Thursday, November 06, 2008

Prominent Attorney Calls Lawsuit Against Prop. 8 "Frivolous"

One of America's most prominent attorneys, Andrew Pugno, calls the lawsuit filed by radicalized pro-homosexual groups attempting to overturn Prop. 8, "Frivolous." Andy Pugno is also the attorney representing the Yes on 8 Campaign. Here is the just released statement from Mr. Pugno regarding the lawsuit filed by the ACLU and Equality California in their attempt to overturn the will of California voters, who voted to enshrine into the California state constitution, the California Marriage Protection Amendment:

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Nov. 5 /Christian Newswire/ -- "The lawsuit filed today by the ACLU and Equality California seeking to invalidate the decision of California voters to enshrine traditional marriage in California's constitution is frivolous and regrettable. These same groups filed an identical case with the California Supreme Court months ago, which was summarily dismissed. We will vigorously defend the People's decision to enact Proposition 8.

"This is the second time that California voters have acted to define marriage as between a man and a woman. It is time that the opponents of traditional marriage respect the voters' decision.

"The ACLU/Equality California lawsuit is completely lacking in merit. It is as if their campaign just spent $40 million on a losing campaign opposing something they now say is a legal nullity. Their position is absurd, an insult to California voters and an attack on the initiative process itself."

The right to amend California's Constitution is not granted to the People, it is reserved by the People. The Supreme Court has repeatedly acknowledged the reserved power of the People to use the initiative process to amend the Constitution. For example, when the Rose Bird Court struck down the death penalty as a violation of fundamental state constitutional rights, the People disagreed, and in the exercise of their sovereign power reversed that interpretation of their Constitution through the initiative-amendment process. Even a liberal jurist who vehemently disagreed with the People's decision on the death penalty, Justice Stanley Mosk, nevertheless acknowledged the People's authority to decide the issue through the initiative-amendment process."

It should also be noted that the ACLU recently made this same "constitutional revision" claim in a nearly identical matter in Oregon and it was unanimously rejected. The claim was made under almost identical provisions of the Oregon State Constitution, against an almost identical voter constitutional amendment which read, '...only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or legally recognized as a marriage.' The Court of Appeals of Oregon unanimously rejected the ACLU's 'revision' claim. (Martinez v. Kulongoski (May 21, 2008) --- P.3d----, 220 Or.App. 142, 2008 WL2120516).

"The coalition that has worked so hard for the past year to enact Proposition 8 will vigorously defend the People's decision against this unfortunate challenge by groups who, having lost in the court of public opinion, now turn to courts of law to pursue their agenda."

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a sane and ethical nation
defining marriage as a relationship between one man and one woman.
This is the way all nations, throughout history, have defined marriage.
Marriage and a family with a father and a mother and children
has always been the bedrock of strong nations.
Then along came a group of political anarchists who decided that they
would come up with a scheme to breakdown societal order in America
in the hope that America would no longer remain an independent
and loud voice for righteousness in the world. These anarchists,
operating under a newly created scheme of homosexuality and an
agenda of gay rights, have used this scheme of breaking down the
institution of marriage as a weapon for breaking down America
to achieve their dark vision of anarchy in the United States.

It is amazing how hypocritcal the radicalized homosexual advocates can be when they don't get their way. They love to pick and choose when to apply constitutional law. When they get their way, they love the legal process, they love the legislative process.

However, when that same process does not work for their tyrannical agenda, then they just want to throw it out. Thus, the picture of anarchy becomes quite clear.

The approach of groups like the ACLU and Equality California is much like that of other dictatorial entities in the world. The legal and governmental systems are to be taken over and molded to accomodate only their agenda. Using their unethical approach is how dictators come to power. They corrupt the systems of government so that it is only used when accomodating their goals. When the system does not fit their wants, then they sue to throw it out until it submits itself to their plan of action. And that is simply UnAmerican. In fact, that is socialistic and communistic.

On another front, we are receiving an enormous number of reports of homosexual and atheist activists who are now using threats and violence to intimidate communities for supporting Prop. 8. Now the world will actually wake up and get a good look at the dark spirit that is the driving force behind the modern homosexual political movement. Now America will see that those who have been pushing for the legal sanctioning of sodomy, lesbianism and transvestitism and transsexuality, are not victims in some vague civil rights war. No, the idea that wealthy white men who engage in sodomy are somehow to be compared to the blood shed and crimes committed against our African American brothers and sisters in the early years and even in the 20th Century of this great nation, is a sick and twisted concept. The days of manipulation by the radical homosexual lobby is coming to an end.

Here is the evolutionary pattern of ancient Sodom:
First came the statement by God: "The men of Sodom were wicked against God." Genesis 13:13
Then Sodom rebelled against existing governmental authority. Genesis 14
Then Sodom was invaded and everything they owned was taken.
Then Sodom was restored and prospered.
Then the sins of Sodom became so many that God came down to earth to confirm these reports.
Then the men of Sodom became violent. Genesis 19
Then the men of Sodom attempted to rape the Angels of the Lord.
Then God ordered an evacuation of the righteous people out of the City of Sodom.
Then God destroyed Sodom.
Then God prophesied that Sodom would resurrect in the last days before the return of Christ. The Book of Ezekiel
Then Sodom would once again, upon its resurrection, return to and manifest its former violent and perverted state. Stated by Jesus
Then prophets of God would arise out of the citizens of Sodom.
Then Sodom would be forever judged and destroyed.

Do you know where we are in this timeline?


Anonymous said...

There is no archaeological record that Sodom and Gomorrah ever existed.

James Hartline said...

You are totally ignorant. Our church takes dozens of people to Israel every year and there are currently a number of archaelogical digs at the Siddim Valley sites where the five cities in the destroyed valled once existed. The entire Dead Sea is overrun with artifacts from Sodom and the other four cities in the valley. Why do you even bother making such ignorant statements? Do you ever even meditate on the Bible or are you just going to be, forever, under the control of the gay agenda?

Anonymous said...

We have taken our country back. We have taken it back from the mean-spirited demagogues who were willing to tear the American people apart to stay in power. We have taken it back from the reactionaries whose intolerance, xenophobia and religious zealotry have been encouraged by a distorted Republican Party for far too long.

A great change has come upon America. Americans heard the call and they boldly took our country back. Now Obama will take our country to places it has never been before. The Obama triumph means the Reagan revolution is OVER.

Conservatives claim to be the upholders of a threatened traditional morality. But their economic and social ideology is inherently immoral. America voted for Obama because he represents hope for the future; a new beginning. Obama’s triumph represents the awakening of the American spirit, a new revival of pragmatism, and a return to the basic constitutional principle of liberty and justice for all.

Anonymous said...

Rev. Hartline said,
"Then God ordered an evacuation of the righteous people out of the City of Sodom."

You need to meditate upon your bible a little more. God did NOT order the righteous people out of Sodom; only a handful of Lot's relatives. Everyone else was destroyed by God.
Study your bible and you will find that God never spares the "righteous"; they perish along with the others.