Monday, November 17, 2008

Response To Investigation of Illegal Gay Center Involvement of Prop. 8 Battle

We are beginning to get many tips as well as negative emails from homosexual activists regarding the issue of possible illegal involvement of gay centers in the recent Prop. 8 battle. The following is an example of information that legal experts will be looking into on this matter.

The San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center, officially known as "The Center" was built on taxpayer funds. The property currently being used by The Center was obtained with public grants (tax dollars). These grants were given under the pretense that The Center would be engaged in counselling and the prevention of AIDS. Millions of dollars have been given to The Center each year for HIV prevention and other related services. It is this money that keeps the lights on in this place. It is these funds that pay for many staff who work for The Center. At no time are these taxpayer funded services to be used for political purposes, ie. the Prop. 8 battle.

The question to be answered is this: Has the taxpayer funded San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center violated the use of this government funded property by engaging in political activities? The Center has established a separate 501(c)4 for political purposes. However, were those activities under this 501(c)4 title progressed with property that was paid for by government funds.

Here is a copy of The Center Advocacy Project which pushed forth the gay marriage battle in San Diego for the homosexual community. You will note that the address and the telephone number of this project is the same contact information as the government-funded The Center. When government funds are paying for a property that property CANNOT be used for political purposes at any time.

Information on how this project under the The Center was detailed as working to defeat Prop 8 in the following article here:
This article states: The fight against Proposition 8 is just one example of how The Center benefits San Diego and California's LGBT community.

You will notice how this press statement from The Center Advocacy Project CAREFULLY attempts to differentiate itself from its 501(c)3 program because they know that to mix the two is illegal. However, it is clear that tax dollars pay for the property that The Center is using to engage in the political activities of its newly established 501(c)4 project. If any resources, from utilities to furniture, from staff or property, that were originally paid for by the government, was used for the purposes of fighting Prop. 8 under the guise of the 501(c)4 project, that is a violation of the law and will be cause for The Center to forfeit its charity status.

Again, this goes to the heart of these radical homosexual activists claiming that the churches, who are 501(c)3 charities, but did not use government funding, were wrong for being involved in the Prop. 8 battle, while government-funded gay centers are not a problem to these homosexual activists, is true hypocrisy as its worse.

The Center Advocacy Project A 501(c) 4 organizationTax ID#: 26-1907716 - Committee ID#: 1305388
Steve Mele, Treasurer Contributions or gifts to Center Advocacy Project are not tax deductible
Street: 3909 Centre Street San Diego, CA 92103 Mailing: P. O. Box 3357 San Diego, CA 92163
T: (619) 692-2077, X215F: (619) 260-3093
We are pleased to announce the formation of The Center Advocacy Project, Inc., a new, non-partisan 501 C4 organization whose mission is to is to secure equal civil and human rights for the LGBT and allied communities through public education, legislation, and issue advocacy. The Center Advocacy Project will actively and consistently engage in lobbying and campaigning on the core social issues that affect our community. From hate violence, to employment discrimination, to school safety, to the freedom to marry, The Center Advocacy Project will be on the front lines to advocate and protect LGBT San Diegans.
The formation of a separate, non-partisan, 501 c4 allows The San Diego LGBT Community Center to protect the tax-deductible charity status of the 501 c3 organization, and allows us to more fully engage the fight and deliver the lobbying necessary to win. A variety of organizations (the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, etc.) have established just these kind of organizations and used them with much success. We know the San Diego LGBT community will be equally successful. We are dedicated to the fight and we are committed to the work and strategies it will take to win equality in our lifetime!
Whether you care about school safety, hate crimes, lifting the don’t ask, don’t tell ban, marriage equality, employment discrimination or all of it, please join us!
Center Advocacy Project Board of DirectorsDale Kelly Bankhead, ChairBob NelsonSid Voorakkara, SecretaryRichard ValdezKevin TildenDr. Delores A. Jacobs, Chief Executive Officer

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