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New Death Threat Issued Against San Diego Christian Activist By Gay Caller On KLSD 1360am RadioTalk Show

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June 28, 2007

KLSD 1360am Radio Show Host Allows Gay Caller
To Issue Death Threat On The Air
Against Prominent San Diego Christian Activist.

June 28th Program on Stacy Taylor Show includes threat by
gay caller to "run over" James Hartline because
of Hartline's Christian activism against gay agenda.

(JHReport) A left-leaning radio station in San Diego, California is now under investigation for allowing a homosexual caller to issue a death threat on the air against a prominent Christian activist. The Stacy Taylor Show is broadcast Monday thru Friday on KLSD 1360am in San Diego, California. Taylor, who allows his program to be a launching pad for regular attacks against Christians, conservatives and other advocates of traditional family values, has earned a notorious reputation for his anti-christian bigotry. Despite Taylor's constant demands for free-speech in America, he apparently does not believe such freedoms should be easily extended to those of opposing views.

During a June 28, 2007 program, the Stacy Taylor Show focused on San Diego Christians who are protesting a gay pride event being held during a July 8th San Diego Padres baseball game at Petco Park. The gay pride event was scheduled during a previously booked children's free floppy cap giveaway at Petco Park. Christians from around America have expressed outrage over efforts by the Padres to allow thousands of pre-teen children to be exposed to homosexuality, lesbianism and transsexualism during the July 8th game.

While the attacks against Christian beliefs have oftentimes been a trademark of the Stacy Taylor Show, even some moderate political advocates were shocked to hear the attacks of one gay caller during the June 28th Stacy Taylor Show. The caller's death threat was issued against prominent San Diego Christian activist and San Diego City Council candidate James Hartline.

Hartline, who has earned a national reputation for advocating for the protection of children from pornography, became a born-again Christian eight years ago after a thirty-year involvement in the homosexual lifestyle. Hartline now produces an online newsletter to educate Christians on the destructive aspects of homosexuality and the gay agenda. In 2005, Hartline reported to the public that a number of sex offenders were supervisors of that year's San Diego Gay Pride festival and parade. One of the sex offenders was hired to work as a clown in the San Diego Gay Pride Festival Children's Garden.

With over seven years of public activism under his belt, James Hartline has been the focus of great hostility by supporters of the homosexual movement. On a number of occasions he has been physically assaulted, spit on and threatened with death by gay activists.

During the second hour of Taylor's June 28th program, a caller calling himself "Sister Iona" was allowed to speak for several minutes on the air. Revealing that he was gay, "Sister Iona" repeatedly mocked Hartline, saying that Hartline was bitter because he had AIDS. There is a Sister Iona featured on the radical San Diego homosexual website, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Police Investigators are being provided with that information.

"Sister Iona's" mockery soon took on a violent tone as the caller revealed that he lives directly across the street from Hartline and that he is highly offended that he is forced to look at the well-known Christian activist. Also revealing that he regularly monitors Hartline, the caller then stated: "I see him at the post office. I want to run him over."

This is not the first time that gays in San Diego have issued death threats against Hartline. In fact, a number of those threats have been detailed in national news reports. In 2005, a popular San Diego lesbian website called Hillquest allowed a writer to publish a death threat against Hartline. The writer of that threat called for the elimination of Hartline. That threat was followed by another one made via a telephone call to Hartline's home by a former judge in San Diego. For a nearly a year, the San Diego City Attorney's office investigated that threat before declining to press charges against the judge.

What makes the current threat to run over Hartline, presumbly with a car, so outrageous, is that show host Stacy Taylor allowed the attacks on Hartline to continue on the air for several minutes. While Taylor uses his radio show to constantly rant about free speech issues, he obviously has an extremist anti-christian bias that led him to provoke the hate-based attacks against Hartline and other San Diego Christians.

Copies of the June 28th show have been sent to the San Diego Police Department for possible criminal charges against the caller. Robert Sutton, one of James Hartline's attorneys has also reviewed the tape and is very concerned about the threat issued against his client. Listeners can review the show by going to the website for KLSD 1360am and click on the 2nd hour of the podcast for the Stacy Taylor Show.

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