Monday, January 25, 2010

San Diego City Council Mocks United States Military by honoring a gay city commissioner who has made sexually degrading comments about veterans.

The San Diego City Council prepares to mock our United States military by honoring a homosexual city commissioner who has made gross and sexually derogatory comments about U. S. veterans and military heroes.

The James Hartline Report published an article on October 18, 2009 which detailed the disgusting comments made by transvestite homosexual Nicole Murray Ramirez in a Gay and Lesbian Times column. Ramirez, who has been appointed by the city council to serve on the Human Relations Commission, a local governmental board overseeing discrimination in San Diego, wrote the sexually explicit and degrading comments in the Gay and Lesbian Times about certain military veterans including Congressman Duncan Hunter Jr.

Ramirez wrote: Yes, our very own City Councilmmember Todd Gloria was named San Diego’s sexiest politician in a recent San Diego News Network poll. The top four are: Todd Gloria, State Assemblymember Nathan Fletcher and a tie for third place between Congressmember Duncan Hunter and Council President Pro-Tem Kevin Faulconer. Yes, Todd beat out four straight men, but are the voters blind? We love Todd, but ex-marines Faulconer and Hunter are butch and hot! Fletcher would get my vote hands down.

On Tuesday, January 26th, the San Diego City Council is preparing to honor Ramirez with a city wide proclamation declaring Nicole Murray Ramirez Day in the city. Christians, Catholics and Military veterans are encouraged to stand against the celebration of Ramirez's perversions and mockery of the military by speaking out at the city council on Tuesday at 6pm.

In addition to his long term efforts to legalize male sodomy in the military, Ramirez has earned a notorious reputation for mocking the Catholic Church by dressing up as a Nun while calling Bingo at a gay bar. The transvestite Ramirez has also been a long time promoter of the gay pornography industry in California.

Many are wondering why the city council cannot find real role models to honor with city proclamations rather than drag queens who mock the military and churchgoers.


Anonymous said...

Much ado about nothing!

Robert S. said...

After the unanimous approval of the proclamation to honor Nicole Ramirez by our City Council, God withdrew the storms and this morning there is glorious sunshine. This is a clear sign from God that he approves of Nicole’s service to our city.

As the council president noted in his remarks, your presentation was an example of why we need people like Nicole working for the citizens of San Diego.

Anonymous said...

“are the voters blind? We love Todd, but ex-marines Faulconer and Hunter are butch and hot!”

James, how do these words from Nicole dishonor our Marines? Being hot and butch is nothing to be ashamed of and the 10 commandments do not say, “thou shalt not be butch or hot”. Our Marines have a proud reputation of being hot and butch and to deny that they are not is extremely disrespectful and unpatriotic.