holding press conferences about the need to get tough on predators, is using her prosecution of John Albert Gardner as a platform for her 2010 reeelction.

The lesbian prosecutor was all smiles and giggles on Friday night during the celebration of homosexuality while the parents of Chelsea King were weeping over their missing 17 year-old daughter.

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This is the not the first time that the radical lesbian District Attorney has danced her evil dance while predators were harming kids. Concerned Women for America reported on Dumanis and her lesbian lover participating in the extremely pornographic San Francisco gay pride parade just months after she was elected as San Diego's top prosecutor.

Despite scores of children being exposed to pornography, nudity and sexually degrading comments, Dumanis has proudly paraded herself in the annual San Diego Gay Pride parade.

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Anonymous said...

Bonnie Dumanis is an affront to all that is good and decent about public service. She only cares about herself & her rich cronies. Watch out as Bonnie will pick your case to prosecute, EVEN IF IT IS BOGUS! As long as she thinks she can get a conviction to pad her "crime-fighting portfolio," Bonnie doesn't care about the merits of it.

Look as she goes after sick & ill medical marijuana patients and persecutes the Marine widow-Cynthia Sommers, despite evidence that exonerated Cynthia, that Bonnie conveniently withheld.

I know of one lady that was prosecuted for emailing a DJ against a court order, while John Gardner-who raped and killed Chelsea King & Amber Dubois roamed the north county. Bonnie let him go with a sweet plea deal and we know the rest of the story.

SAN DIEGO: do not be hood-winked by Bonnie's slick media campaigns and lies! This megalamaniac, power-tripping east coast carpet-bagger is nothing more than a sham and a perverter of justice! You have been warned!