Saturday, January 16, 2010

Radicalized Regional Homosexual Group with ties to Anti-Semitic Global Gay Pride organization and Planned Parenthood to hold event in San Diego

James Hartline Report: Radicalized Regional Homosexual Group with ties to Anti-Semitic Global Gay Pride organization and Planned Parenthood to hold event in San Diego, January 21-24, 2010. San Diego will be playing host to a radicalized homosexual organization called the Consolidated Association of Pride Incorporated (CAPI) in the third week of January, 2010 at the Sheraton Hotel Mission Valley.

There are a number of disturbing factors which make this dark and immoral organization coming to San Diego a real slap in the face of the families of California's second largest city. According to scandal-ridden San Diego Gay Pride, abortion provider Planned Parenthood is listed on the CAPI San Diego event's sponsorship list for providing "scholarships" for attendees of the three-day conference. With a deadly lifestyle added to the death chambers of Planned Parenthood, the CAPI conference will coincide with Planned Parenthood holding various heinous celebrations of the January 22nd, 37th anniversay of the notorious Roe v. Wade case that legalized the eventual extermination of 50 million babies in America's abortion mills.

According to the CAPI brochure, rabid abortion activist and feminist Midge Costanza is a scheduled speaker. Costanza was previously employed by anti-semitic, pro-Islamic former U. S. President Jimmy Carter. Troy Perry, founder of the radicalized homosexual organization Metropolitan Community Church, is also a featured speaker of the event. Plotting strategies for the radicalized socialist agenda of CAPI will be a key component of the three day conference.

CAPI is also intimately tied to Interpride, a radical anti-christian international group that pushed for the perverted World Gay Pride event to be held in the holy City of Jerusalem in 2005 and 2006. The James Hartline Report originally broke the story on the impending sexually perverted event scheduled for Jerusalem in 2005. As a result of Hartline's original and shocking expose, a global movement was ignited to stop the Jerusalem World Gay Pride event. Hartline's report culminated in a worldwide outcry that blocked the event two years in a row. World leaders and orthodox Jewish members of the Knesset rose up and stopped Interpride from holding the event that would have allowed sexually immoral events to pollute the most holy sites in Jerusalem.

CAPI says this of their relationship to Interpride: "Working hand-in-hand with InterPride. CAPI focuses its efforts on local and regional activities, while InterPride focuses on issues of national and international concern."

You can contact the Sheraton Hotel Mission Valley to let them know that you will not be staying in their hotel anytime soon since they want to allow events tied to anti-semitic InterPride and Planned Parenthood to be held in their venue.

Contact/Boycott: Sheraton Hotel Mission Valley

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