Friday, November 07, 2008

A Few Reasons Why Real Christians Will Never Accept Homosexual Marriages

The Lie: Homosexual activists say that they are born homosexual. DEFY THAT LIE!
KNOW THE TRUTH: and the truth is -- no one is born homosexual.

In the near days there will be a very large team of Christian activists who will begin a new campaign. A campaign that will verbally confront many of the discussions that have been draped upon the minds of the American culture for far too long by homosexual activists.

We will begin this campaign by responding adequately, articulately, intelligently, and correctly to the many myths that have been sold as truth by the perpetrators of the more radicalized elements of the homosexual political movement.

Millions of true Christians in America will never, ever accept homosexual marriages, just as we will never accept the idea of allowing the conveyors of homosexual myths to deceive us. We, unlike some in this nation, refuse to allow ourselves to be deceived.

A classic example:

In her very simplistic and sly attempt to deceive the public, the professional musician-turned-lesbian activist Melissa Etheridge made this recent statement about Prop. 8 in an attempt to gain sympathy for her deceptive perspective:

"I got news for them, someday your child is going to come home and ask you what a gay person is. Gay people are born everyday. You will never legislate that away."

Therein lies - the lies - of the homosexual political machine, as the likes of Melissa Etheridge continue to push forth their campaign of deception. There is NO EVIDENCE, none, zero, zilch, that any human being is born homosexual. There is no scientific evidence to support THE MYTH of a homosexual gene that homosexual activists continue to push on the American cultural landscape. Thus, Etheridge's entire little rant against Prop. 8 and traditional marriage values is encased in a myriad of deceptive statements and weakly veiled verbage designed to play the same old rag tag sympathy card, as well as to equate the wealthy, white millionaires who voluntarily engage in anal intercourse and lesbianism with the blood shed, degradation, humiliation, slavery, murder and unholy lynchings that were committed against my African American brothers and sisters during the racist holocaust of America's early years thru the 20th century.

This false myth that the Melissa Etheridges of the world continue to spread as fact only serve to undermine even further their goal of equating sexual choice with race and gender.

We true Christians, by the millions, will never allow ourselves to be deceived on this matter. And because we refuse to allow ourselves to be deceived by Melissa Etheridge's game plan of selling THE MYTH that human beings are born homosexual, people like James Hartline, and tens of thousands of others, have now been completely set free from the sin of homosexuality.

And another example:

When we true Christians die, we will go before the Lord and give an account for our lives. We are simply not going to gamble our eternal destinys away by changing the Bible to accomodate the sins and myths of the homosexual political machine. If men want to continue having sex with other men, and women want to continue having sex with other women, that is their choice, but we are never, ever going to stop calling it what it is so that that they can feel better about themselves when they engage in their sins.

God will require of us an answer for our own actions if we do not tell the truth. We would be considered liars in the eyes of God, if we change His word to accomodate a lie. We cannot call good, what God has called evil. Why would we want to betray our God by disobeying Him? He has given us everything. So, how could we then turn our backs on our Lord and lie about what His word says about homosexuality? Doesn't our God deserve our allegiance, our obedience and our love?

And we will not allow ourselves to be initimidated by the hate and violence being threatened by gay activists who are pushing forth their demands that we bow and let them just run all over us and the American political system. We will not be bullied. We will not be manipulated by the deceptive guilt trips that homosexual activists try to put on us as they attempt to make us feel guilty for standing up for the Word of God. They are the ones in the wrong, not us. We are not the ones attempting to sin and to promote sin. They are.

Are we showing God's love by lying to others just to make them feel better about their sins? Their sins will eventually doom them. If a man or a woman does not repent of their sins, then they are doomed. Are we to just encourage them to go forward on the path of the sexual sins that will ultimately damn them to eternal hell? What kind of person would do that to another human being? What kind of Christian encourages another person to stay on the path leading to hell by calling their sins a good thing?

We cannot, we must not, we will not, change God's word so that those involved in the sins of homosexuality, lesbianism and transsexuality can feel better about themselves. God is calling every human being to repentance. And that includes those who engage in the hellish acts of homosexuality, lesbianism and transsexuality. And the Bible also says that time is running out. There is so very little time left to repent. To gain the whole world and yet, to lose one's soul in the process: what a terrible and worthless tradeoff that is.

Thus, the sly little rant by Melissa Etheridge will never cause us to accept her self-deception, her lesbianism, or her demand that we just bow down to her desire to redefine family and marriage.

And another thing:

The Bible also says that a nation given over to rebellion against God, and a nation burdened down by immorality, will not stay a nation for very long. Shall we just roll over and allow our nation to be judged by God, a judgment due because a small army of sexual anarchists decided to force their agenda of creating a nation embracing their sexual sins?

If these sexual anarchists get their way, then our nation will be destroyed. We will have nothing left and it will be their fault. And it will be our fault if we stand by and do nothing. History has proven that. And history aside, the Bible says this will be the case.

The real issue for all people on all sides of the battle over homosexuality is this: What are our highest priorities? For the true Christian, the highest priority is always answering this question: What is God's will? Well, we know that it is not God's will that any should perish, that any should go to hell. Yet, the only way that a person engaged in homosexuality, lesbianism or transsexuality can prevent themselves from going to hell is to repent of their sins and to cease from doing those sins.

If the highest priority in the life of a person who is engaged in homosexuality is to pursue sexual fulfillment with a member of the same gender or the promotion of a political agenda that defies God and changes God's definition of marriage for one that accepts same-sex marriages, then that person is doomed. Oh, he or she may accomplish a few carnal goals, but for what? To exchange the glory of God and spending eternity with the living Creator, for a few years in bed with another person engaged in homosexuality will grant that sad person an eternity in the suffering, agonizing, tormenting void of hell -- what an insane deal that self-deceived and lost soul will be making.

I will live and breathe God until I can breathe no more. I found the truth and I am confident that I shall go before the Lord when I die and He will be well pleased with me because I chose the right path when I left the homosexual lifestyle. My example of departing nearly ten years ago from 30 years involvement in homosexuality demonstrates that people like Melissa Etheridge are deceived and deceiving others on the matter of homosexuality.

There are two choices for everyone that contemplates this discourse. You can put your trust and eternal destiny in Melissa Ethridge's agenda OR you can put your trust in the Jesus Christ I am presenting. Who shall you believe on the matter of your eternal life: Melissa Etheridge or James Hartline? Choose wisely, your eternal life hangs in the balance.


Anonymous said...

With the exception of one small religious association of therapists, the vast majority of human sexuality researchers and mental health therapists accept that the root cause of homosexual orientation is genetic. Most scientific organizations also believe that homosexuality is not a choice, that biology plays some role. The National Mental Health Association says, “Most researchers believe sexual orientation is complex, and that biology plays an important role. This means that many people are born with their sexual orientation, or that it’s established at an early age.” This is the scientific viewpoint that is being taught in our schools and colleges.

James, in reference to your statements about the “bible”.
Throughout history men have written “bibles” to promote their view of “God” and his rules for a successful life. The Christian bible, written by many authors and then assembled into one volume by the Catholic Church, is one of many bibles. Fortunately, we live in a country that gives everyone the freedom to explore all bibles and then choose one, several, or none at all to guide his/her life. I choose to communicate directly with God to discern his will for my life. None of the promoters of the various bibles offer any evidence that “their” bible is the word of God. Some of the various bibles do contain divine inspiration mixed in with many absurdities. The old testament in the Christian bible contains many absurdities, from talking snakes to rabbits who chew their cuds.

James, if the King James version of the Christian bible, or another translation, suits your needs to guide you, then please continue using it. But consider that many of us know God as a living force that we can call upon each day for guidance and do not need the ancient “bible” which is irrelevant in modern society. While 90 percent of Americans believe in some form of God or higher power, less than 10 percent of the population (outside of the bible belt) believes that the “bible” is really the word of God. This is why gay people are finding acceptance today. We live in a world of science. Our schools and universities teach science; not religious dogma.
You are free to believe anything you want, just as I am free to believe otherwise. Science and public opinion is on my side. Also, my God created me as a gay guy and He would be very displeased if I adopted the behavior of a heterosexual.

James Hartline said...

"the vast majority of human sexuality researchers and mental health therapists accept that the root cause of homosexual orientation is genetic."

Fact or Fiction: FICTION.
There is absolutely NO consensus or scientific conclusion by any reputable scientific group, much less 'a vast majority', which have found evidence pointing to a genetic cause for homosexuality. Your claim is merely the long-unchallenged propaganda statement of the homosexual political machine which is trying to push the gene myth as a justification for homosexuality as a protective class. You cannot provide one single verified or published report which makes this claim of a vast majority within the scientific community supporting the gay gene myth. You further undermine your claim when you put forth myth to support myth. Furthermore, I have close family members and friends who work within the University of California scientific community. I know science. And your claim is not scientific.

"The Christian bible, written by many authors and then assembled into one volume by the Catholic Church, is one of many bibles."

Fact or Fiction: FICTION.

I have taken a number of courses in Biblical studies at a well-respected Christian college. One of those courses, which is also a prerequisite for obtaining a graduate degree in ministry or a divinity doctrate, is the study of how we got the bible that we have.
Your statement is absolutely flawed and has NO basis in fact or history.
The Catholic Church was not responsible for assemblying the Bible that we have. The Old Testament was long assembled before Christianity or Catholicism even came into existence. The Catholic Church has nothing to do with the existence of our Bible or its credibility. Those who are advocates of the modern homosexual political movement are keen on introducing a fictitious role of the Catholic Church into discussions on the veracity of the Bible as they attempt to dilute the reliablity of the Bible as God's historical means of communicating His role and relationship with humanity. Removing the Catholic Church as the means by which we have our Bible destroys this erroneous argument put forth by homosexual activists in their weak attempts to dilute who God is and what He has to say about the issue of homosexuality through the Bible.

" None of the promoters of the various bibles offer any evidence that “their” bible is the word of God. Some of the various bibles do contain divine inspiration mixed in with many absurdities. The old testament in the Christian bible contains many absurdities, from talking snakes to rabbits who chew their cuds."

Fact or Fiction: FICTION.

Once again, you demonstrate that your education and knowledge regarding the construct and divinity of the Bible is based upon secular reasoning, as well as devoid of any real correct theological exploration. Simply put, you clearly have not had any systematic theology training from which you could form a trustworthy conclusion on these important matters. The Bible teaches believers that YOU CANNOT discern the teachings of God as He has conveyed in the Bible unless you have a divine encounter with His Holy Spirit. The Bible teaches that the Word of God is foolishness to those who are devoid of His Spirit. You cannot put God's laws and teachings into their proper context unless you have been filled with the very Spirit of God who inspired men to write those matters God deemed important to communicate with mankind.
In 2 Timothy 3:16-17, the Apostle Paul wrote: "All scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for refutation, for correction, and for training in righteousness, so that one who belongs to God may be competent, equipped for every good work."

Your problem, from the start, is that you are working from a foundational place of seeking to discredit the Bible so that your agenda of promoting and accepting homosexuality can occur withhout theological challenge. The sad part in your endeavor is that you are eliminating the critical and eternal role that God has given man to resolve all issues of sin. Without the Bible as the cornerstone of a man's faith, that man will never be able to find salvation in the eyes of God.

All correct science begins with the assemblying of information and facts, and then from those materials, the investigator will form a reliable conclusion. Because you are attacking the Bible without having spent the appropriate amount of time required to study it (most Christians spend a lifetime studying it and still only get a portion of it), you will never be considered a trustworthy source for Biblical analysis by any reputable scientific, social or theological community. In reality, what becomes quite clear, is that you are prejudice against the Bible and until such prejudice is removed from your bigoted thinking, you have no credibility on the matter.