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San Diego Christians Declare Victory Over Adult-Themed Advertisement In Major Shopping Mall

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November 19, 2008

San Diego Christians Declare Victory
Over Adult-Themed Advertisement
In Major San Diego Shopping Mall


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- Here's The Story -

Fredericks of Hollywood Removes Adult-Themed Advertising After Christian Activist James Hartline Threatens to Lead A Major Boycott Against Westfield Mission Valley Shopping Mall in San Diego

(JHReport) Even before a single shot was fired, a San Diego Christian activist is now declaring victory in what was about to become a major battle in Southern California's culture war. Yesterday, James Hartline, publisher of California Christian News and the James Hartline Report, was preparing to ask his 50,000 national readers and supporters to take action against Fredericks of Hollywood, an adult-themed retailer, and Westfield Mission Valley, a massive shopping mall in the Mission Valley area of San Diego, California. Hartline contends that Fredericks of Hollywood was displaying signage on the pedestrian walkway outside of its Mission Valley store that featured a woman without any clothing on except for a very skimpy pair of panties. Photographs of the woman showed that her buttocks was almost completely uncovered in the advertisement.

Hartline also notes that the Fredericks of Hollywood store is located directly across from Tilt, a children's and teen gaming arcade in the Westfield Mission Valley shopping mall. Last week, Hartline attempted to speak with the manager of Fredericks of Hollywood about the inappropriate signage outside of her store. "She was so disrespectful to me. She refused to speak with me or take my business card. She was very nasty and clearly, she couldn't have cared less about how her advertising degraded women and affected minors" says Hartline.

After being rebuffed by the manager of Fredericks, Hartline contacted the management of Westfield. For seven days, Hartline did not hear from Westfield, nor was the signage removed from the outside walkway in front of Fredericks. Hartline then contacted the corporate headquarters for the Tilt arcade and notified them that there was inappropriate adult-themed advertising on the sidewalk directly across from its youth-oriented arcade. Hartline also began to lay the groundwork for a major boycott against Westfield if action was not taken against Fredericks.

Tuesday, Nov. 18th, was D-Day for Hartline and the beginning of a 24 hour countdown to the launch of a boycott against Westfield. Hartline estimates that a Christian-based boycott against Westfield would have cost the shopping mall at least $1 million during the Christmas season. In an attempt to negotiate a pre-boycott resolution, Hartline placed one last telephone call to the Westfield management office on Tuesday afternoon to see if they were going to respond to his complaint about Fredericks of Hollywood and their adult-themed advertisements.

"The manager of the Westfield mall started to give me the runaround when I called her this one final time," says Hartline. "She tried to tell me that she didn't have the authority to remove the sign. I told her that if that sign was still on the sidewalk on Tuesday night, then I was going to initiate a boycott against Westfield Mission Valley Shopping Mall. That was the end of the discussion."

When it comes to protecting kids in the city of San Diego, James Hartline is all business. In the past five years, Hartline has been involved in the shuttering of ten pornographic businesses in the city of San Diego. Included among the businesses that Hartline has successfully shut down after filing complaints with the City of San Diego code enforcement office is a gay bathhouse located in San Diego's homosexual community. Hartline also successfully shut down Rainbow Road, a gay porn store that was operating across from an elementary school in the heart of Hillcrest, a San Diego homosexual neighborhood.

Tuesday night, Hartline and his camera went to the Mission Valley shopping mall to evaluate the progress of his stand against Fredericks of Hollywood. Tuesday has now come and gone and Hartline says that a boycott of the Westfield mall will not be necessary. The adult-themed advertisement has now been removed. For his part, James Hartline is happy that he has been able to give the families of San Diego an early Christmas present. For the average Christian in America who is concerned about the rapidly eroding moral conditions in their country, James Hartline is demonstrating that one person, dedicated to a cause greater then himself, can bring about change for the better in this nation.

James Hartline is concerned about the continual worsening of adult advertising at local shopping malls in his city. "Victoria's Secret, Fredericks of Hollywood and Abercrombie & Fitch are just a few of the retailers in shopping malls that are displaying offensive and explicit advertising," says Hartline. "These stores could not care less about the fact that impressionable kids are in the malls with their moms and dads. In fact, these stores seem to be intentionally taking aim at young kids just to sexualize them," he adds.

"Why do stores need to display gigantic pictures of nearly naked women, if they are clothing stores," questions Hartline.

Hartline warns that he is just getting started in a new campaign to clean up the shopping malls of San Diego. "We are going to make a stand for the kids of San Diego. That means if these shopping malls want the money of the two million Christians in San Diego County, then they had better start cleaning up their advertisements. The line is being drawn and these retailers better get ready because we are going to restore morality in our city," declares James Hartline.

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