Friday, January 08, 2010

Extremist antichristian leaders of San Diego Gay Pride Group caught up in financial scandal after spending years attacking James Hartline

Financial Corruption Causes Disintegration of San Diego Gay Pride Organization Board. Extremist antichristian leaders of Gay Pride Group caught up in financial scandal after spending years attacking James Hartline for his stand against homosexuality in the City of San Diego. San Diego Gay Community is consumed with a civil war over their homosexual leaders' financial mismanagement of the largest local homosexual political organization in the city.

For the past seven years James Hartline has led scores of Christians to make a stand for the youth of San Diego against the largest homosexual political organization in the city. Every year, James Hartline has stood before the San Diego City Council to call out to the council to stop honoring their annual promotion via a city proclamation of honor for the raunchy gay pride celebration. Each year, Hartline has been attacked by the city council and their gay pride supporters for his stand for truth and righteousness. The San Diego Gay Pride organization has led parades and festivals each summer that
expose young kids to homosexuality, pornography and many other evils.

In 2005, James reported on
the pedophile network that was operating inside of the San Diego Gay Pride organization. At the time, the pedophile scandal almost caused the stoppage of the entire annual gay pride parade and festival. A convicted pedophile, Martin Ramirez, was employed as Marty the Clown by San Diego Gay Pride to entertain small children in their porn-filled festival.

In 2007, James led an evangelical effort to confront the San Diego Padres over the team allowing the celebration of homosexuality inside of Petco Park by the San Diego Gay Pride organization. The team had scheduled a youth promotion event in the ball park at the same time that the stadium was being used for a
gay pride celebration during the game. This became a major national story when Bill O'Reilly confronted the homosexual event at Petco Park on his #1 program The Factor. You can watch that confrontation between Bill O'Reilly and the leader of San Diego Gay Pride on the following video:

During the O'Reilly program, the homosexual leader of San Diego Gay Pride did everything possible to degrade Christian opposition to homosexuality and promote the interests of his gay pride political agenda. The gay pride leader on the O'Reilly program is Ron DeHarte.

For the past several years,
DeHarte has been been one the loudest antichristian bigots in San Diego against James Hartline's efforts to stand up to San Diego Gay Pride and the City of San Diego declaring Gay Pride Month through citywide resolutions. However, an enemy of the Gospel can only attack God's servants for so long before God declares, "Enough!" This week, Mr. DeHarte was fired from San Diego Gay Pride for his role in the organization's major financial scandal. Additionally, the San Diego gay community is engaged in an immoral civil war against one another over the financial scandal that is overwhelming their demonic organization.

Once again, James Hartline and his team show that standing up for God's principles, as declared in His word, will always be honored by the Lord. When we are obedient to God, even in the midst of persecution from the enemy, God will ultimately rise up and bring justice on behalf of His appointed servants. God will even cause His opponents to turn on each other, bringing about their own destruction.

"And when they began to sing and praise, the LORD set an ambush against the men of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Se'ir, who had come against Judah, so that they were routed. For the men of Ammon and Moab rose against the inhabitants of Mount Se'ir, destroying them utterly, and when they had made an end of the inhabitants of Se'ir, they all helped to destroy one another."
2 Chronicles 20:22-23

In the following video from the San Diego City Council, July 14, 2009, you can watch James Hartline confront the evils of San Diego Gay Pride while Christian supporters from Justice House of Prayer and other ministries pray during his city council speech.
Watch James Hartline's Speech here.


Anonymous said...

YOu hate freedom pure and simple. Gay people have the constitutional right to do what they want under the law. Something you don't understand.

Anonymous said...

Hey, first Anonymous: freedom of speach applies to Hartline as well. Something you don't understand.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous #2. Nobody questioned Hartline's freedom of speech. Can you read?

Just a reminder Anon2: Freedom of religion applies to those who choose not to accept your particular God, folks. It also applies to those of us who don't believe in any God.

The little kerfuffle at San Diego LGBT Pride will be quickly resolved, and next year's San Diego Pride Festival & Parade and Pride at the Park (I'm a big Padres fan!) will be the biggest events ever!