Saturday, January 09, 2010

On The Frontlines of The Culture War: The Mormon 666 Chip - Dark Deeds Being Done At Brigham Young University.

On The Frontlines of The Culture War: Dark Deeds Being Done At Brigham Young University. BYU, the University under the control of the Mormon Church, has announced that its researchers have create "The Chip" - an inexpensive silicon microchip that has the potential to do all kinds of wicked things.

'Lab on a chip' that detects viruses developed by BYU researchers

What makes the secretive work at BYU all the more problematic is the way that the university insures that the vast majority of its students and faculty are members of the Mormon Church and are in allegiance with the cult religious organization. One look at the school's admissions and financial policies and one can learn a great deal about the dark deeds going on at Brigham Young University. According to the BYU website, members of the Mormon Church are only required to pay 1/2 of what non-mormons are required to pay in tuition fees. According to the school's statistics on student population, 98.5% or 32,516 students attending BYU in 2009 were Mormon adherents, while 1.5% or 439 students were non-mormons.

With a willing adherence to the demonic cult beliefs of the Mormon Church, do any reasonable minds really believe that the deceived students of BYU have any intention of revealing to the world was is really going on behind the secretive walls of the research laboratories of their school? The vast majority of male students take a hiatus from the school to become two-year mormon cult missionaries.

Manipulation and public perception are everything to the cult leaders of the Mormon organization. Readers will not find it mentioned on the university website that Brigham Young, namesake and earlier financier of the university, had 55 wives. Nor is there any mention of the diabolical racist history of the Mormon religion. Which would explain why there are only 165 blacks attending BYU in 2009 out of 33,000 enrolled students.

From a political perspective, the secrecy and cult religious agenda of BYU should concern every American who is being sold the false bill of goods regarding the Mitt Romney presidential campaign. Romney will be running again for the Republican nomination for president in 2012. In reality, Mormon elder Mitt Romney has never really stopped campaigning for the nomination since his defeat by John McCain in 2008.

Romney has earned his vast fortune off of the corporate investment industry. It is a fortune Romney will be using aggressively leading up to his 2012 campaign for president. Will Romney be investing, as well, in the development of "The Chip" courtesy of his mormon brothers at BYU?
do the math: 6 + 6 + 6 = ?

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