Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chief Pig of San Diego: Gluttonous Mayor Jerry Sanders votes for $50,000 pay raise for fellow crony as city suffers in financial bankruptcy.

Chief Pig of San Diego: Gluttonous Mayor Jerry Sanders votes for $50,000 pay raise for fellow crony as city suffers. While the City of San Diego prepares to deal with a $200 million deficit in the coming fiscal year and a projected $4 billion public employees pension black hole, Republican San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders cannot stop gourging his fat political gut at the feeding trough of cronyism.

According to the San Diego Union Tribune, Mayor Sanders voted to give a $50,000 pay raise to the existing $240,000 per year salary of Gary Gallegos, executive director of the San Diego Association of Governments planning agency. Sanders sits on the SANDAG board and endorsed the raise. He said Gallegos has proved highly effective at representing the region’s interests in Sacramento and Washington, D.C.

While San Diego continues to suffer high unemployment, home foreclosures and a city deficit that has forced the shutting down of youth programs, diminished law enforcement services and restricted library hours, Jerry "jello" Sanders, continues to reward his fellow cronies with high salaries, pay raises and other elitist perks.

All of the continued Jerry Sanders corruption in San Diego has been overshadowed by the enormous amount of time he has spent using his title as mayor to promote the private life agenda of his own daughter's lesbian sex life. Sanders recently provoked more anger out of San Diego voters when he testified at a trial to overturn Prop. 8, the voter approved ban on same-sex marriages. Despite the fact that San Diegans voted to approve Prop. 8, Sanders deceitfully testified at the trial that San Diego does not support a ban on same-sex marriages. Ever the political prostitute, in 2007 Sanders self-rewarded a lifetime hobby of his -- the special political interests of the gay community -- by flipflopping on a previous campaign promise to oppose same-sex weddings. Jerry "I can't keep a promise to the voters" Sanders has made an aggressive public stand for homosexual nuptials and hired a multitude of homosexual activists to run his daily political operations.

Granting a $50,000 pay raise to a crony is but the latest in a decades long political stunt of immoral decisionmaking on the part of Jerry Sanders. This latest pay off will, perhaps, be the final debacle that causes voters to finally call in an honest and decent plumber to clean up the rotten pipes and backed up sewage that San Diego calls the career of Jerry "I love a good lesbian novel too" Sanders.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to Mayor Sanders, San Diego is still America's finest city. Now there is some new breaking news.

It appears that the efforts of our mayor are finally paying off. We have just been given national recognition for being in the top 15 gay cities in America and the #1 gay city in California. This new honor will certainly bring more tourists and jobs to San Diego.

Of course part of the credit has to go to Nicole Ramirez who has worked tirelessly to promote San Diego as a good place for gays to live and to visit.