Sunday, January 10, 2010

Devil Declares Touchdown! Score: Devil 7 Kids 0 -- Television program to teach the public on how to grow, cultivate and cook marijuana.

While San Diego Christians were sitting around watching their precious football games, they were completely ignoring the dark television programming on other stations in their city.

Pro-marijuana TV show debuts here
Friday, January 8, 2010 at 1:30 a.m.

Cox Communications of San Diego now debuts a television program to teach the public on how to grow, cultivate and cook marijuana. All children will be able to watch this program whether parents like it or not! The devil just declared, "Touchdown!" Score: Devil: 7 - Kids: 0 - How long do you think God is going to tolerate you being entertained with sports while the youth of this generation are being destroyed by an unchallenged and wicked corporate America?

Parents protect your kids from marijuana, the single most destructive gateway drug to a destructive lifestyle!

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Anonymous said...

“It’s college-educated people who are responsible members of the community who are using cannabis,” Lane said. “It’s auto mechanics, bankers, lawyers, doctors, schoolteachers. They’re normal people. The more people come out of proverbial cannabis closet, the more we become socially acceptable.”

Yes, and add liberal preachers and politicians to the above list. James, the bible does not prohibit the use of cannabis. In fact, my bible leads me to believe that marijuana was given to us by God for our enjoyment.