Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nightmare on C Street: Bankrupt San Diego City Council at 202 C Street prepares to honor transvestite porn promoter with city proclamation.

Nightmare on C Street: The San Diego City Council, located at 202 C Street, is preparing to issue a citywide proclamation to honor a transvestite porn promoter. The transvestite, Nicole Murray Ramirez, has earned a notorious reputation for attacking Christians and Catholics even as the City Council of San Diego has repeatedly appointed him to serve on the Human Relations Commission that oversees discrimination in the city. For decades Ramirez has also been a rabid promoter of the xxx gay pornography industry.

It is Ramirez's disturbing and
unrepentant attacks against Catholics that invokes the most hostility towards the transvestite porn promoter. Advertisements for a gay bar in San Diego called Bourbon Street, as well as articles written in the Gay and Lesbian Times, shows Ramirez dressed up as a Catholic Nun while calling bingo at Bourbon Street. Bourbon Street was also featuring a plethora of gay porn performers and events during Ramirez's association with the bar.

What makes the city council's decision to honor Ramirez with a day declared in his honor all the more putrid is the fact that Ramirez has spent years during the AIDS epidemic promoting gay sex clubs where AIDS has spread like wildfire. Among many of Ramirez's raunchy promotions was his advertisements for the illegal Mr. Nude San Diego contest at Club Mustang, a homosexual bathhouse that was eventually closed down by the City of San Diego due to documented police reports of illegal sex and drug use that were occurring inside of the business. Ramirez has also emceed pornographic events at All Worlds Resort, a Palm Springs gay nudist facility tied to Rick Ford, a long time producer of gay pornography.

While no one is judging Ramirez based solely on the immoral life he has lived, what is problematic for the citizens of San Diego is the unwillingness of Ramirez to repent of his continued promotion of pornography and the gay sex industry during an AIDS epidemic that still infects and kills thousands of male homosexuals each year, many of them in the very bathhouse industry that Ramirez continues to idolize.

Ramirez presents a distorted and dishonest picture when it comes to the AIDS epidemic. For many years, Ramirez, like so many in the gay porn industry, has disingenuously projected a public persona of doing fundraisers for homosexual AIDS charities. However, according to most reputable public health officials, this is like putting a ribbon on a pig and pretending that the pig doesn't stink. To spend years promoting gay pornography and gay sex clubs while men are dying of AIDS as a result of the sexual anarchy that occurs in those businesses is a disgrace on the part of Ramirez. It is even more disgraceful for the San Diego City Council to declare Nicole Murray Ramirez Day in the City of San Diego.

This year,
San Diego City Councilmembers Kevin Faulconer, Tony Young, Donna Frye and Ben Hueso will be seeking reelection to the city council or other public offices. Christians, Catholics and other concerned citizens will be watching the vote on Tuesday to see if these four elected officials are going to honor a porn promoting transvestite in the name of the citizens of San Diego. With a $200 million impending budget deficit and a catastrophic city employee pension black hole estimated at $4 billion, voters will be more than dismayed at the money the city council will be wasting on the resolution and accompanying costs for the resolution to honor drag queen performer Nicole Murray Ramirez.

Make no mistake about it -- the issuing of this proclamation to honor a drag queen involved in the porn industry is being done in the name of all Catholics, Christian parents, their children, and everything else that is decent in San Diego. Nicole Murray Ramirez, a bigoted, anti-christian male transvestite who has dressed up as a Nun and promotes pornography, will be honored with this proclamation by the city council. Nicole Murray Ramirez Day in the City of San Diego will be voted on during a Tuesday, January 26th council meeting at 6pm. Christians can attend the meeting at 6pm to speak out in opposition to this heinous act.

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