Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Breaking News: 7:48pm update:
Voters in Florida and Arizona are on their way to big rebukes of same-sex marriages. In a landslide 62% YES vote, current results show that Floridians are saying NO WAY to homosexual weddings in the Sunshine State. A very hard to achieve 60% percent is needed to pass a state initiative in Florida. This high 62% YES vote demonstrates that many Democrats and pro-Obama voters also voted to ban same-sex marriages in Florida. The truth is finally coming out as to what people really think about the homosexual agenda.

In another state that has a much simpler same-sex marriage ballot iniative on the ballot this year, then the one that was on the ballot in 2006, Arizona is also well on its way to banning same-sex marriages. Currently, 58% of Arizona voters are saying they do not want gay marriages in their state.

In 10 minutes, the biggest prize on the voter docket will start revealing itself, when California closes its polls. Prop. 8, the California Marriage Protection Amendment, should easily pass with at least 55% of Californians saying NO to same-sex marriages.

When all three states pass their bans on same-sex marriages tonight, it will give a 100% success rate in passing state constitutional amendments to ban same-sex marriages since states started passing such constitutional amendments. There is not one single state that has agreed to legalize same-sex marriages when it is put to a public vote. Only when radical activist judges are allowed to illegally make gay marriage laws, do such marriages even happen in any state in America.


Roxie Rage said...
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James Hartline said...

Do I even know any gay people?
Hmmmm: Your post was so ridiculous that I just had to post it for its idiocy.