Saturday, November 22, 2008

Listen To Segment From James Hartline on the nationwide broadcast of the Alan Colmes Radio Show

On Thursday, Nov. 20th, James Hartline had originally been scheduled for a ten minute interview with Alan Colmes on the Alan Colmes Radio Show. Broadcast on satellite radio and a live webstream, Alan Colmes is one of the more popular left-leaning liberals on the air. Hartline's appearance was heard around America and has sparked many responses being sent to the James Hartline Report as well as other internet blogs and websites.

What had been pre-scheduled as a 10 minute interview, turned into a one hour AND ten minute interactive interview between Colmes and Hartline. Unfortunately, for those who missed the interview, but are now requesting copies of the program, one must purchase the 2nd half of Colmes' program via the Fox News Radio premium podcast service. The first hour of the Alan Colmes Radio show is a free download, but Hartline's interview must be purchased through Fox News Radio in order for that segment to be downloaded.

You can listen to portions of Hartline's interview on various websites. Here is a small portion of the interview where Alan Colmes asks Hartline how he got over the desire for homosexuality: From Dailymotion, listen here. This segment from Dailymotion also includes a nine minute Q & A section of the interview. This particular segment does include James Hartline's opinions on the spiritual consquences for California when homosexuality is promoted in the state.

What Do You Think?

Do you believe that there is evil in the Universe? If so, do you believe that men and women who engage in sin become magnets for that evil? How does this affect innocent citizens in an area where certain men and women are engaging in sins that attract evil forces in the Universe?

Is any man an island unto himself? What's your opinion?


Anonymous said...

The activity of evil spirits and sinning go hand in hand. This was already the case in Paradise (Gen. 3). It is also mentioned in Jesus' teachings (eg John 8:44, Matt. 13:38). And Daniel mentions the role of evil angels in relation to nations (eg 10:13, 12:1).

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the Alan Colmes Radio show very much.

James, you often refer to THE Bible in your writings and speaking. Many people today have discovered that THE bible (King James version, American Standard version, or whatever) was only valid for the age in which it was written. The ancient bible was never meant to be God’s final word. God speaks through the Holy Spirit. Holiness in not endowed upon the text by the writer, but instead by the reader when he discerns God’s wisdom in those words. This is why Personal Bibles are becoming more commonplace today.

God speaks to us as individuals. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit we are able to discover those words of wisdom that is sacred to us as an individual. While the ancient scripture passages may indeed have divine meaning for some, in modern times God speaks to us through a variety of sources. The writings of Shakespeare, Whitman, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Einstein, many scientists, and even Barrack Obama have found a permanent place in my personal bible. As did Thomas Jefferson, I have cut out the garbage that should never have been included in the scriptures. The Holy Spirit guides me toward those sacred writings which sometimes is from THE bible but more often is from contemporary writers that have a message that applies to me as an individual.

Many years ago my guardian angel showed me how to create a Personal Bible and through the years this Bible has grown tremendously. I have several friends who also have Personal Bibles and they find that it brings them closer to God than the King James. There is an extensive amount of instruction on the internet (but you have to search for it ).

To say that the King James bible is the only bible that speaks to everyone is foolish. God can and does speak to us individually. God did not stop speaking 2000 years ago when the bible was assembled by the early church. God continued to speak through various writers but we had stopped listening. God is using many writers today to continue to transmit His message. Some of the messages that He gave the early writers now have been revised because the early authors, particularly in the Old Testament, did not understand what God was trying to say. Through science we now know what God meant and we can rewrite those passages for our Personal Bible as directed by the Holy Spirit. Jesus told us this would happen. On this Thanksgiving Day I am very thankful that we live in a country where this basic truth can be taught. During the last week if his ministry Jesus promised he would restore this truth and this promise has been fulfilled for millions of people around the world.