Sunday, January 10, 2010

U. S. Senator Harry "KKK" Reid is an avowed member of the racist Mormon Church.

U. S. Senator Harry "KKK" Reid is an avowed member of the racist Mormon Church. Harry Reid's racist comments about the negro "features" of Barack Obama are part of the Mormon Church's racist belief that blacks are cursed. Mormon elder Mitt Romney and U. S. Senator Harry Reid are in blood covenant with the racist Mormon religion that believes blacks are inferior.

And don't fall for the fake tear that Mitt Romney sheds on television about civil rights and Martin Luther King jr. What is Romney going to get on television and say about blacks when he is trying to run for president? Yet, Mormon elder Mitt Romney, like his Mormon blood brother Harry "KKK" Reid, have never disavowed their blood oaths to the racist Mormon Church.

To understand why Mormon elder Mitt Romney and Harry Reid are secretly racist to the core read what THEIR Mormon Church believes about blacks.

God and Skin Color :

The Mormon Church on the Black Race
God Prefers Whites
Slavery - A Divine Institution
Blacks are Inferior
Abolitionists are Nigger Stealers
The Mark of Cain
The Ideals of Segregation
Blacks have Dishonorable Bodies
Blacks Have a Secret Agenda
God Darkens Sinners
May Every Negro Drive a Cadillac
White Friends Can't Scrub Off the Mark
Denial of Equality
People of Color Consort with Devil
Mark E. Petersen's Racist BYU Talk
Brigham Young: Death to Inter-racials!
Surprize! Joseph Smith Ordained a Black Man

There is no difference between the racist Mormon Church and the KKK. U. S. Senator Harry Reid and Mormon elder Mitt Romney are in blood covenant with the Mormon racist ideologies that have oppressed the black race and denied them the same dignity of humanity that comes with all of God's men. You will not see blacks placed among the apostles and elders at the Mormon Tabernacle. That's because the Mormon cult is racist to the core. You will also not see Romney or Reid abandon their racist Mormon Tabernacle either. The only solution to this evil is for the American people to reject the racist ideologies of Romney, Reid and their cult Mormon religion.


Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney will win the 2012 presidential election by a landslide. Mormons are good people and the Mormon Church does a tremendous amount of good work in this country. That is why the Mormon Church is the fastest growing church in America (and San Diego too). However, religion is not an issue in the 2012 election.

Former Bay State Gov. Mitt Romney hasn’t yet said whether he’s officially in the 2012 presidential race, but a recent poll has him as the runaway favorite to win the Republican nomination. According to a poll by the National Journal, Romney leads the GOP pack with 62 percent of the vote. Several other recent polls put Romney at the top. Huckabee and Palin are falling like a rock.

Merilyn said...

You that exhude hate, with your lies about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints(Mormon) show your ignorance. My life is full of caring friends and purposeful acts of kindness. I love the Lord and strive to be like Him.

Anonymous said...

religion is the main issue! James, keep speaking out and do what the Lord has called you to do. Let the Holy Spirit convict the hearts of men and women who continue their lives without Jesus. It is not the believers job to band-aid the heart of sinners but to REPENT ASK FORGIVENESS AND JESUS TO COME INTO YOUR HEART. LET JESUS REIGN OVER YOU-HALLELUJAH! Bro in Christ