Monday, November 17, 2008

Sodom Has Resurrected: Video of Horrible Gay Assault Against Christians.

The Justice House of Prayer movement is one of the most peaceful groups of young high school and college age Christians in America. Yet, you are about to watch a video of one of the most vile attacks against these young people to ever occur against any American citizen in America history. What you about to learn will shock most Americans. Now you shall see that the homosexual movement in America is one of the most dangerous and violent political movements in American history.

Watch This Shocking Video of homosexual activists on the streets of San Francisco as they engage in some of the most vile and hateful actions against peaceful, young students from the Justice House of Prayer:

The truth is finally coming out: The homosexual movement has always been based upon big lies. They have not been discriminated against. They are not denied rights. What they are, is one of the most anti-American, anti-christian socialist movements in the world. And they are on the streets of America abusing Christians, assaulting seniors, threatening religious groups.

Never forget this video that you have seen when they come around demanding special rights and the right to dismantle the institution of marriage to accomodate their hatred and their bigotry.
Never Forget!

California Be Warned! Never, ever allow these people to fool you again! They are the oppressors and they are trying to take your freedoms away from you.

And we shall Defy Their Lies!


Anonymous said...

I didn't see any assault there. However, I'm sure some members of the LGBTQ community HAVE acted inappropriately but the actions of few do not match the actions of most. What do you expect, though? They're angry! You mess with someone's relationship in any way shape or form and you're going to get ANGRY people. You take away someone's right to MARRY which they HAD, of course you're going to make people furious. Besides isn't that judging, this whole Prop 8 vote? You're judging them by taking away their rights. I can't stand cafeteria Christians. Just take what you want and leave the rest, huh?

I'm a happily married surburban mother of two in Ohio but I would have been there protesting right along with them if I was living there. I'm a former christian - the attitude of people like you sicken me and make me sad. Jesus would not be happy with what you are doing. YOU can't be happy with what you're doing. I know you're not, deep down. You are lying to yourself. I KNOW THIS. - L

James Hartline said...
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James Hartline said...

You're a "former" Christian? No you're not. The Bible says that you were never a Christian in the first place, much less a "former" one. True Christians never abandon the Lord Jesus Christ. Of the original 12 disciples of the Lord, only Judas ultimately and permanently abandoned the Lord. And he committed suicide after betraying Jesus. And the Bible teaches that he was never really saved. The Apostle Paul teaches that some leave the faith because they never really were of the faith, but the world and its temptations became more important than the pursuit of righteousness.
YOU judge Christians who uphold the truth and righteousness to cover up your own rebellion to the Word of God. You condemn Christians while you support the sin of homosexuality. I think that speaks fully of the distress in your own thought process and the confusion in your spiritual priorities. One day, you will go before the Lord, whether you like it or not. And you will give an account for your decision to rebel against the Lord Who offered, FREELY, the gift of salvation, and you have rejected the only means of saving you from your sins. The Bible teaches that ALL, you, me, the homosexual activists, the preacher, ALL, have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. We all need to have our sins forgiven and to become born again. If you reject what Christ is still offering you, then you will be lost forever. And for what will you forgo the salvation of Christ? For what? A little pleasure, a little lust, a litte dating, a little money on the side, a little entertainment, a little piece of property or a business or another religion? For what will you give in exchange for the gift of eternal life? There is truly something wrong with the man and the woman who refuses to embrace the free gift of Jesus Christ.
And those homosexual activists were not protesting as you claim. The members of the Justice House of Prayer are young high school and college students who are very, very peaceful in their activities. These violent homosexual activists attacked them just because the kids in the ministry were standing on the streets in the Castro area and they were Christians. The same violent mentality was present in the old city of Sodom when the men of Sodom, whom the Bible said were wicked against the Lord, tried to force themselves on the angels of the Lord to brutally rape them. The violent gang mentality of those in the Castro area of San Francisco demonstrates the truth of the Bible which says that in the last days ancient Sodom would be resurrected with all of its evil. And those in this video who attacked these kids because of their religion should be charged with hate crimes. Since when in America is there such a thing today, as segregation where American citizens are not allowed onto a street corner to pray and minister? The images in this video are like watching the Nazis and the brutal communists in China as they attacked the Christians in Tiananmen Square. This chilling assault against the rights of Americans to freely minister on a public street is reminiscent of the white racists who attacked our black brothers and sisters during the 1950's and 1960's for drinking out of the "wrong" water fountain. Where is the outrage among the ACLU attorneys now? Huh? There won't be any outrage among the hypocritial and unethical ACLU attorneys because they are defenders of the radical rot of the homosexual political movement
and its goal of establishing a secularized socialist state. There is something truly evil about what was done to these kids in this video. And if you can't see that then you have really been polluted in your reasoning and in your ability to think correctly regarding what is right and what is wrong. Stop trying to defend the corruption of this rotten homosexual movement. Something has gone terribly wrong with Americans
as they continue to defend the gay movement as some kind of civil rights movement. This video demonstrates what this corrupt homosexual movement has always been about: a socialist and oppressive political movement bent on destroying freedom of religion in this nation. It is always the Christians who are the target of these homosexual activists because the homosexual movement is totally based upon atheist communism. And the communists throughout their Karl Marx history have always targeted Christianity, for it considers Chritianity to be the one real threat to their goal of global marxism and socialism. You don't see these homosexuals attacking muslims in the same way,
yet muslims by a wide margin voted for Prop. 8. It is only the Christians that these homosexuals attack because, like the old Roman Empire, Christians have always represented the wall which seperates the global anti-true God movement from the minds of the masses. And as to why you were not able to follow the Lord Jesus Christ and His eternal path is because you have decided to follow the same side as these homosexual activists and their rage against Christianity. I would say that you are in a very bad place and you really need prayer.

MainTour said...

Please support the "Yes on 8 Petition" to the Governor.

Proposition 8: Governor Schwarzenegger Respect the Voter's Will

If you are a California citizen, please act immediately to sign this petition to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who is urging the California Supreme Court to overthrow the results of the recent free and fair election which passed Proposition 8, defining marriage as between a man and a woman. His actions as governor in attempting to negate this vote are an insult to the voters of California and undermine the rule of law. We will deliver this letter with your signatures to his office as a means of saying that the voices of the voters should neither be disregarded, nor silenced.

When Thomas Jefferson put that language about "consent of the governed" in the Declaration of Independence, it was not just a nice-sounding phrase, but the keystone of the Declaration and, indeed, the entire revolution. It captured the fundamental reason the colonists had decided to leave the British Commonwealth, and why they were willing, as the Declaration put it, to "pledge their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor" to the cause of independence. The hallmark and foundation of this country is the "consent of the governed."

James Wilson of New Jersey, who signed both the Declaration and the Constitution, wrote that "the only reason why a free and independent man was bound by human laws was this - that he bound himself." In other words, he consented to be bound by them, because he participated in the process.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the biggest irony in this gay marriage debate is that the people who are most worried about attacks on the institution of marriage are the ones with the highest divorce rate. Most of the 10 states with the highest divorce rates vote Republican; the majority of states with the lowest divorce rates are blue states. Evangelical Christians get more divorces than other demographic groups; evangelical teens have higher pregnancy rates. This is why Bristol Palin’s pregnancy was no big deal to the Republican base. They all know kids like that.

James Hartline said...

I totally agree with a portion of your comments. There is great hypocrisy in the Christian Churches. Not only are some of the old mainline Protestant Churches some of the biggest adovcates of the sin of homosexuality, but also they do have some of the highest divorce rates in America. They are indeed hypocrites and are standing on very thin ice when it comes to the issue of arguing for any postition on marriage. However, it was these liberal Protestant Churches, like the apostasy-ridden Episcopal denomination that supported homosexuality and the No on Prop 8 campaign. Yes, you are right, there are those who call themselves Christians who are true hypocrites. However, there is NO evidence that Christian teens have a higher pregnancy rate. That is a statement that is not supported at all by any evidence. What we do have evidence of is the fact that abstinence is honored and promoted among young Christians and I have seen no evidence of high pregnancy rates among these kids. And I associate with many youth groups and I would see the pregnancies if they were occuring.

I have reported many times on the hypocrisies going on among pastors like Ted Haggard and Rick Warren which has led to my being attacked by their supporters.

Anonymous said...

“James Hartline is the least likely man to change a city, but that is exactly what he is doing. From fighting illegal porn stores to exposing the corruption within the homosexual agenda, James is being used to confront the powers of darkness in San Diego, California.

So what has James accomplished in 2008?
Nada. Nothing. Zilch.
No porn stores have been shut down. No bath houses have been closed. No anti-gay laws have been enacted. No gay activities have been curtailed.

What have the gays accomplished?
The bars are packing them in. New bars have opened. Gays picked up two seats on the city council, local employers are hiring gays as soon as they arrive, gays are buying property in Hillcrest at a record rate, and gays are participating in every facet of community life. While the more “fundamentalist” churches bitch and moan about the homos, gays are gaining favor with God and reaping a blessing. CHANGE has come to San Diego!

Anonymous said...

The church group carried out a noisy non-violent protest against the lifestyle of people in that area. I'm sure you would not characterise it thus, but that is the reality of the situation.

They were met with a noisy non-violent protest. If you have any evidence of violence towards them, it is not present in that video.

Was the presence of the police necessary ? Maybe, a large group of young men fuelled on adrenaline and anger does hold the possibility of violence, regardless of their skin colour, religion, or sexual orientation.

Was this a 'Horrible Gay Assault Against Christians' ? No, it was not. It was a reciprocal non-violent protest, comparable to those of the Patriot Guard Riders against the Westboro Baptist Church.

MauraHennessey said...

The protestors were linked to Lou Engle. Not the most moderate of men, and one with links to the treasonous group "Joel's Army" that plans to subvert and destroy the Constitution of the United States. During wartime, yet.

James, as the mother of a serviceman in the Regular Army, I am disgusted and revolted that you would endorse treason in wartime. It is outrageous. I suspect the real agenda of you Fundamentalists Christians is to weaken our nation, weaken the resolve of our allies, and to precipitate defeat and confusion to seize the opportunity to destroy the Constitution, having cut some unholy deal with our Islamist enemies to make it happen.

I abhor traitors whose vileness costs the spilt blood of our herioc soldiers, James. And yet, you, boldly relishing your felonious and murderous intent, brag about your efforts to desecrate the greatest nation on the face of the earth.

Maura Hennessey
Mother of a Sergeant in the US Army
Lesbian Activist

Anonymous said...

"the most vile attacks against these young people to ever occur against any American citizen in America history"

WOW. Um, you need to open at least one US history book. Within three chapters I guarantee you'll find something more ghastly than a bunch of dudes chanting and dancing down the street while being chaperoned by police on foot that could contain them simply by standing shoulder to shoulder.