Monday, March 08, 2010

The Church of the Poisoned Mind - How Christians Are Funding Their Own Destruction of America: From Your Pockets to Hollywood's Godless Bank Accounts.

How Christians Are Funding Their Own Destruction of America: From Your Pockets to Hollywood's Godless Bank Accounts. Whether it's Jeff Bridges giving $27,000 in contributions to leftist Democratic politicians or Meryl Streep giving $26,000 in contributions to Al Franken and his leftist loonies, the Academy Award parade at the 2010 Oscars was a big bucks machine for the anti-christian agenda of the Democratic Party liberals.

While they sweetly and seductively played kiss-kiss in front of the cameras during the Oscars, the celebrities on stage were a Who's Who of the satanic evil in America.

And the filthy rich actresses may have left their jewels at home in the safe confines of their multi-million dollar mansions to demonstrate their newly found "compassionate conservatism" for the 20 million unemployed Americans who might be watching the Oscars. That didn't stop these whorish actresses from arriving in their limousines or receiving their $91,000 gift bags for appearing at the Oscars.

Monday morning Christians, feigning Sunday School mega-church religiosity, are still falling all over themselves in a rush to bow to their favorite movie star idols from last night's Oscars telecast. An endless stream of "I got to see Avatar again!" was being pressed upon the members of church youth groups by their adult church leaders despite the fact that Avatar producer James Cameron is one of Hollywood's biggest financiers of the abortion coffers of the Democratic Party.

Scores of women, breathless after attending rock concerts at church on Sunday morning, were throwing out their Bibles on Sunday night out of idolatrous respect for best actress winner Sandra Bullock. Bullock closed her Oscar acceptance speech last night by promoting homosexuality, but you would have never known about Bullock's radical gay rights agenda thanks to the shouts of praise she was receiving on Monday morning from her churchgoing fans. Considering that Sean Penn, one of Hollywood's biggest Communists and gay rights radicals, presented Bullock with the award, Bullock's destructive statements in her speech about being Meryl Streep's lesbian lover and promoting homosexuality should come as no shock.

Kate Winslet, best actress winner last year for her portrayal of a female pedophile in The Reader, presented this year's best actor Oscar to Jeff Bridges for his profanity-filled role in Crazy Heart. It was almost impossible to keep track of the number of times Bridges used cuss words and used the Lord's name in vain in Crazy Heart. Bridges beat out Colin Firth who appeared in The Single Man, a movie promoting homosexuality and male prostitution in the early 1960's. Radicalized pro-homosexual liberal Julianne Moore, infamous for her performance in the homosexual cannibalism movie Hannibal, drooled in her praise of Firth for his portrayal of homosexuality in The Single Man. This follows on the heels of Moore starring in Savage Grace in 2007. Savage Grace, a disgusting and evil movie featured Moore as Barbara Daly Baekeland, a mother who had an incestuous relationship with her own young son in an attempt to seduce him away from homosexuality.

Kate Winslet wasn't the only performer involved in the 2010 Oscars who was in a movie glamorizing pedophilia. When Stanley Tucci isn't making children's audio cd's he's making movies about raping children. In 2008, Tucci received a grammy nomination for his vocals on the children's cd The One and Only Shrek. In 2010, Stanley Tucci received an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor for his portrayal of a child rapist and murderer in The Lovely Bones. The Lovely Bones, a satanic movie about raping, murdering and dismembering a little girl, was glorified and praised by Hollywood in recent months. It was also directed by Peter Jackson, the man behind The Lord of the Rings movies.

Then of course there are the countless Disney Miley Cyrus zombies, fresh from their 45 minute Sunday megachurch services, sitting in front of their television sets and gushing with pride over the 17 year-old Hannah Montana actress dressed up like a hooker at the Oscars and showing excessive cleavage to all of her fellow "Christian" teen fans.

We didn't even hear a slight whimper of shock from the endless stream of churchgoing Disney fanatics as 17 year-old Miley Cyrus presented the Oscar for Best Song while the theme from the Oscar-nominated pornographic song "Take It All" from the movie Nine was played over the loudspeakers.

Homosexual activist Neil Patrick Harris opened the 2010 Oscars for no apparent reason other than to promote his homosexuality to America. Harris, a rabidly anti-christian attack dog for the gay left, sang the ceremony's perverted opening song with the lyrics "why does a prisoner drop the soap" - a reference to celebrating male sodomy in prisons. Yet today, across the internet, thousands of megachurch Christians having finished off their Oscar night cheese nachos and beer, are cheering their favorite Disney stars and performers from last night's Hollywood celebration of demonic Babylon.

If a few million children are abused by Hollywood, what's that to these megachurch faithful who fund the entertainment industry? Come on! Get with the megachurch program! These megachurch guys and gals can just throw out those used up and abused 15 and 16 year-old kids and recruit some brand new younger ones during Christian Youth Theater auditions week at Disneyland! In their eyes, the kids are disposable and so is their faith.


Anonymous said...

All that and not a single mention of the fabulous gowns? Maybe you really truly are an ex-gay, James.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to point out that age of consent in some countries is not 18, which is an absurd age to limit ones natural desires, which begin during puberty. 16 is generally what age of consent is in less extreme countries (Canada, UK etc...). 14 is the legal age of consent for those seeking relations with others under the age of 18, these are more logical age restriction considering puberty starts at around 12 or 13.
Pedophilia is when one has an attraction to children, 16 year olds are not children, and are quite capable of making decisions on their own.

I'm not going to lie, I stumbled on this blog from god know where, but I find it unbelievable that one has these views, and expresses them so publicly. I'm not arguing that you shouldn't, I just find it very ill informed, and borderline conspiracy theorist. It's a dangerous account of what goes on in your mind, and whom you see as an "enemy" which basically appears to be 99% of the human population. If I had the money I would send you to University, with the care and attention you place in this blog, you would do quite well in school, as long as you ignored those voices in your head.

Anonymous said...

Married Mormon legislator pays off 15-year-old female naked hot tub partner with $150,000.

Utah GOP House Majority Leader Kevin Garn has admitted that in 1985 he skinny-dipped in a hot tub with a nude 15 year-old girl and has paid her $150,000 since 2002 in return for her silence.

And the Mormons keep him in office. Where's the outrage?

Anonymous said...

You clearly have not seen "A Single Man." It has absolutely *nothing* to do with prostitution, gay or otherwise. But please... don't let facts get in your way. They haven't yet!

I find it amusing that if a film features a gay person, you consider it to be "promoting" homosexuality. I guess you don't like the "promotion" of the idea that gay people can be educated, successful, experience genuine love for their partner and deep grief when their partner dies... in this case, in a car accident.

Yes, God forbid that *any* gay people featured in movies aren't as obsessive and mentally unbalanced as you appear to be. So tell us... when's your movie coming out? Perhaps Troma would be interested in your story.

James Hartline said...

Only in a homosexual movie like A Single Man is prostitution not prostitution according to the "anonymous" dreamer of nightmares.

Anonymous said...

"Dreamer of Nightmares": Hmm... pretty catchy. I could always use that for a new internet nickname. Or a new game for the Playstation.

Of course, you dismissed all I had to say with no evidence to back up your assertion.

Please give me two examples of how "A Single Man" features and/or promotes prostitution. If what you claim is true, then I'm sure there are plenty more examples than just two.