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California Superintendent of Public Instruction Promoting Pornographic Event With Department of Education Letterhead

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June 20, 2007

California Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell
Issues Letter With Department of Education Letterhead
To Endorse Porn-Filled San Diego Gay Pride Festival

Elected To Oversee Elementary Schools, California's Top Educator
Outrages Parents With Taxpayer-Funded Letter That Supports
Event Featuring Pornography, Condoms and Sexual Lubricants.
O'Connell Supports Event That Previously Featured Pedophile Clown
Who Entertained Minors In Children's Garden.

(JHReport) Outrage is spreading rapidly among parents with young children in California's public school system after it was learned that California's State Superintendent of Public Instruction has used his official government letterhead to endorse a porn-filled San Diego Gay Pride event. Jack O'Connell, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, was elected to his second four-year term on June 6, 2006 as the state's top educator for all elementary and secondary public schools in California. O'Connell's letter, addressed to the San Diego Gay Pride organization, is on official letterhead from the California Department of Education and is currently displayed on the gay pride website.

Charged with the responsibility to be the chief spokesman for California's public schools, O'Connell plays one of the most significant roles in the lives of millions of small children in America's most populated state. Using public funds to send out a letter to endorse an event that features xxx pornography, an explicit S & M leather sex venue, and the distribution of condoms and lubricants used in anal intercourse, demonstrates that Superintendent O'Connell should now be considered one of the most dangerous men in all of California.

In 2005, the San Diego Gay Pride organization was embroiled in an outrageous national controversy when it was learned that the group had hired numerous sex offenders to work in various supervisory capacities during the local gay pride parade and festival. One of those employed by the San Diego Gay Pride organization during their 2005 event was Martin Ramirez, aka Marty the Clown. Ramirez, a registered pedophile, was hired to work in the San Diego Gay Pride Festival Children's Garden.

Following on the heels of the 2005 sex offender scandal was another San Diego Gay Pride debacle that horrified parents throughout America. In 2006, numerous small children were marched in the San Diego Gay Pride Parade under the banner of a local elementary charter school. The 2006 parade, which allowed the marching elementary school-age children, featured a male escort service called RentBoy, multiple pornographic businesses, exotic male dancers and male transvestites who dressed up as Catholic Nuns.

Jack O'Connell's letter, which not only endorses the porn-filled San Diego Gay Pride Festival, but also states the superintendent's support for the pornographic activities of the 2007 event. O'Connell's letter states:
"My strong commitment to furthering respect for all people in our schools
and communities is bolstered by these events, and I wish you great and
continued success with this year's festival and all future ventures."

O'Connell's letter includes a shocking display of disrespect for families who are doing everything possible to protect their children from child molesters, the pornography industry, and sexually transmitted diseases. Also included in the San Diego Gay Pride events are the pride parties. These types of parties have a notorious reputation for illegal drug use and high risk sexual behaviors. Powerhouse Productions, which produces the San Diego Gay Pride parties, features xxx gay porn stars on their advertisements for the events. One of the San Diego Gay Pride party ads features a completely nude male on the Powerhouse Production website. One of the gay pride parties will be held at the San Diego Zoo at the same time that a multitude of families with children will be visiting the zoo.

Added to the negative reaction to O'Connell's letter is a recent article in the Gay and Lesbian Times that details plans by the San Diego Gay Pride organization to add even more explicit adult entertainment during their 2007 festival. The O'Connell-endorsed festival will include a venue called "The Leather Realm" where men and women demonstrate "classes" on sado-masochism. Last year, the Leather Realm featured nauseating demonstrations on how to do flesh piercing for sexual gratification. Jack O'Connell's letter further dismays parents by stating:

"I am truly honored to recognize an endeavor that promotes equality and respect
in our communities."

Not everyone is sitting on the sidelines and accepting Superintendent O'Connell's use of public funds to issue a letter promoting the sexually explicit degradation of the San Diego Gay Pride event. Priscilla Schreiber, President of the Grossmont Unified High School District Governing Board, had this to say about O'Connell's letter:

"As a school boardmember who cares about academics and the success of all
students, I want to know how Mr. O'Connell's letter has anything to do
with Public Education and Instruction? I am outraged that a person in this
high-ranking elected position would advocate an event where diversity
is not just being celebrated, but where pornography and indecent exposure
is being perpetrated on the young and innocent children of our communities."

Mrs. Schreiber, a two-term elected boardmember of one of the largest school district's in San Diego County, hammered home her opposition to O'Connell using his public office to promote an event that exposes school children to pornography by stating:

"It appears that the State Superintendent of Public Instruction has unfortunately
decided to stand with those who are choosing to use the demand for equality
as a means for abusing the right without showing any responsibility
that comes with equality."

In previous years, there was not much public opposition to the San Diego Gay Pride events where children were routinely exposed to pornography. This was attributed to the lack of information that the public was receiving about the events. Now that parents are much more informed about the extent in which the San Diego Gay Pride organization is allowing children to be degraded and exposed to xxx pornographic businesses, there is a greater public outcry against the organization and its activities.

This year, there are a number of groups planning public demonstrations against the organization and the City of San Diego for allowing the gay pride group to expose minors to sexually explicit products and behaviors. Outrage over Superintendent O'Connell's letter is just a portion of the growing anger that Californians are beginning to manifest over the gay pride political movement.

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Anonymous said...

James, isn't this getting a little out of control? I mean come on, I know you have better things to do with your time rather than constantly watching every update on the Pride website. I for one am not in favor of the lifestyle, but your "citizen alerts" are becoming a little ridiculous.

Take a look at the sponsor page on the Pride website, am I not supposed to use any of these companies because they're parterning with gays? Sure, I'll make sure to never watch tv again and cancel my Cox cable subscription. Then I'll make sure to never take money out of a Wells Fargo ATM because they're a Pride sponsor too. While I'm at it, I will never again drink Bud Light or buy a car from GM (all Pride sponsors). Reading your previous blogs, you also want me to boycott the Padres (you do realize gay people are always in the crowd, not just on July 8th. I guess I should never take my family there either.)Wake up James!

It's fine that you disagree with their beliefs, but don't take a personal attack out on a superintendent just for writing a letter and don't misconstrue your own personal thoughts as a "public outrage."