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San Diego Padres Trigger Public Outrage & Boycott Over Mixing Children With Gay Pride Stadium Event

The James Hartline Report
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -
June 11, 2007

San Diego Padres Baseball Team
Triggers Outrage Among San Diego Families

San Diego Padres Promote Radical Gay Pride Event
While Holding Children's Free Floppy Cap Giveaway
On The Same Day At Petco Park

Major Boycott of July 8th Baseball Game Underway,
The Result of Padres Crude, Anti-Family Betrayal

(JHReport) Hundreds of San Diego families are expressing outrage with their city's professional baseball team after it was revealed that the San Diego Padres are planning to celebrate San Diego Gay Pride at their home stadium on the same day that the team is promoting a children's free floppy cap giveaway.

According to the San Diego Padres' website, children 14 and under will receive a free floppy cap when they attend the Padres game vs. the Atlanta Braves at Petco Park on July 8, 2007. The Padres website describes in detail the free promotional event which is designed to bring families and their pre-teen kids to the ballpark:

July 8 vs. Atlanta - 5:05 PM
Padres Floppy Caps for Kids presented by Union Bank of California
and brought to you by Magic 92.5 All kids 14 or younger will receive a Padres Floppy Cap presented by Union Bank of California and brought to you by Magic 92.5. This year's floppy cap for kids features silhouettes of the Swinging Friar. Kids 14 and younger

While the Padres are potentially luring thousands of pre-teens into the stadium for the free giveaway, the Padres organization is also engaged in promoting a radicalized homosexual event on the same day in the ballpark. This will cause familes and their children to cross paths with one of the most notorious homosexual organizations in the United States. With transvestites and transsexuals running about, many children will have a hard time telling the padres from the madres during this July 8th anti-family fiasco.

Make no mistake about it, the Padres are intentionally partnering with the San Diego Gay Pride organization for a gay pride celebration at the exact same time that they are luring thousands of families and their pre-teen children into the ballpark for the free floppy cap giveaway. Here is what the Padres website states regarding the homosexual event occuring at the ballpark at the same time as the free kids floppy cap giveaway:

San Diego Padres - Gay Pride Celebration
"Celebrate Pride with the San Diego Padres. This is an opportunity to celebrate LGBT Pride while enjoying a night of fun, baseball, and recognition for the San Diego LGBT community. San Diego Pride supporters and volunteers will be recognized as well as the San Diego Gay Men's Chorus who will sing the National Anthem on Sunday, July 8 at the San Diego Padres game at PETCO Park in the heart of downtown San Diego."

The James Hartline Report has received dozens of emails from parents who are indicating that they will be boycotting the game on July 8th. Included in those emails were the ridiculous emails from the Padres Communications Director Tim Katzman. Some longtime Padres' season ticket holders are even indicating that they will not be returning to Petco Park ever again because the team is holding the children's free floppy cap giveaway at the same time that it is celebrating and promoting homosexuality.

Included in the homosexual event that the children will be exposed to during the July 8th game will be the singing of the national anthem by the San Diego Gay Men's Chorus. The San Diego Gay Men's Chorus is no stranger to controversy either. In 2003, the Joan Kroc Salvation Army Center refused to allow the Gay Men's Chorus of San Diego to perform at its facility when it was learned that some of the men might perform while dressing up as women. Many fathers who regularly take their sons to Padres' games have told the James Hartline Report that they are incensed that their religious values are being violated by the team. Christians do have a reasonable expectation when coming to a baseball game that their kids will not be exposed to overt homosexual activism in violation of their religious beliefs.

Parents have reason to be concerned about their children being exposed to any events involving the San Diego Gay Pride organization. In 2005, the San Diego Gay Pride organization was caught up in a national firestorm of controversy after it was learned that group had hired a number of registered sex offenders to work in various capacities during their annual gay pride celebration. One of those pedophiles, Martin Ramirez, was hired by San Diego Gay Pride to work as a clown in the organization's festival children's garden.

Since the 2005 sex offender scandal, the San Diego Gay Pride organization has continued to include xxx gay pornographers, male escort services and male transvestites who dress up as nuns in its annual event. In 2006, an elementary charter school marched numerous small children in the San Diego Gay Pride Parade. During the 2006 parade, a photographer documented a man who was almost completely naked handing out candy along the parade route to very young minors.

Moms and dads who bring their children to the park on July 8th will have more to explain to their pre-teen sons and daughters than just homeruns and strikeouts. These parents will also have to explain why the Padres announcer will be introducing a homosexual group to sing the national anthem. "Daddy, why are those two men kissing each other?" five year-old Johnny will ask his father. "Mommy, why is that woman trying to grow a beard?" Sally will hear her confused daughter ask.

The Padres did not tell the voters when they pleaded with hardworking voters to approve spending millions of dollars in public funds to build Petco Park, that the stadium would then be used to lure children into the facility and intentionally exposed to a radical homosexual activist group.

The Padres, for their part, are not being kind to the many season ticket holders who have contacted the organization over the gay pride celebration at the park. Tim Katzman, Director of Corporate Communications for the San Diego Padres, has been bombarded with complaints from angry parents and longtime season ticket holders. One of those angry parents is Mike Farmer. Farmer, who has been going to Padres games since they came into the league years ago, wrote Katzman:

"This is a very slippery slope, and I hope you and (team owner) Mr. Moores
will reconsider your position. If you two want to hold hands and ride in the
gay pride parade, go right ahead. But please don't bring this filth into a
stadium that I helped pay for and in front of a team that I have spent
thousands of dollars supporting over the years. I would sure like to know
how some of the players with moral convictions feel about this travesty,
i.e. Jake Peavey, Khalil Greene, etc."

Mike Farmer's letter to Tim Katzman was typical of dozens of emails sent by upset Padres fans. Katzman, for his part, has not been helpful or forthright, in his responses. Katzman told the James Hartline Report in an email:

"Please understand that by having the San Diego (Gay) Pride attend a Padres game
and having a sub-set of that group sing the National Anthem does not suggest
that our organization endorses any particular lifestyle or sexual preference."

Really? That is not what the Padres website says in relation to its promotion of the San Diego Gay Pride event at the stadium on July 8, 2007. Clearly, when the Padres website uses the terms, celebrate and recognize, in its invitation to participate in the gay pride event at the ballpark, they are endorsing the homosexual lifestyle. Read again the following statement on the Padres' website:

"Celebrate (Gay) Pride with the San Diego Padres. This is an opportunity to celebrate LGBT Pride while enjoying a night of fun, baseball, and recognition for the San Diego LGBT community."

Upon further scrutiny, there appears to be other major discrepencies in Mr. Katzman's explanation for the Padres allowing a homosexual men's group to sing the national anthem in front of families at the ballpark. Katzman stated in his email to the James Hartline Report:

"For the game on July 8th against the Atlanta Braves, our ticket sales staff
was approached by a representative of the San Diego (Gay) Pride, seeking
to organize a trip to the ballpark. For what we could gather at that time,
this was nothing more than a group sale..... When a group sale eclipes
a certain level in ticket allocation and sales, one of the benefits offered is
for that group to present, sing or play the National Anthem prior to the
first pitch -- with the caveat that the group's audition passes muster with
our Entertainment Department in advance."

The San Diego Gay Men's Chorus is a totally separate organization from the San Diego Gay Pride group. Both groups are involved with those who are attempting to legalize same-sex marriage in California. However, each is a separate entity. Thus, it is not the San Diego Gay Pride organization that is singing the national anthem, but the San Diego Gay Men's Chorus. The Padres policy is not playing out in this situation. Clearly, a homosexual group was chosen to sing the national anthem and they were booked on the same day that thousands of children are going to be lured into the stadium with the free floppy cap giveaway.

Why would the Padres risk destroying its reputation with the millions of families in San Diego County, all over the celebration of a homosexual event that has in recent years been marked by a sex offender scandal? Perhaps, it is a test for the wealthy Padres players who claim to be born-again Christians. Will these players stand up for their faith or will they cower behind a political correctness to save their million-dollar paychecks? Indeed, this may also be a test for the thousands of Christians who regularly go to Petco Park to be entertained. They too, are in a test to decide what their faith means in a tortured culture. Will these same Christians, who claim a faith behind the four walls of their homes and large churches, be willing to stop going to Padres games in protest of this blatant indoctrination of pre-teens into accepting the homosexual lifestyle at Petco Park?

For a more in-depth look at the audacious history of the San Diego Gay Pride organization and the July 8th event at Petco Park read the exclusive James Hartline Report expose entitled, "One, Two, Three Stikes They're Out: Out of the Closet - That is!"

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Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the heads-up! As a straight man with 2 kids, my wife and I are regulars at the Gay Men's Chorus concerts. They are quite professional, clean, and sometimes tongue-in-cheek, but always entertaining never were inappropriate for my kids. I didn't know they were performing at the Padres game, but I may have to go buy tickets now!

Anonymous said...

Apparently the bog owner doesn't allow any posts that are contrary to his opinions.

James Hartline said...

If the posting does not include profanity and excessive disrespect, than I will probably publish it. Even if I do not agree with some of the arguments, I may publish it in accordance with fair free-speech principles. Most of the gay and gay-friendly posting submissions are laced with profanity and disrespect, thus they will not be tolerated or published.

James Hartline said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I didn't know anything about the sex scandal you refer to until reading your blog. What does any of this have to do with a group of gay men singing the National Anthem? You seem to imply they are planning an orgy on the pitchers mound.

James Hartline said...

As a follower of Jesus Christ, I have a responsibility to live out my life as a Christian. This means I do not pick and choose when I am going to apply the Bible to my public positions. Claiming to be a Christian is more than just using the title. It actually means laying down my life for the cause of Christ and picking up my cross and following Him.

This means when we are confronted by any situation that promotes sin in rebellion to why God put us on this planet, we who claim to be Christians must speak out. If we are claiming to be a Christian but then participating in something the Bible calls a work of darkness, then we are demonstrating our faith and obedience to Christ is nothing more than a charade.

People are tired of charades. They are tired of immorality. They are tired of the constant forcing of sexual confusion upon our youth.

Anyone who partners with a group promoting homosexuality, and in particular the local gay pride organization, is not seeking the best interest of our youth, but rather partnering with a political movement that wars against the Bible.

The Bible says that we are not to be partners with darkness and sin. Yet, the gay men's chorus of San Diego is involved with the local gay pride organization, even though there will continue to be xxx pornographers, male escorts and men dressed up as nuns in their parade and festival.

This is not something that any group, any choir, or any entity that cares about kids, should be involved with.

In 2005, the San Diego Gay Pride group had numerous sex offenders involved in its events. The fact that the gay men's chorus is continuing to be involved in this group, demonstrates where they are morally and we Christians should absolutely opposed their performing in front of kids.

The Bible rebukes role models that are harmful to kids. We must demonstrate righteousness for our youth if we claim to be followers of Jesus Christ. Our kids deserve better.

When men dress up as women, they are mocking God and they are denegrating a good standard for our youth.

Our kids already have enough problems without sexual confusion being paraded in front of them.

The San Diego Gay Men's Chorus was rejected in 2003 by the Joan Kroc Salvation Army Center because they were poor role models, potentially performing in drag.

Those that think this is just funny humourous entertainment, are not seeking to be holy in their Christianity or obedient to the call of God.

It is time that we in this city start standing up for the right thing...all of the time.

If the gay men's chorus was so sincere about just singing music, then why do they have the name "gay" attached. Because they want to promote homosexuality.

And kids do not need more sexual confusion.

Families have a legitimate right to fully be appraised of what their kids are going to be exposed to when they go to the ballpark.

Parent have a right to know in advance so that they can keep their kids away from things that violate their religious rights and beliefs.

No one told these parents that their kids would be exposed to homosexuality when they bought season tickets and tickets to the July 8th game. The Padres had a responsiblity to inform ticket purchasers that gay events would be held at the stadium, so that those offended could act accordingly.

We have every right to stand against what we feel is wrong and what we feel are poor role models for our youth.

Bill said...

Um, don't worry James. Most of us 'mos don't watch sports anyway. The ones that do are not the fembots you despise and will not be in drag. Anyway, now that you've sounded the alarm, parents can just take their kids to another game. Jeeze.

Randy said...

I sent an e-mail to the Padres expressing my disgust with their agenda (just as I did to Southwest Airlines when I expressed revulsion at their support of the pornographic Ft. Worth Gay Parade). I got a return e-mail expressing the same old trite rhetoric about how they "include everyone" in their program. The Padres' leaders/PR people are sickos. The only way to deal with it is for people to not show up at their games. The dollar is a powerful voting tool.

Anonymous said...

wow, its really sad that people can be so closed minded about opening up the doors to diversity....its our responsibility to allow our children to have the same views and to not allow hate into thier fresh minds. These events to occur on the same day is NOT a big deal and if anything its a learning for the next generation, for the parents to be there for any questions that their child may have about this "situation" and any of the hoopla surrounding it can be a great experience for the family, parent and child. this world is too small to be intollerant and life is too short to be dramatic about anothers lifestyle even if you might not agree with it. we all have the same right to life and its offers.

MBRU said...

Thankyou for the warning about July 8th. As a Mother of 4 children this really troubles me. I have managed to warn several families not to go to the Padres on floppy hat night. One year, our family unkowingly happened to be at the San Diego Zoo during Gay Pride Day, and had the unfortunate luck to be leaving when all the folks from Pride were entering the Zoo. It was like walking through a porno shop! Unfortunately gay activist think they must show their sexuality everywhere they go! They are usually quite underdressed and wearing provocative garments when they are dressed. Shirts are rarely worn. The focus is on sex and more sex. Listen, I don't approve of this with heterosexuals either. But it is standard with Gay Pride events. So here we go again. Petco park becomes another Zoo for Pride activists. It is all about flaunting their lifestyle. There is no sense of honor, dignity or shame with those who push their gay lifestyle on others. And now Padres families will have to endure yet another cultural landslide into the guise of cultural diversity! I say, Padres, be honest. If you want a gay pride event at Petco park, shout it loud and clear so families can stay away and not expose their children to the lifestyle that they object to. Give families a choice and don't promote flopy hats on one side and 'gay pride' on the other for the same day. It is all about money isn't it? Just be honest and let the fans decide for themselves. Right now the Padres are tricking families into thinking that July 8th is a family event, while it is not.