Sunday, November 16, 2008

Investigation Into Gay Centers Illegal Political Activities During Prop. 8 Battle

Homosexual activists continued to demonstrate hypocrisy in their illegitimate complaints against the constitutionally legal Prop. 8 vote last week, as they were focusing most of their attention on the Mormon Church while remaining curiously quiet about the massive role that the black community played in passing the California Marriage Amendment.

One notable Christian blogger recently stated that he would like to these gay marches inside of South Central Los Angeles. That would demonstrate whether the gay marches against Prop. 8 were actually legitimate. Instead such marches are focusing on the Mormon Church because it is the cowardly way of getting attention as gay activists know that the Mormons will tolerate the disrespect and hatred by gay activists whereas the black community would not be as kind.

On another front: Several legal sources have told the James Hartline Report that a number of investigations are underway regarding the possibly illegal use of a number of taxpayer funded non-profit gay centers in the recent Prop. 8 battle. Federal and state law forbids government funds from being used for political activities. A number of gay centers in California, particularly in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego played extensive roles in the Prop. 8 campaign.

The San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center is funded by the taxpayers. Their property is paid for by grants from the taxpayers. Yet, according to many sources, the Gay and Lesbian Center rented out office space for the marriage battle. The question for investigators will focus on the issues such as the actual property being paid for by tax dollars and then that same property engaging in political activities.

If government resources were directly or indirectly used to fight Prop. 8 that will be a very big legal problem for these California gay centers. As to gay activists pointing to churches playing roles in Prop. 8, there is plenty of hypocrisy surrounding such complaints when it is the gay centers, funded with tax dollars, that were used for Prop. 8 activities. And churches did not use government funds for political purposes. Current law allows non-profits to use 5% of their contributions for initiative campaigns. However, government funds can never be used for such activities.

Send us a tip if you have evidence that taxpayer funded gay centers were used for political purposes in the recent Prop. 8 battle. Investigators would love to talk with you and you could provide a patriotic service to your fellow American taxpayers!


Anonymous said...

after working on No on Prop 8 I can tell you so you fraud and liar that the San Diego LGBT Center did not rent out space to the No on 8 group. if you knew what you were talking about in the first place you fraud and liar you would know that they rented a building that was paid for by supporters like myself and others and did not ever have office space in the San LGBT Center. You and your Christian army will not win this battle.Prop 8 will be over turned

James Hartline said...

Your idiotic response really doesn't need a response. You obviously know NOTHING about the government funding of the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center. OR the millions of dollars in GOVERNMENT GRANTS that paid for the gay center to move to its current location on Centre Street. Or the nearly $2 million per year that flows into the gay center for programming that keeps the lights on. You cannot take government money to pay for a property and then turn around and use that property for political purposes. And yes, a office was used on that property to fight for gay marriage. So, try doing your homework before you rant such idiotic rants. They are under investigation whether your little naive soul likes it or not.
And it goes to the heart of homosexual activists complaining about churches being involved in the Prop. 8 battle while they say nothing about the government funded non-profit charities like the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center doing the very same thing. Your hypocrisy is really remarkable or should I say, unremarkable, in the gay community.